Security and privacy issues in complex distributed information systems and systems-of-systems are becoming more and more important in various application areas and attract the interest of an increasing number of researchers, and industry professionals.

The Technical Committee (TC) on Security and Privacy in Complex Information Systems (SPCIS), a technical committee of the IEEE Systems Council, has been established to address mainly, but not exclusively, the following topics in complex systems and systems-of-systems: access control and audit, authentication, biometrics, anonymity, information security, data security, operating systems security, network security, intrusion detection and prevention, data privacy, trustworthy systems, formal methods for security, dependability, secure environments and applications, security engineering, training, education, management, legal and ethical issues.



The mission of the TCSPCIS is to advance the state-of-the-art of security and privacy in complex distributed information systems.

In particular, the TC aims:

  • to foster research on novel solutions for enhancing the security and privacy techniques and technologies for complex information systems and for system-of-system;

  • to promote the application of enhanced security, privacy, and availability functionalities in complex distributed information systems and for system-of-system;

  • to raise awareness on the issues of security and privacy of complex systems;

  • to promote cooperative research activities with other TCs and organizations with similar goals;

  • to disseminate knowledge about its scope by organizing dedicated workshops, special sessions in international conferences (especially the IEEE Systems Conference), special issues in international journals (especially the IEEE Systems Journal), tutorials, and other educational activities.