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Open University is for those engineers who wish to update their skills or learn new technologies without pursuing a specific degree may enroll in the School of Engineering or you may consider applying to our most recent Certificate in Renewable Energy or Frugal Innovation. The intent is to help equip professionals in Silicon Valley with the knowledge that will help them advance in their present career. To obtain more information please contact Stacey Tinker at or call 408-554-4313.

UCSCSV Enhance your skill set with these UPCOMING CLASSES for Working Engineers

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Info Session for Information Technology and Database and Data Analytics, Starts Tuesday, June 6
Info Session for Embedded Systems and VLSI Engineering Programs, Starts Wednesday, June 7
Linux Based Web Application Development - Apache, MySQL, PHP, Starts Friday, June 16
Low-Power Design of Nano-Scale Digital Circuits, Starts Friday June 16
Logic Synthesis, Introduction , Starts Saturday, June 17
Linux Kernel Architecture and Programming , Starts Monday, June 19
Storage Technology in Data Centers , Starts Monday, June 19
The Internet of Things: Sensors, Platforms, Communications, and Applications , Starts Monday, June 23

UCSC Silicon Valley Extension - Engineering Classes
We are located at 3175 Bowers Ave, Santa Clara, near the Great America Parkway / Bowers exit off Hw