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February 17, 2013

Mtg: Advanced EDA Tools for Multi-Radio High-Frequency Accurate IC Design

by @ 5:26 pm. Filed under ALL, Communications, Electronics Design, Engineering Mgmt

THURSDAY February 21, 2013
SCV Antennas and Propagation, with Solid State Circuits Chapter
Speaker: Yasser Hussein, PedaSoft
Time: Networking and refreshments at 6:00 PM; Presentation at 6:30 PM
Cost: none
Place: Texas Instruments, 2900 Semiconductor Dr., Santa Clara
RSVP: from website

Mtg: Cooperative Multiagent Control: Stability vs. Optimality (Distinguished Lecture)

by @ 5:25 pm. Filed under ALL, Computers/Software, Electronics Design, Engineering Mgmt

THURSDAY February 21, 2013
SCV Control Systems Chapter
Speaker: Prof. Frank L. Lewis, Advanced Controls and Sensors Group, UT-Arlington
Time: 6:30 PM
Cost: none
Place: Intersil, 1001 Murphy Ranch Road, Milpitas
RSVP: from website

Distributed systems of agents linked by communication networks only have access to information from their neighboring agents, yet must achieve global agreement on team activities to be performed cooperatively.? Examples (more…)

Mtg: New Wafer-Level Embedded Package Structure and Technology using Large-Scale Panel Assembly

by @ 5:24 pm. Filed under ALL, Electronics Design, Engineering Mgmt

THURSDAY February 21, 2013
SCV Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Chapter?
Speaker: Akio Katsumata, General Manager, J-Devices Corporation
Time: Registration at 11:30 AM; Buffet lunch at 11:45; Presentation at 12:15 PM
Cost: $15 for lunch ($5 for students, unemployed); no cost for presentation
Place: Biltmore Hotel, 2151 Laurelwood Rd, Santa Clara
RSVP: from website

This presentation describes a new embedded package structure and technology for the next generation of WLP, the Wafer level Fan-Out Package – WFOPâ?¢.? A face-down mounting style, the WFOP has a metal (more…)

Mtg: Data Center and Utility Substation Load Testing

by @ 5:23 pm. Filed under ALL, Electrical/Power

WEDNESDAY February 20, 2013
SCV Power & Energy and Industry Applications Chapter
Speaker: Mark Siira, Director, Business Development, ComRent International
Time: Networking and dinner at 6:00 PM; Presentation at 7:00 PM
Cost: $30.00 IEEE members, $40.00 non members, $15.00 Students ($5 more at door)
Place: Biltmore Hotel, 2151 Laurelwood Road, Santa Clara
RSVP: from website

Mtg: High-Resolution Infrared Thermography to Analyze Thermal Profiles of RF Cardiac Ablation Catheter Technologies

by @ 5:22 pm. Filed under ALL, BioEngineering, Electronics Design

WEDNESDAY February 20, 2013
SCV Engineering in Medicine and Biology Chapter
Speaker: Leslie Oley, product strategy consultant
Time: Optional dinner at 5:15 PM, cafeteria; Presentation at 7:30 PM
Cost: none for presentation
Place: Optional dinner at Stanford Hospital cafeteria; meeting at Room M-114, Stanford University Medical School, Stanford
RSVP: not required

Radiofrequency Ablation (RF) Catheters are often used to treat certain cardiac arrhythmias, like atrial fibrillation, during minimally-invasive cardiac ablation procedures.? During these procedures, RF (more…)

Mtg: Maximizing Production from Solar PV Plants using Effective Data Analysis and Presentation

by @ 5:20 pm. Filed under ALL, Computers/Software, Electrical/Power

WEDNESDAY February 20, 2013
OEB Industry Applications Chapter
Speaker: Saurabh Samdani, Cupertino Electric Inc.
Time: No-host social at 5:30 PM; Presentation at 6:15 PM; Dinner at 7:15 PM; Presentation continues at 8:00 PM
Cost: $25 for IEEE members; $30 for non-members; $15 for student and retired members
Place: Zio Fraedos, 611 Gregory Lane, Pleasant Hill
RSVP: by February 18 by emailing Michael Nakamura, or call (925) 330-6595

Solar plants are instrumented with numerous weather and electrical sensors and this data is logged every minute yielding very large data sets.? The process of installing sensors, data acquisition and (more…)

Webinar: Paradigm Shifts In Defense Innovation

by @ 5:19 pm. Filed under ALL, Communications, Computers/Software

WEDNESDAY February 20, 2013
IET Education
Speaker: John C. Schmidt, Innovation Director & Enterprise Technical Executive, Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems
Time: Presentation at 7:00 AM
Cost: none
Place: on the Internet
RSVP: From website

Webinar: Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design Productivity Improvement: Traction Motor Design and Optimization Utilizing High-Performance Compute Farm

by @ 5:18 pm. Filed under ALL, Computers/Software, Electronics Design

WEDNESDAY February 20, 2013
Speakers: Bradley Warren Smith, PhD, IT Electrical Architect NextGen and HPC Tools, General Motors Corporation; Scott Stanton, Technical Director for Advanced Technology Initiatives, ANSYS, Inc.
Time: Presentation at 10:00 AM (PST)
Cost: none
Place: on the Internet
RSVP: From website

Mtg: HDD Ghosts, Goblins and Failures in RAID Storage Systems

by @ 5:17 pm. Filed under ALL, Computers/Software, Electronics Design

TUESDAY February 19, 2013
SCV Magnetics Chapter
Speaker: Dr. John Elerath, Elerath Reliability Consulting Services
Time: Networking and pizza at 7:00 PM; Presentation at 7:30 PM
Cost: none
Place: Western Digital, 1710 Automation Parkway, San Jose
RSVP: not required

This talk will explore the real problems, solutions and consequences of HDD reliability on storage subsystems. (more…)

Mtg: CMOS-Compatible Nanoscale Vacuum Tube

by @ 5:16 pm. Filed under ALL, NanoEngineering, Semiconductors

TUESDAY February 19, 2013
SCV Nanotechnology Chapter
Speaker: Dr. Jin-Woo Han, Research Scientist, NASA AMES Research Center
Time: Registration & light lunch at 11:30 AM; Presentation at 12:00 Noon
Cost: IEEE Members and Students $5; Non-Members $10
Place: Texas Instruments Bldg E-1 CMA Room, 2900 Semiconductor Drive, Santa Clara
RSVP: from website

Vacuum tubes had been the major workhorse in electronics before the commercial silicon transistor emerged in 1960â??s.? The vacuum tube performs rectifying and amplifying functions by utilizing the electrons movement through a free space.? However, the vacuum tube is hard to integrate, heavy, fragile, and energy consuming.? The solid-state transistor overcame these limitations because it is easy to integrate, light, reliable, and energy efficient.? Compared to the vacuum tube, however, the transistor has low gain and is sensitive to noise and distortion as the carriers travel through silicon lattices.? Therefore, the vacuum tubes are still used in a premier sound systems and baseband broadcasting stations.
A nanometer scale vacuum tube can provide the advantages of both vacuum tube and transistor.? The nano vacuum tube can be fabricated and integrated with semiconductor process technology, providing compactness as well as high performance.? Furthermore, while transistor operation in extreme conditions such as high temperature and radiation are problematic, the nano vacuum tube can operate well in these environments since it uses a vacuum channel.? This implies that the nano vacuum tube might be exploited even for automobile and space applications.? In this talk, the nanoscale vacuum transistor will be discussed.

Mtg: Review of Contract Language for Consultants

by @ 5:16 pm. Filed under ALL, Communications, Computers/Software, Electrical/Power, Electronics Design, Engineering Mgmt

TUESDAY February 19, 2013
SCV Consultants’ Network of Silicon Valley
Speaker: Jonathan J. Sweet, Esq., Law Offices of Jonathan J. Sweet
Time: Meeting and Presentation at 7:00 PM
Premeeting at 6:00 PM: Mobile Medical Devices and mHealth: Strengths and Challenges
Cost: none
Place: Agilent, 5301 Stevens Creek Blvd., Santa Clara
RSVP: not required

Consultants regularly require contracts and other legal documents. Since the language contained in these documents can have a substantial impact on the financial health and well-being of a consultant’s business, a (more…)

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