SCB0 - Administrative SubCommittee
Description: To plan, coordinate and approve the activities of the Committee and its Subcommittees, Working Groups and Task Forces, including consideration of their scopes, program planning assistance in selection of applicable technical papers, and recognition and awards to groups or individuals. The Subcommittee is responsible for scheduling and determining the location of committee meetings, submits all proposed additions, deletions, or changes for the Committee or Subcommittees to the Technical Council, and recommends representatives to other standards making bodies for Technical Council nomination to the IEEE-SA Standards Board. Members of Administrative Subcommittee include the Committee Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, Standards Coordinator, Technical Editor, and all SC chairs. Does not include SC vice-chairs or secretaries (those need to be identified and placed in the child committee "Activity Leaders"). Does not include any IEEE staff.

Diane Watkins
Xcel Energy

Vice Chair:
Joseph Gravelle
Xcel Energy
Patrick Fitzgerald


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