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March 7, 2009

Conf: Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC/NFOEC)

by @ 3:56 pm. Filed under ALL, Communications, Optics/Displays

The Future of Optical Communication is Here
Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC/NFOEC)
– March 22-26, 2009 ? – San Diego Convention Center
– Sessions, Short Courses, Workshops ? – Service Provider Summit
– 600 Companies Exhibiting ? – Complimentary Exhibits Registration
The Optical Fiber Communication Conference & Exposition and the National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference (OFC/NFOEC) is the premier international event for both the science and business of optical communications, with a comprehensive technical program and the largest all-optical business exhibition.
Five Parallel Tracks with 100+ sessions, plus Plenary Session, Market Watch.
48 Short Courses on Optoelectronic Devices, Optical Propagation Effects, Digital Transmission Systems, Core Networks, Access Networks, Optical Networks and Services, Network Technologies, Best Practices? (and more)
More information:

Conf: Int’l Symposium on Quality Electronic Design

by @ 3:55 pm. Filed under ALL, Communications, Computers/Software, Electronics Design

Int’l Symposium on Quality Electronic Design
— March 16-18, 2009 ? ? — DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose
— 6 Tutorials ? — Sessions (140 papers) ? — Keynotes ? — Exhibits
Leading Design for Quality and Manufacturability
Technical Sessions: ? – Aging-Aware Design ? – Robust Circuits, Library & Modeling ? – Emerging Technologies ? – Noise and Variation Tolerance ? – PProcess Variation ? – System and Interface Validation ? – Co-design Applications for IC Packaging ? – Memory Design Solutions ? – Clock and Noise ? – Low-Voltage Design ? – Timing Analysis and Floor Planning ? – Variation-Tolerant Design ? – System Power and Reliability â?¦ and more
Full-day Tutorials: ? — Low-Power Variation-Tolerant Logic Circuits ? — Low power SRAM and FinFet Design for Nano-Scale Era ? — The Promise of Phase-Change Memory ? — Statistical Techniques for Analog Circuits ? — 3-D CAD Design/Technology ? — Multi-coring: Pros and cons
Full information and registration:

Conf: Semiconductor Thermal Measurement, Modeling and Management Symposium and Exposition

by @ 3:54 pm. Filed under ALL, Computers/Software, Electronics Design, Engineering Mgmt, Optics/Displays, Semiconductors

Semiconductor Thermal Measurement, Modeling and Management Symposium and Exposition
— March 15-19, 2009 ? ? — Fairmont Hotel, San Jose
— 4 Short Courses ? — 12 Sessions ? — Keynotes ? — Workshops
The symposium fosters the exchange of knowledge between practitioners and leading experts from industry and academia from around the world on thermal design and characterization of electronic components and systems.
Sessions: ? — Thermal Market and Technology Drivers for the Future ? — Two Phase Cooling ? — Test Methods ? — Modeling and Simulation ? — Fans and Pumps ? — Microchannel Cooling ? — Die Level Cooling ? — Standardization ? — Package Level Cooling ? — Thermal Interface Materials ? — Innovative Cooling ? — Posters
Complimentary admission to exhibits, reception.
Full Advance Program and registration:

MeetUp: Action-Packed Night of Adventure Films from the Banff Film Festival

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THURSDAY March 12, 2009
SF GOLD (Grads of the Last Decade) Chapter
Film Topics: climbing, skiing, mountaineering, sky diving, kayaking, SCUBA, skateboarding
Time: Meetup at 6:30PM outside the theater (look for GOLD sign); films begin at 7:00 PM
Cost: $5 (IEEE Members), $15 (Non-Members and guests)
Place: Palace of Fine Arts Theater, San Francisco
RSVP: Limited spaces only – by email to Frank at
Facebook & Movie Trailer:

IEEE GOLD is pleased to host an event at the movies in San Francisco.? This is an evening of award-winning adventure films and videos from the 2008 film festival in Banff, Alberta.? Films (more…)

Mtg: X-Parameters: What Are They and What Are They Good For?

by @ 3:50 pm. Filed under ALL, Communications, Electronics Design

THURSDAY March 12, 2009
SCV Microwave Theory and Techniques Chapter
Speaker: Mihai Marcu, Senior Applications Engineer, Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Time: Presentation at 6:00 PM
Cost: none
Place: Agilent Technologies, 5301 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara
RSVP: not required

The presentation introduces the fundamental concepts on which X-parameter behavioral models are based on.? An intuitive way is presented for capturing the non-linear behavior of an amplifier (more…)

Webinar: Parallel Signal Processing Using MATLAB and Star-P

by @ 3:49 pm. Filed under ALL, Computers/Software, Electronics Design

THURSDAY March 12, 2009
SPECTRUM Magazine Webinar
Speakers: Dr. Stuart Brorson, Senior Engineer, Interactive Supercomputing; David Rich, Vice President of Marketing, Interactive Supercomputing
Time: 11:00 AM – Noon
Cost: none
Place: Webinar
RSVP: through website

Mtg: 300 kW Ground Screw PV Solar Tracking System Design-Build Project

by @ 3:47 pm. Filed under ALL, Electrical/Power

WEDNESDAY March 11, 2009
OEB Power & Energy Chapter
Speaker: Darry Conklin, CEO, Renewable Technologies Inc.
Time: Social/Snacks/Drinks/Desert at 5:30 PM, Presentation at 6:00 PM
Cost: none
Place: Cutler-Hammer, 20923 Cabot Blvd., Hayward
RSVP: by email to

Photovoltaic solar power systems that use tracking systems have been preferred by many entities with Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) because of their higher efficiency as compared to (more…)

Mtg: Control on Landscapes with Local Minima and Flat Regions: A Simulated Annealing and Gain Scheduling Approach

by @ 3:44 pm. Filed under ALL, BioEngineering, Computers/Software, Electronics Design, Semiconductors

WEDNESDAY March 11, 2009
SCV Robotics and Automation, with Computational Intelligence
Speaker: Dr. Abraham K. Ishihara, Stanford University
Time: 7:00 PM
Cost: none
Place: Carnegie Mellon University-Silicon Valley, Moffett Field, Mountain View
RSVP: not required

Convergence of the backpropagation algorithm and its variants highly depend on the shape of the landscape.? It is well known that multilayer neural networks employing sigmoid-like (more…)

Mtg: Non-Contact Wafer Testing and High Performance, Low Power I/O for Chip-to-chip Communications

by @ 3:43 pm. Filed under ALL, Communications, Computers/Software, Electronics Design, Semiconductors

WEDNESDAY March 11, 2009
SCV Components, Packaging & Manufacturing Technology Chapter
Speaker: Dr. Christopher Sellathamby, Vice President, Scanimetrics
Time: Optional dinner at 6:30 PM; Presentation at 7:30 PM
Cost: $25 if reserved by March 9; $30 at door (no cost for presentation)
Place: Biltmore Hotel, 2151 Laurelwood Rd (Fwy 101 at Montague Expressway), Santa Clara
RSVP: via the DoubleKnot registration page, from website

The continued demand for smaller microchips and better performance has created a crisis in interconnectivity between chips â?? input/output (I/O) data throughput is a bottleneck in high-speed (more…)

Mtg: New Frontiers in Internet Law

by @ 3:41 pm. Filed under ALL, Communications, Electrical/Power, Electronics Design, Engineering Mgmt

WEDNESDAY March 11, 2009
SCV Communications Chapter
Speaker: Eric Goldman, Associate Professor of Law, Directer of High Tech Law Institute, Santa Clara University
Time: 6:00 PM
Cost: none
Place: National Semiconductor, Building E, Conference Room, 2900 Semiconductor Dr, Santa Clara
RSVP: not required

This talk will explore some of the cutting-edge legal issues facing Internet companies.? In particular, the talk will address the interactions between lawyers, engineers and the marketing department (more…)

Mtg: Fast Spectrum Analysis Using Signal Surveillance Techniques and Time Domain Processing

by @ 3:40 pm. Filed under ALL, Communications, Computers/Software, Electronics Design, Semiconductors

TUESDAY March 10, 2009
SCV Electromagnetic Compatibility Chapter
Speaker: Jim Blattner, Agilent Technologies
Time: Social at 5:30 PM; Presentation 6:30 PM
Cost: none
Place: Applied Materials Bowers Café, 3090 Bowers Ave., Santa Clara
RSVP: not required

Surveillance technology has been around for many years.? Using these techniques, measurement throughput can be dramatically increased for EMI and EMC measurements.? (more…)

Mtg: Nanoscale MRI â?? The Quest for a Molecular Structure Microscope based on Magnetic Force Detection

by @ 3:39 pm. Filed under ALL, BioEngineering, NanoEngineering, Optics/Displays, Semiconductors

TUESDAY March 10, 2009
SCV Magnetics Chapter
Speaker: Daniel Rugar, IBM Research Division, Almaden Research Center, San Jose
Time: Conversation & Pizza from 7:00 PM; Presentation 7:30 PM
Cost: none
Place: Western Digital, 1710 Automation Parkway, San Jose
RSVP: not required

Can a microscope be built that can directly image the 3D atomic structure of individual biomolecules?? Ultrasensitive detection of magnetic fields on the nanoscale may be the key.
Motivated by this quest for a molecular structure microscope, we are working to dramatically enhance the resolution of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) using a technique (more…)

Media Roundtable: Emerging Technologies Enhancing Human/Technology Interactions

by @ 3:37 pm. Filed under ALL, BioEngineering, Engineering Mgmt, NanoEngineering, Optics/Displays, Semiconductors

TUESDAY March 10, 2009
IEEE 125th Anniversary Committee
Speakers: Prof. Miguel Nicolelis, Duke U. Medical Center; Roy Want, Intel Corporation; Prof. Krishna Palem, Rice U; Katie Hall, CTO, WiTricity; prof. Rangachar Kasturi, U-South Florida; Dharmendra Modha, IBM Almaden Research Center; Prof. K.J. Ray Liu, U-Maryland
Time: 7:30 AM – 9;00 AM
Cost: none
Place: Webinar (or live, in NYC)
RSVP: see web link

In conjunction with IEEE’s 125th anniversary, a panel of top minds in human-technology interactions will discuss how emerging technologies in biomedical engineering, biometrics, computing, robotics, (more…)

Mtg: Where in the Nano-world is Lithography Taking Us?

by @ 10:40 am. Filed under ALL, NanoEngineering, Optics/Displays, Semiconductors

TUESDAY June 2, 2009
SCV Photonics (Lasers and Electro Optics) Chapter
Speaker: Dr. Harry J. Levinson, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
Time: Networking/Pizza at 6:00 PM, Presentation at 7:00 PM
Cost: none
Place: National Semiconductor Building E Auditorium, 2900 Semiconductor Drive, Santa Clara
RSVP: use web link for EventBrite

For decades, patterns of integrated circuits have been fabricated using optical lithography using near- to deep-ultraviolet light.? However, this method is approaching fundamental physical limits, in (more…)

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