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Santa Clara Valley Section

Blockchain Group Be part of the new Blockchain Group, the latest disruptive technology many are talking about. If interested, please notify Ramesh Ramadoss at

3/27, 7:00 pm, SCV Blockchain Chapter, IBM - Intro to Blockchain and Hyperledger - a Hands-on Workshop Part 1, ActionSpot, 453 West San Carlos Street, San Jose
Security and cryptographic functions, to coding Smart Contracts and deploying your application on your laptop and in the IBM Cloud. Free.

3/28, 6:30 pm, SCV Consumer Electronics Society (CES), Persistent Memory In Consumer Electronics, Nvidia Building E, 2800 Scott Boulevard, Santa Clara
New types of persistent memory that could replace today's volatile memory and dramatically impact consumer devices and the services that support them. Free.

4/2, 11:30 am, SFBA Nanotechnology Chapter, X-ray Fourier Holography Takes Off, EAG Laboratories, 810 Kifer Road, Sunnyvale
In-flight holography, use nanoclusters as reference X-ray scatterers in order to encode relative phase information into diffraction patterns of a virus. Job Seeker Assistance at this event. $4 to $6.

4/4, 6:00 pm SFBA Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS), Part 2: The 60 Minute Harvard MBA for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs , National Instruments, 4600 Patrick Henry Drive, Santa Clara
Fee: $12 IEEE members, $15 non-members (Early Birds); At the Door: $20

4/4, 1:00 pm, Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) and the Computer Society (CS), State of AI and ML-Spring 2019, SC12 Auditorium, 3600 Juliette Ln, Santa Clara
AI Accelerators, Self-Driving and Face Processing. We feature five thought leaders from Computing, Autonomous systems and Computer Vision. $65 to $90.

4/9, 6:00 pm, SFBA Electron Device Society (EDS), Using New Physics of Nonlinear Electronics for Analog Computing, Texas Instruments Conference Center 2900 Semiconductor Dr, Building E, Santa Clara
Brain-like neuromorphic computing, which cannot be efficiently achieved using any traditional transistor-based circuits; memristors and neuristors. Free, pizza provided.

4/9, 6:30 pm, SCV Magnetics Chapter, New Kind of Magnetism - The Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction, Western Digital, 1710 Automation Pkwy, San Jose
Orthogonal alignment; exotic magnetic configurations characterized by a chiral winding texture of the internal magnetization; skyrmions and domain walls; magnetic imaging techniques (Kerr microscopy and Lorentz TEM).

4/9, 7:00 pm), SCV Consultants Network of Silicon Valley (CNSV), The Role of The Expert Witness: A Panel Discussion, SEMI, 673 S Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas
The role of a technical expert witness in high-stakes IP disputes will be the subject of a panel discussion with seven CNSV members. Free.

4/10, 11:30 am, SFBA Electronic Packaging Society (EPS), High Density D2W DBI Hybrid Bonding for 2.5D/3D Applications, SEMI World Hdqtrs, 673 South Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas
Chip-stacking, microbumps, issues, new process, low cost, sensors, MEMS, computing. $5 to $10 for lunch; presentation at noon free.

4/10, 6:30 pm, SCV Communications Society (ComSoc), Digital Predistortion of Broadband Amplifiers for Cable Access, Texas Instruments, Building E Conference Center, 2900 Semiconductor Blvd., Santa Clara
DPD for cable access is quite different from the DPD technique commonly used in wireless base stations. There are interesting issues, such as the Giga Hertz bandwidth and the BER performance. Free, refreshments are $5.

4/11, 6:00 pm, SCV Circuits and Systems Society (CASS), Solid-State Circuits Society(SSCS), Communication Society (ComSoC), Enabling Wireless Autonomous Systems Using 5G, QualComm Santa Clara, Building B, 3165 Kifer Road, Santa Clara
Self-driving vehicles, industrial robots, drones; significant challenges in meeting the reliability, latency and scalability requirements; technologies that advance 5G/5G+ wireless networks. Free; $3-$5 donation for food.

4/17, 6:00 pm, SCV Product Safety Engineering Society (PSES), Design for Safety per Industry's newest Hazard Based Standard, Intertek, 1365 Adams Court, Menlo Park
Industry's Newest Hazard Based Standard (HSBE); How to Perform Gap Analysis to Convert Existing Certification for Consumer Electronic Products from IEC/UL/CSA 60950-1 to HSBE Standard IEC/UL/CSA 62368-1. Free.

4/17, 6:00 pm, SCV Power and Energy Society (PES), Energetic Value of Solar PV, Google, SB65 Border to Border Conference Room US-MTV-SB65, 1365 Shorebird Way, Mountain View
Recent uptick of fires, storms, and other disasters has begun to shine a light on the economic importance of resilience for building owners; endure days or months without power in the wake of their respective disasters. $15 to $25.

4/25, 6:00 pm, SCV Computer Society (CS) and the Computational Intelligence Society (CIS), Managing Modern Databases, 4040 George Sellon Circle, Santa Clara
Terraform based orchestration, ways to deploy microservices on a Kubernetes cluster and whip up some python/java apps quickly in the Oracle cloud. Free.

4/25, 6:00 pm, SCV Circuits and Systems Society (CASS), Solid-State Circuits Society(SSCS), MEMS and Sensors, Flexible Radios and Flexible Networks, QualComm Santa Clara, Building B, 3165 Kifer Road, Santa Clara
adding flexibility and building reconfigurable hardware; build lower power and less costly consumer systems that can adapt across protocols and networks and work under changing device technologies. Free; $3-$5 donation for food.

5/1, 6:45 pm, SCV Computer Society (CS), The Origins of Silicon Valley: Why and How It Happened Here, Immanuel Lutheran Church, 14103 Saratoga Ave, Saratoga
Early 20th century, angel investments, tech development, new management practices, where innovation happens today. Free.

5/2, 6:00 pm SFBA Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS), The Director Coach: An Approach to Filling the Younger CEO's "Training Gap", National Instruments, 4600 Patrick Henry Drive, Santa Clara
CEO age drop, less time to learn; need for a coach. Fee: $12 IEEE members, $15 non-members (Early Birds); At the Door: $20

5/9, 6:15 pm, SCV Reliability Chapter, Reliability and Aging of Organic-Inorganic Hybrids with Unique Mechanical and Thermal Properties, Qualcomm, Inc., 3165 Kifer Road, Building-B Cafeteria, Santa Clara
"molecular bridging" mechanism; individual confined polymer chains are stretched and pulled out of the matrix pores behind an advancing crack tip; Controlling the interaction; Incorporating heat-resistant polyimides. Free.

6/6, 6:00 pm SFBA Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS), How to Save a Program or Project that is Failing and Make a Good One the Best It Can Be, National Instruments, 4600 Patrick Henry Drive, Santa Clara
75% of new projects fail; evaluate big programs in trouble and lead them to success. Fee: $12 IEEE members, $15 non-members (Early Birds); At the Door: $20

6/13, 6:00 pm, SCV History Chapter, Challenger Shuttle Disaster: Recovery of Data From Damaged Tapes, KeyPoint Credit Union 2805 Bowers Ave (just off Central Expressway), Santa Clara
Tapes immersed in 100 feet of salt water. Speaker Dr. Ric Bradshaw led the team that recovered the data.

Oakland East Bay Section

3/30, 9:30 am, OEB Young Professionals, Waster Water Treatment Plant Tour, DSRSD, 7051 Dublin Blvd, Dublin
Join with us in understanding the waste water treatment process and uncover the possible career path related to various engineering discipline including Medium Voltage Power Distribution, Process Control System, Control System Programing, Plant Operations. Free.

4/18, 5:30 pm, OEB Industrial Applications Society (IAS), Smart Buildings, Fundamentals, History, State of the Art, Zio Fraedo's, 611 Gregory Lane, Pleasant Hill
Which building infrastructure systems could be made "smart" and which might benefit from advanced technology, where it all started, how it has progressed over time and where it stands today. $15 to $30.

5/16, 5:30 pm, OEB Industrial Applications Society (IAS), Application Considerations for the New IEEE 1584-2018 Arc-Flash Model, Zio Fraedo's, 611 Gregory Lane, Pleasant Hill
Effects of both horizontal and vertical conductor orientations; arc current variation and enclosure size effects on the incident energy; power system analysis software. $15 to $30.

San Francisco Section

4/23, 5:30 pm, SF Industrial Applications Society (IAS), Fault Protection For EV Charging Stations, San Francisco Italian Athletic Club, 1630 Stockton St., San Francisco
Look inside an EV charging station, review the protection technology, and discus how to assure a safe EV charger installation. $25.