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isqed To learn the latest trends in electronic design & automation and semiconductor technologies, attend the 19th International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED 2018). This premier interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary Electronic Design conference bridges the gap among Electronic/Semiconductor ecosystem members providing electronic design tools, integrated circuit technologies, semiconductor technology, package assembly, and test to achieve total design quality. The conference covers:

* Security
* IoT
* Machine Learning
* Electronic Design

ISQED 2018 will be held on March 13-14, 2018, at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara. For more information, see ISQED 2018.

The International Conference and Exhibition on DEVICE PACKAGING
is the largest 2018 conference dedicated to interposers, 3D IC & packaging, fan-out WLP, flip chip, MEMS & sensors, and 3D printing. The Device Packaging Conference and Exhibition will be the one FOWLP/3D conference you will not want to miss. It features:

iMAPS * 60 presentations on FOWLP, 3D, Microsystems
* Poster Session featuring 20+ presentations & Happy Hour!
* 5 Keynotes on 3DIC, Heterogeneous Integ., SiP, Automotive
* 13 short courses on: 3D, Fanout, High Density Pkg, Cu Pillars, & more
* A sold-out exhibition of 66 booths...the companies you need to see

The iMAPS Device Packaging Conference is from March 5-7, outside of Phoenix, and set among Arizona's captivating Sonoran Desert, with spectacular views of Arizona's majestic Four Peaks and iconic Red Mountains alongside the free-flowing Verde River. Go to imaps.org/devicepackaging for more information. Early bird registration and hotel deadline is February 7th.


The IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) and IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) are hosting a one-day summit on February 8 at the Hilton Santa Clara, the IEEE Connected & Automated Vehicles Summit (a 5G-driven event), at the Hilton Santa Clara
Does the idea of autonomous and connected vehicles intrigue you? Come learn how 5G networks can support the automotive and mobility industries. The IEEE Connected & Automated Vehicles Summit features a large lineup of speakers from the automobile, semiconductor, and communications industries to address:

* Autonomous driving        * LIDAR             * IoT
* Sensor fusion                   * Radar               * Cloud
* Deep learning                  * Mapping          * Security
* 5G                                     * DSRC              * Societal impacts
* Computing platforms

See how 5G will drive the autonomous and connected vehicle industry reach their destination. Go to vehiclesummit.ieee.org/