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January 30, 2012

Mtg: Using Agile-like Iterative Development on Large, Complex Projects

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THURSDAY February 2, 2012
SCV Technology Management Chapter
Speaker: Vincent McGevna, PMP
Time: Networking at 6:00 PM; Forum at 6:30 PM; Dinner at 7:15 PM; Presentation at 7:45 PM
Cost: $10 for IEEE members; $13 for others
Place: Ramada Silicon Valley, 1217 Wildwood Ave, Sunnyvale
RSVP: not required

While Agile project management is an effective process that has been proven to be very beneficial for certain types of projects, there are many projects to which Agile project management just does not apply.? For example, many new product development projects are (more…)

Mtg: The Best of RAMS 2012

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THURSDAY February 2, 2012
SCV Reliability Chapter
Speakers: a panel of RAMS attendees
Time: Networking and snacks at 6:30 PM; Presentations at 7:00 PM
Cost: none
Place: Hewlett-Packard Building 48, Oak Room, 19111 Pruneridge Ave, Cupertino
RSVP: not required

The Reliability and Maintainability Symposium has a wide scope of presentations.? ? Each year, the RAMS attendees are asked to present a summary of the two or three best talks.? If you canâ??t attend the conference in Reno, come and get a flavor of what happened this year.

Short Course: Low-Power Design Essentials

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TUESDAY January 31, 2012
SCV Solid State Circuits Chapter
Speaker: Jan M. Rabaey, University of California, Berkeley
Time: 5:30 PM
Cost: $25 for IEEE local volunteers, $50 general admission
Place: Texas Instruments Silicon Valley Auditorium, 2900 Semiconductor Dr., Santa Clara
RSVP: from website

January 29, 2012

International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE)

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The pre-eminent communications systems event for the working world.
International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE)
– February 20-24, 2012 ? ? – Las Vegas Convention Center
– Courses Feb 20-21 ? – Expo Feb. 22-234 ? – Over 330 Exhibitors
College of Technology: 25 courses, including: ? – Land Mobile Radio for the IT Professional ? – Spectrum Opportunities in a Narrowbanded Environment ? – Wireless Surveillance Ecosystem ? – Software Applications over IP ? – LTE Voice Options and Operations ? – NIMS/ICS 400 ? – 4G, LTE and Broadband Overview ? – TETRA for North America ? – Mobile Data and Multimedia Fundamentals ? – Smart Grid 101 ? and more!
55 Sessions: ? – Optimizing the 4G Cloud for Interoperable Communications ? – IP in an LMR World ? – Future Planning for Legacy Networks ? – Interference Analysis: Theory and Practice ? – Case Studies on Next-Gen Communications in Airports ? – Deploying LTE and Broadband Wireless in a Rural Setting ? – Analog or Digital? How to Make the Decision ? and more!
For information and to register, visit

January 25, 2012

Planning and Strategy Luncheon Meeting for Life Group

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TUESDAY February 14, 2012
OEB Life Members Chapter
With group’s Officers: Charles Herget, Chair; Roy Merrill, Vice Chair and Secretary; Larry Moon, Treasurer
Time: 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Cost: $10 requested for buffet lunch
Place: Willow Tree Restaurant, 6513 Regional St, Dublin
RSVP: through vTools

The purpose is to discuss future topics and speakers and strategies for restoring the role of science and engineering in political decision making.

Mtg: Problems, Big Problems, and Damn Problems

by @ 6:38 pm. Filed under ALL, Engineering Mgmt

THURSDAY March 1, 2012
SCV Technology Management Chapter
Speaker: Jerry Talley, JLTalley & Associates
Time: Networking at 6:00 PM; Forum at 6:30 PM; Dinner at 7:15 PM; Presentation at 7:45 PM
Cost: $10 for IEEE members; $13 for others ($3 more after 2/28)
Place: RAMADA Silicon Valley, 1217 Wildwood Ave, Sunnyvale
RSVP: from website

The challenges we give to engineers are often quite formidable.? But the domain of engineering is ultimately rational, bounded, and scientific.? And then there’s management.? Suddenly we’re faced with human vagaries, unbounded networks of (more…)

Mtg: So – What About Nuclear Energy?

by @ 3:22 pm. Filed under ALL, Electrical/Power, Engineering Mgmt

TUESDAY March 13, 2012
OEB Life Members Chapter
Speaker: Dr. William (Bill) Halsey, Associate Program Leader for Advanced Nuclear Energy, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Time: 6:30 PM
Cost: $15 per person, includes buffet dinner
Place: Willow Tree Restaurant, 6513 Regional St, Dublin
RSVP: By Monday, March 12, from the website

Nuclear fission currently provides a significant ‘carbon free’ contribution to both US and global energy needs.? Despite the initial promise of nuclear energy, growth has been slow in recent decades (particularly in the US), and many dismiss its potential (more…)

Mtg: Advanced Materials Enabling Energy Efficient, Printed, Flexible, and Organic Electronics â?? Lux Annual Update

by @ 3:01 pm. Filed under ALL, Electronics Design, NanoEngineering, Optics/Displays, Semiconductors

WEDNESDAY February 22, 2012
SCV Nanotechnology Chapter
Speaker: Mark Bunger, Research Director, Lux Research Inc.
Time: Noon
Cost: none
Place: TI Auditorium E-1, 2900 Semiconductor Drive, Santa Clara
RSVP: not required

Advances in printed, flexible, and organic electronics are enabling amazing new interfaces and formats, as well as improving energy savings and providing other under-the-hood benefits.? Nanomaterials are key to these innovations, but they are not the (more…)

Mtg: Reliability from the LED System Perspective — As Strong as the Weakest Link

by @ 1:23 pm. Filed under ALL, Electronics Design, Optics/Displays, Semiconductors

WEDNESDAY February 8, 2012
SCV Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Chapter
Speaker: Mark Hodapp, Certified Reliability Engineer, Philips Lumileds Lighting
Time: Buffet dinner at 6:00 PM; Presentation (no cost) at 6:45 PM
Cost: $20; $10 for fulltime students and currently unemployed engineers; $5 more at the door
Place: Biltmore Hotel, 2151 Laurelwood Rd (Fwy 101 at Montague Expressway), Santa Clara
RSVP: from website

There are many claims being made regarding the performance and reliability of LEDs.? This presentation will provide a comprehensive insight into factors that impact LED reliability at the component and subsystem level, with emphasis on package (more…)

Mtg: Analog Pre-Distortion to Linearize Wireless Broadband Power Amplifiers

by @ 12:59 pm. Filed under ALL, Communications, Electronics Design, Semiconductors

WEDNESDAY February 8, 2012
SCV Communications Chapter
Speaker: Rajeev Krishnamoorthy, CTO, Scintera Networks
Time: Networking at 6:00 PM; Presentation at 6:30 PM
Cost: none
Place: Texas Instruments Building E Conference Center, 2900 Semiconductor Dr. Santa Clara
RSVP: not required

Power amplifiers in wireless communication systems require both highly linear and high efficiency pre-distortion techniques to achieve their objectives.? The techniques are generally baseband digital solutions, but recently a novel analog (more…)

January 20, 2012

Seminar: Electrical Distribution Equipment Spec Writing; & Short Circuit, Coordination and Arc Flash Analysis

by @ 8:52 am. Filed under ALL, Electrical/Power

FRIDAY March 23, 2012
SF Industry Applications Chapter
Instructors: Chris Lovin, Eaton Cutler Hammer; Gary Fox, General Electric; Jim Avery, IEM; Finn Schenck, Schneider Electric; Glyn Lewis, P.E., Applied Power
Time: Registration at 8:00 PM; class from 8:30 AM – 4:40 PM
Cost: $250
Place: Hilton Hotel, 7050 Johnson Dr., Pleasanton
RSVP: Through EventBrite, at

Morning session (with Lovin, Fox, Avery, Schenck): We design electrical distribution equipment to perform increasingly complex tasks.? While the fundamental purpose of electrical distribution equipment is to safely distribute electrical (more…)

January 17, 2012

Mtg: Nanocomposite Alloy Design for High-Frequency Power Conversion Applications

by @ 8:34 am. Filed under ALL, Electronics Design, Engineering Mgmt, NanoEngineering

FRIDAY January 20, 2012
OEB Magnetics Chapter
Speaker: Prof. Mike McHenry, Carnegie Mellon University
Time: 11:00 AM
Cost: none
Place: Lawrence Berkeley Natl Lab bldg 15-232, Berkeley
RSVP: Please respond by email with name, company to Peter Fischer, by Jan 18

Recent DOE workshops highlight the need for advanced soft magnetic materials leveraged in novel designs of power electronic components and systems for power conditioning and grid integration. Dramatic weight and size reductions are possible in (more…)

Mtg: Phase Evolution in the Fe3O4-Fe2TiO4 Pseudo-binary System: Implications for Remanent Magnetization in Martian Minerals

by @ 8:33 am. Filed under ALL, NanoEngineering, Optics/Displays, Semiconductors

THURSDAY January 19, 2012
SCV Magnetics Chapter
Speaker: Professor Michael E. McHenry, Carnegie Mellon University
Time: Networking and pizza at 7:00 PM; Presentation at 7:30 PM
Cost: none
Place: SJSU Engineering Building, Room 285/287, Seventh Street and San Fernando Steet, San Jose
RSVP: not required

Activity: Grand Prix – It’s Time to Race!

by @ 8:32 am. Filed under ALL, Communications, Computers/Software, Electrical/Power, Electronics Design

THURSDAY January 19, 2012
SF Grads of the Last Decade (GOLD)
Time: Registration at 6:45 PM; driving from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Cost: $20 for IEEE members, plus $7 membership (pay at door)
Place: GoKart Racer, 1541 Adrian Rd, Burlingame
RSVP: from website

Ever dream of competing in Formula 1?? Think you have the skills of Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel?? This is your chance to prove it!? Please join IEEE SF GOLD as we kick off 2012 with our first ever grand prix!? We’ll be racing at GoKartRacer in Burlingame.? The cost (more…)

Mtg: Power Quality: Practical, Simple, Hands-on Solutions to Intermittent Power Problems

by @ 8:31 am. Filed under ALL, Electrical/Power

THURSDAY January 19, 2012
OEB Industry Applications Chapter
Speaker: Alex McEachern, Power Standards Lab.
Time: No-host social at 5:30 PM; Presentation at 6:15 PM; Dinner at 7:15 PM; Presentation continues at 8:00 PM
Cost: $25 for IEEE members; $15 for student and retired members; $30 for non-members
Place: Location changed to: Hilton Concord Hotel, 1970 Diamond Boulevard, Concord
RSVP: by January 16 with Michael Nakamura, or phone (510) 287-2066

Worldwide, we’re connecting sensitive loads like computers to a grid that was designed a hundred years ago for tough old motors, lights, and heaters.? So, not surprisingly, we’re seeing compatibility problems. These compatibility — or power quality — problems can (more…)

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