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July 30, 2009

Mtg: Towards Robotic Cars

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THURSDAY October 1, 2009
SCV Robotics and Automation Chapter
Speaker: Prof. Sebastian Thrun, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Dept, Stanford University
Time: Presentation at 7:00 PM
Cost: none
Place: Carnegie Mellon University – Silicon Valley, Building 23, Moffett Field
RSVP: not required

This talk will introduce the audience to the fascinating world of robotic cars.? Most of us use cars in our daily lives; yet cars are inefficient, unsafe, and environmentally wasteful.? Robotic technology promises (more…)

Mtg: Aspects of Robotics in the daVinci Surgical System: Motivation, History, Future

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WEDNESDAY August 12, 2009
SCV Robotics and Automation Chapter
Speakers: Dr. Bill Nowlin and Bruce Schena, Intuitive Surgical
Time: Presentation at 7:00 PM
Cost: none
Place: CMU Silicon Valley, Building 23, Moffett Field
RSVP: not required

Intuitive Surgical makes the daVinci(tm) Surgical System, which is variously described as a “robot”, a “telesurgical system”, and a “mechanism for minimally invasive surgery”. In this presentation, the presenters will give a general introduction to the device and how surgery is accomplished using it. We will review the motivation for the technologyâ??s development, and we will talk a little about the business of robotic surgery. We will try to give some historical background to credit those on whose shoulders we stand, and describe the fundamental technological elements (what’s neat about it). For this audience we will focus on the robotic elements of the design, as well as other essential technologies that together make a functioning product. Next we will discuss the technical and business challenges, and attempt to describe where the technology is going in the next few years. The presenters promise plenty of pictures, videos, and he hope to bring some hardware to let you explore. The talk can be very interactive, and we will happily veer off in a direction determined by the group.

Chapter of the Year Awards: CPMT-SCV and IAS-SF

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Chapter of the Year Awards
CPMT Chapter, Santa Clara Valley Section
Under the able leadership of Dan Donahoe, chapter chair for 2006-7, and Ed Aoki, 2008-2009, the Bay Areaâ??s CPMT Chapter did an outstanding job by winning the CPMT Societyâ??s Chapter of the Year award for 2008, based on activities in 2007. They ran the IEMT/APM conference, held 8 dinner meetings and 5 lunch meetings, co-sponsored three CPMT Conferences, gave the CPMT MicroMouse Best Packaging Award, and continue to sponsor professional skills development courses throughout the year.
Visit their website:

IAS Chapter, San Francisco Section
On behalf of 2008 SF lAS Chapter Chair Sonny Siu and our past/present SF lAS officers, I would like to express our appreciation and thanks to the invaluable support from our dedicated members and attendees who are committed to ensuring our Chapter’s success and recognize how our Chapter can provide not only technical knowledge but also networking opportunities. We value everyone’s participation at our dinner presentations and yearly seminars, and we hope to continue providing high-quality service and support to our current and new members. Because of your efforts, we are pleased to announce the SF lAS Chapter received the IEEE lAS 2008 Outstanding Large Chapter Award. ? Jack Lin, 2009 SF lAS Chapter Chair
Visit their website:

IEEE Partners with Small Business Administration and SCORE to Assist High-Tech Entrepreneurs

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IEEE Partners with Small Business Administration and SCORE to Assist High-Tech Entrepreneurs [more]
The IEEE and SCORE, an organization that provides small business owners seminars and free counseling, has just signed a cooperation agreement. The local SCORE chapter is known as Silicon Valley SCORE. Their main office is in downtown San Jose, but they also provide counseling at local Chamber of Commerce offices in most nearby cities.
If you are in a small business, or are thinking of starting a new business, Silicon Valley SCORE may be able to help by providing you with seminars and free counseling on topics like business planning, accounting, taxes, legal issues, and many other topics. Silicon Valley SCORE is staffed by volunteer executives with experience in a wide variety of businesses. To find out more, please go their website or call 408-288-8479 during business hours.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Mini-Symposium

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Santa Clara Valley EMC Chapter
Electromagnetic Compatibility Mini-Symposium
— October 15-16, 2009 ? ? — Hilton Hotel, Santa Clara
Day 1: Proper PCB Design for Signal Integrity and EMC Control with Dr. Bruce Archambeault: ? – Introduction to General SI/EMC ? – The Ground Myth ? – Where Does the Current Flow? ? – Pseudo-Differential Nets ? – Return Current Spread ? – I/O Filter Design ? – Power Integrity & Decoupling Power/Ground planes ? – Mixed-mode PCB design ? – SI and EMC issues for high speed differential cables ? – Signal Integrity and EMC design tools
Day 2: Use of PSPICE in Solving EMC Problems with Dr. Clayton Paul: ? – Wavelength and Electrical Dimensions ? – Spectral Content of Digital Signals ? – Transmission Lines and Signal Integrity ? – Ground Bounce and Power Rail Collapse ? – Loop Inductance ? – What is Partial Inductance? ? – Partial Inductances of Segments of a Current Loop ? – Physical Meaning of Partial Inductance ? – Uses of Partial Inductance ? – Use of PSPICE in Solving EMC Problems (An Interactive Tutorial)
Download the Fyer:

GSA Emerging Opportunities Expo & Conference

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The semiconductor industry’s must-attend event
GSA Emerging Opportunities Expo & Conference
— October 1, 2009 ? ? — Santa Clara Convention Center
— No-cost registration thru Sept 25th (includes lunch and reception)
More than 75 exhibiting companies and a full day of educational programming to address emerging opportunities changing the landscape of the semiconductor supply chain, with valuable networking opportunities for developers to review and understand the products and services of supply-chain partners.
Keynote Talks: ? – The ‘Innovation Imperative’ Business Model ? – Energy Harvesting ? – Small-Footprint SoC for Portable Medical Instrumentation ? – Opportunities for High Performance Semiconductor Solutions in Cloud Computing ? – Home Networking: Opportunities and Challenges ? – Smart Grids ? – Enabling 3G Wireless Digital Distribution In Emerging Markets
For more information, visit

SCU Fall Open University — Classes begin September 22nd

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Santa Clara University Graduate School of Engineering:
SCU Fall Open University
— Classes begin September 22nd
Have you ever wanted to continue your education in engineering while you continued working? Santa Clara University’s School of Engineering offers graduate degree and non-degree programs to both full-time students and working professionals. Simplified registration for the Fall Open University. Graduate-level instruction. Up to 12 units may be transferred to a graduate-degree program.
Early-morning classes: ? – Linear Algebra ? – Speech Coding ? – Applied Math ? – Intro to Systems Engineering (and more)
Evening classes: ? – Web Architecture & Protocols ? – IC Fab Processes ? – Advanced RFIC Design ? – Logic Design Using HDL ? – Nanoelectronics ? – Low Power Designs of VLSI Circuits (and more)
Saturday classes: ? – Wireless Mobile Networks ? – Design of SOCs ? – Law, Technology, IP
For more information, visit, ? or contact Olivia Jenq,

CMOS Emerging Technologies Workshop

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Theme: Research & Business Opportunities Ahead
CMOS Emerging Technologies Workshop
— September 23-25, 2009 ? ? — Vancouver, BC, Canada
This research and business event is for those who want to discuss and discover new and exciting high-tech opportunities. The format of the talks resembles in-depth tutorials describing state-of-the-art technology and future research directions. The 6th annual workshop will be held downtown Vancouver with numerous opportunities for personal exploration of surrounding tourist attractions.
Sessions: ? – Communications ? – Biomedical Circuits ? – Wireless ? – Nanoelectronics ? – Microsystems ? – RF Circuits ? – Mixed-Signal ? – I/O Circuits ? – Optical/Medical Imaging ? – Photonics ? – VLSI ? – SOC ? – Radiation Detectors/Imagers ? – Circuits for Radiation ? – Silicon Technology ? – Programmable Devices ? – EDA Design Tools ? – Business Development
Registration is now open! Plan to attend … ?

IEEE Energy Conversion Conference and Exposition

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IEEE Energy Conversion Conference and Exposition ?
— September 20-24, 2009 ? ? ? — Double Tree Hotel, San Jose
— Sessions (over 600 papers) ? ? ? — Tutorials, Exposition
A premier venue for showcasing new technologies, concepts and applications covering all aspects of efficient energy conversion and utilization, with the opportunity to connect with vendors and researchers.
Sessions (partial list): ? – Renewable and Alternative Energy ? – Solar and Wind Energy Conversion ? – Fuel Cell Systems ? – Grid Level Energy Storage ? – Energy Efficient Lighting ? – Motor Drives in Commercial & Industrial Applications ? – Reducing Energy Consumption in Data Centers ? – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles ? – Battery Management for PHEVs and EVs ? – Power Conversion for Rail and Mass Transit ? – Large Motor Drives and Converters ? – Power Quality, Grid Interface and EMI ? – Reliability, Diagnostics and Prognostics ? – Modeling, Analysis and Simulation ? – Power Converter Design and Optimization
For more details:

Conf: EOS/ESD Symposium & Exhibits

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31st Annual EOS/ESD Symposium & Exhibits
The Technical Forum on Electrical Overstress and Electrostatic Discharge
— August 30-September 4, 2009 ? ? — Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim
— 15 Technical Sessions ? ? — 10 Workshops ? ? — Exhibits
Basic, intermediate, and advanced tutorials; exhibits of ESD control products and services; workshops; authors’ corners; Program Manager Certification; Device/Design Certification.
27 Tutorials on ? Basics, On-Chip Protection, Evaluation Measurements, Latch-up Physics, Technology Scaling, ESD Failures ? and much more.
Sessions on Component Testing; System Level Testing; On-Chip Protection; Numerical Simulation, Modeling, Reliability; Extremely Sensitive Devices; MR-Heads, MEMS; On-Chip ESD Failure Case Studies ? and more.
New lower hotel rates! Bring the family.
Download the Advance Program:

Conf: Flash Memory Summit

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4th Annual Flash Memory Summit
– August 11-13, 2009 ? – Santa Clara Convention Center
– Tutorials ? – Exhibits ? – Sessions
This power-packed 3-day event covers the latest topics in flash memory. Hear about flash in embedded systems, laptop design, flash in enterprise storage systems, green flash, solid state drives, flash performance, flash-based design, flash in computers, mobile applications, software, new non-volatile memory technologies, reliability, security, and much more!
Forums and tutorials: ? – Flash Memory in Embedded Systems ? – Flash in Enterprise Storage Systems ? – Executive Update ? – Flash Memory-Based Architectures ? – Solid State Drives (SSDs) ? – SSDs in Enterprise Storage ? – New Approaches to Flash Subsystems
Earlybird rates through August 6. ? Save $100 – use Registration Code “IEEE”. ? Preview Program is now available. ? Visit the website:

IEEE Int’l Conference on Information Reuse and Integration

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IEEE Int’l Conference on Information Reuse and Integration (IRI)
— August 10-12, 2009 ? ? — Tuscany Hotel, Las Vegas
— Incredible rate for a quality campus-like Italian hotel
The IEEE IRI conference is a leading international forum for information reuse and integration researchers, practitioners, developers, and users to explore cutting-edge ideas and results, and to exchange techniques, tools, and experiences.
Keynote Talks: ? –“Computing with Words and Perceptions: A Paradigm Shift”, Prof. Lotfi Zadeh ? –“Building Trustworthy Semantic Webs”, Prof. Bhavani Thuraisingham
Sessions: ? – Fuzzy Systems and Healthcare ? – Data Mining ? – Web Services and E-Business ? – Software Development ? – Semantic Web ? – Formal Methods and Software Testing ? – Network Security and Simulation ? – Knowledge Management ? – Visualization and HCI ? – Interoperability and Info Reuse ? – Schema Mapping and Database ? – Web Engineering ? – Ontology ? – Intelligent Agents
Panel: Funding of Basic and Applied Research in Large-Scale Computing
For information, and to register:

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