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Santa Clara Valley Section
Blockchain Group Be part of the soon-to-be Blockchain Group, the latest disruptive technology many are talking about. If interested, please notify Sandra Winkler at

6/20, 6:00 pm SCV PES/IAS Critical Facility Availability Analysis, Google, SB65 Border to Border Conference Room, 1365 Shorebird Way, Mountain View
Juan Orosco will share with us his extensive data center design and operations experience as it pertains to evaluating, Data center availability. IEEE members: $25, Non-members: $30.00; Walk-Ins if space available: $30 members/$35 non-members.

6/20, 6:00 pm SCV PSES Introduction to Laser Safety Requiremetns for Products, Underwriters Lab, 47173 Benicia Street, Building No. 3, Yosemite Room, Fremont
classify the hazard levels associated with laser radiation exposure and describes the exposure limits and measurement methods used in the classification process

6/20, 7:30 pm SCV EMBS YP Design of an Ultrasound-On-Chip Platform for the Butterfly iQ, Room M-114 of the Alway Bldg., Stanford University School of Medicine , optional dinner and networking at the Stanford Hospital cafeteria, 6:15 to 7:15 PM (no host, no reservations, self-serve)
whole-body imaging medical ultrasound device utilizing a single probe. This is a first-of-kind, FDA-approved for 13 indications device, that plugs directly into an iPhone

6/27, 6:00 pm SCV CIS SSCS CAS EMBS NANO Neuromorphic Chips - Addressing the Nanostransistor Challenge by Combining Analog Computation with Digital Communication, H2O, 2307 Leghorn St, Mountain View
transistors shrink to nanoscale dimensions, trapped electrons block "lanes" of electron traffic, Neurogrid, the first neuromorphic system with billions of synaptic connections, mapping arbitrary computations onto neuromorphic chips

7/11, 8:00 am, SSCS Applications of Time-Based Circuits in Data Conversion, Filtering, and Control, Webinar, $0 to $15
alternative to classical voltage or charge based signal representations, fundamental building blocks such as integrators using mostly digital circuits

7/26, 6:00 pm SCV CAS A 13b ENOB Noise-Shaping SAR ADC with a Two-Capacitor DAC, QualComm, 3165 Kifer Road, Santa Clara
smaller, mismatch error can be greatly reduced, first-order noise shaping, which can improve the ADC’s linearity, 2 kHz signal bandwidth, it achieved a 78.8 dB SNDR

8/9, 6:00 pm SCV CASS SSCS Massive MIMO Active Antenna Arrays for Advanced Wireless Communications, QualComm Santa Clara, Building B, 3165 Kifer Road, Santa Clara
benefits and limitations for various RAN systems and frequency bands, field trial results for Blue Danube Massive MIMO products operating in mid-band spectrum

8/16, 6:00 pm SCV IMS Near-Field Scanning: Searching for Root Causes, Geometrics, 2190 Fortune Drive San Jose
Emission source microscopy (ESM) scanning technology is a powerful tool to identify the radiated emission sources, back-calculating the field to board or system surface to localize the contributing sources

9/6, 6:00 pm SCV TEMS Steve Jobs' Inimitable Leadership & Apple's Metamorphosis: What Can We Learn From His Four Avatars? , National Instruments, 4600 Patrick Henry Drive, Santa Clara,
"Avatar Framework" to explain Jobs' four personalities: Artist, Manager, Cowboy, and Tyrant, 47 of his critical decisions between 1997 and 2011, lessons learned and how these lessons could be applied by today’s leaders. IEEE members: $12, Non-members: $15, At the Door: $20

Oakland East Bay Section
6/21, 5:30 pm OEB IAS Ground Fault Mitigation by Using Resistance Grounding, Zio Fraedos, 611 Gregory Lane, Pleasant Hill
radial distribution systems at Low Voltage and at high voltage up to 5 kV, technical and application of high, low and hybrid grounding. $15 to $30

6/28, 5:30 pm OEB PES SF IAS CA Title 24 Update -Solar Ready Electrical Distribution & Power Monitoring Requirements, IEM, 48205 Warm Springs Blvd., Fremont
CA Energy Code Title 24, Part 6, solar ready buildings, with emphasis on Solar ready distribution equipment, and power monitoring requirements, A Tour of the IEM factory is available following the presentation.

7/17, 2:00 pm OEB ComSoc Economic Thinking of Communication Networks, UC Berkeley, Cory Hall, Room 531, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
economics can help us better understand the networking industry reality, predict user behaviors, envision new network services, and provide policy recommendations

OEB PES Fabulously Interesting Power Distribution Application focused meetings starting soon! Evening Meetings, featuring Buffet Dinner by Spin A Yarn Restaurant, to be held in Fremont, with easy BART / Uber, or cab access. Interested parties, please contact Finn Schenck, Interim Chair at, tel 1-510-676-0979.

San Francisco Section