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Please see individual ads in the E-Grid for more information on Upcoming Conferences, Call for Papers, Events, Professional Development Courses, Engineering Services, and Volunteer Opportunities


Papers due September 10, ISQED 2018, Santa Clara
Security, IoT, Machine Learning, and Electronic Design conference. See ad.


Northeastern University, Silicon Valley
Master of science degrees in STEM fields. Break into Tech Event on September 23rd from 11 am to 2 pm. See ad

UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley
Advanced software courses for professional engineers. See ad

Santa Clara University Graduate Engineering
Certificate in Renewable Energy or Frugal Innovation. See ad

Besser Associates
The Worldwide Leader in RF and Wireless Training. See ad

Computing and Semiconductor Conferences
Ethical Considerations

September 11-14, Storage Developer Conference (SDC), Santa Clara Hyatt
The latest storage technologies and standards. See ad for SDC

September 12, Rock Stars of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Mountain View
In the field of data analytics, learn actionable technology insights and critical strategies you can apply to your specific business. See ad for Rock Stars of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

September 12-14, PCB West 2017, Santa Clara Convention Center
Silicon Valley's largest event for the printed circuit board industry. See ad for PCB West

October 12, IEEE SCV-EMC 2017 Mini Symposium - Technical Exchange, Biltmore Hotel, Santa Clara
Electromigration issues and solutions for tomorrow's data rates. See ad for SCV-EMC 2017 Mini Symposium

October 19-20, Berkeley Symposium on Energy Efficient Electronic Systems and Steep Transistors Workshop, Berkeley
Breakthrough improvements in energy efficiency for information processing - from devices to systems. See their Ad.

October 19-22, Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC), San Jose
Innovation, deployment and adaptation of Technology for Humanitarian Goals and Sustainable Development. See ad for GHTC

October 29 - November 1, Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers, Monterey
Signals, systems, biomedical, imaging, and architechure.

November 2, Rock Stars of Blockchain, Computer History Museum, Mountain View
revolutionary approach to distributed computing, unlimited potential to help organizations improve privacy and security, reduce costs and unleash new opportunities for innovation. See Ad

March 2018, ISQED 2018, Santa Clara
Security, IoT, Machine Learning, and Electronic Design conference. Papers due September 10, 2017.


Consultant's Network of Silicon Valley
Engineering consulting services. See ad for CNSV

High-precision product design, procedural development, and fabrication. See ad for InteliTek


Partner with science teachers of K-8 students -

School Science Presenters Wanted for AVS Science in Action - or!

STEM Professionals Sought for Innovative Teaching Fellowship at EnCorps -

Project Open NanoCarbon - Working session on photodissociation from UV, build and deploy open source hardware that will efficiently separate carbon from CO2 at Gt scale.

IoTSurvey Many of the positions opening up in the SF Bay Area are now in the computer software realm. If you are considering moving into a computer science career and have a bachelor's degree, or will soon, attend this FREE Break into Tech Seminar at Northeastern University. Receive the opportunity to:

* Experience computer science in action, and how it applies to your work and everyday life
* Participate in a mini hack-a-thon where you can collaborate with others and test out your new computer programming skills
* Learn more about Northeastern's Computer Science ALIGN program and have your application fee waived

September 23, 2017 from 11 am to 2 pm
Northeastern University Break Into Tech Event * 6024 Silver Creek Valley Road, San Jose * Register for this free event at

UCSCSV Enhance your skill set with these UPCOMING CLASSES for Working Engineers

Browse the full course listing at

Advanced Verification with SystemVerilog OOP Testbench VLSI.X400.(1), Starts September 19th
IO Concepts and Protocols: PCI Express, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel EMBD.X406 , Starts September 20th
Wireless Communication and Mobile Antenna Design, Introduction ITEC.X410.(1), Starts September 21st
Timing Closure in IC Design VLSI.X414 (1), Starts September 22nd
System and Functional Verification Using UVM (Universal Verification Methodology) VLSI.X410, Starts September 28th
Mobile Payments, e-Commerce Security and Cryptocurrency ITEC.X403, Starts October 3rd
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design SEQA.X401.(1), Starts October 7th
LAMP: Linux Based Web Application Development-Apache, MySQL, PHP ONLINE ONLY LINX, X401.(809), Starts September 19th
Low-Power Design of Nano-Scale Digital Circuits ONLINE ONLY VLSI.X407.(809), Starts September 19th
Python for Programmers ONLINE CMPR.X416.(809, Starts September 19th

UCSC Silicon Valley Extension - Software Engineering Classes
We are located at 3175 Bowers Ave, Santa Clara, near the Great America Parkway / Bowers exit off Hwy 101.

SCU Santa Clara University Graduate Engineering
            Engineering with a Mission

Open University is for those engineers who wish to update their skills or learn new technologies without pursuing a specific degree may enroll in the School of Engineering or you may consider applying to our most recent Certificate in Renewable Energy or Frugal Innovation. The intent is to help equip professionals in Silicon Valley with the knowledge that will help them advance in their present career. To obtain more information please contact Stacey Tinker at or call 408-554-4313.

Besser3 The Worldwide Leader in RF and Wireless Training Public Courses * Corporate Training * E-Learning

mm-Wave RFIC and MMIC Design Techniques, August 23 to 25, 2017, San Jose
5G, mm-Wave Antenna Integration & Test, August 21 to 22, 2017, San Jose
Smartphone RF Architecture Fundamentals, August 23 to 24, 2017, San Jose
RF Measurements: Principles & Demonstrations, August 21 to 25, 2017, San Jose
Radio Systems: RF Transceiver Design from Antenna to Bits and Back, Sept 25 to 29, San Jose
5G Wireless Networks, Oct 16 to 18, 2017, San Jose
RF Power Amplifier Design Techniques, Oct 18 to 20, 2017, San Jose
EMI/EMC Troubleshooting: Principles and Demonstrations, Oct 18 to 20, 2017, San Jose

For the complete schedule please visit:


Materials engineering position, doing research, process and failure analysis, characterization, seeking position in any location, M.S. in Materials Engineering, Jessica Winkler,

Master's in Industrial Engineering, 4 years as a Process Engineer, Six Sigma Green belt, looking for a position in Industrial/Manufacturing/Process/Quality Engineering, Pranit Kudva

Materials Scientist/Engineer with over 20 years of experience in fuel cells, photovoltaics, packaging and pcbs, Nazarali Merchant

Recent PhD in Applied Physics, experienced in Thin Film Deposition, Characterization, and Device Applications seeking position in Process/Materials/Applications Engineering in the semiconductor industry, Bishnu Tiwari

Polymer Materials Scientist/Engineer with seven years laboratory experience in polymer formulation/processing/structure/property relationships. Extensive knowledge and hands-on experience on transparent conductors, thermally conductive polymer nanocomposites, thin film characterization techniques, coating processes Pashupati Pokharel, Ph.D.

Physicist with 10+ years of experience combining research on property analysis and computational material science expertise; seeking a Simulation | Modeling | Materials Engineer position, Joelson Cott, PhD

Successful wafer fab mgr, fabless program mgr, technical & process engineering mgr, technical sales & customer relations, SBIR reviewer, start-up experience, seeking challenges in consulting, management, & engineering, Glenn Friedman

Semiconductor process technology expert in areas of Thin films, strain engineering, CMOS device fabrication, Burn-in stress technology, 300mm Si fab and Sort factory development and Program management expertise looking for suitable position in fab or fabless companies, Ajay Sharma

Experienced materials scientist with expertise in unconventional thin film electronics, printed and flexible electronics, and TFT and RRAM device physics; seeking engineering position in the Bay Area, Jeremy Smith, PhD

Materials scientist with 15+ years experience in the commercialization of nanomaterials; experience includes materials synthesis, characterization, formulation, and coating; Seeking opportunities in R&D, and/or management. Roland Lee, PhD

Experienced materials scientist with expertise in device processing, micro-fabrication techniques, materials characterization and device applications of nanomaterials; carbon based nanomaterials and their hybrid systems; seeking R&D and materials engineering position in any location, Vasuda Bhatia, PhD

CHAPTER EVENTS For more detail, see the quick reference calendar

8/17 - SCV-SSCS-CAS | Applications of Time-Based Circuits in Data Conversion, Filtering, and Control - fundamental building blocks such as integrators using mostly digital circuits, case studies to highlight the advantages, opportunities, and drawbacks of the time-based approach.... (TI, Santa Clara, 6:00 pm)

8/23 - SCV-IM | The Drone as a Flexible Mobile Measurement Platform / Measurement Systems and Sensors for Autonomous Vehicles - the drone equipped with the sensors must be thought as a measurement platform and must be characterized as a whole; sensors and on-board instrumentation for new vehicle generations with driver-assistance capability. ... (Geometrics, San Jose, 6:00 pm)

8/24 - SCV-YP-PELS-SWE | Triple Threat Happy Hour - have an out-of-this-world time!... (Lily Mac's, Sunnyvale, 5:30 pm)

8/31 - SCV-CES-SPS-CS | Khronos Standards for Neural Network Acceleration and Deployment - real-time and safety-critical use cases, transfer networks trained in deep learning frameworks to optimized inference engines ... (NVIDIA, Santa Clara, 6:30 pm)

9/5 -SCV-PHOT-EMBS | Reverse-Engineering the Neural Circuits for Human Spatial and Color Vision - How adaptive optics and eye tracking are used to reveal the neural circuitry that underlies human spatial and color vision ... (Intel, Santa Clara, 5:30 pm)

9/6-7 - SF-PES | Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Workshop - future grid with larger renewables in the portfolio mix; concepts, theory and practioner ideas including DER influence on transmission, distribution, protection and energy market operations. ... (Milton Marks Conference Center, SF, 8:00 am)

9/7 -SCV-TEMS | ROI, China: Opportunity and Risk Mitigation in the Era of Xi Jinping - stricter regulations and anti-spy campaign by Chinese security agencies may have led to detentions of foreigners, China remains a compelling international business priority, clear steps that firms can take to mitigate risk... (TBD, 6:00 pm)

9/7 -SCV-REL | Telemetry for IC Reliability - acquisition of IC usage data remotely in the field, provides data about actual IC use conditions, reliability engineering, six stage framework for telemetry work which enables value to be derived ... (Qualcomm, Santa Clara, 6:00 pm; Food sponsored by ICE Labs)

9/12 -SCV-CNSV SIG | Key Autonomous Vehicle Technologies for Precision Location and Real-Time Mapping - Autonomous vehicle methodology and vehicle-to-vehicle safety communication currently take dramatically different approaches, precise location, real-time, accurate mapping to sub-lane accuracy... (SEMI, Milpitas, 6:00 pm)

This special interest group meeting takes place prior to the regular CNSV meeting, and a single registration can be used for both meetings.

9/12 -SCV-CNSV | How LinkedIn, Google and PayPal Bested their Competition with Graph Engines - Graph Databases and Graph-Compute - known together as Graph Engines, relationship between data objects to be as valuable, if not more valuable, than the discreet data itself... (SEMI, Milpitas, 7:00 pm)

9/14 -SCV-HIST | Dialog: The Beginning of Online Search - Dialog was an online search engine that preceded internet search engines by 22 years; learn how this tool advanced the technology of searching technical and educational databases... (Keypoint Credit Union, Santa Clara, 6:00 pm)

9/19 -SFBA-NANO | 2nd Annual - Company Origin Stories - Exploring Entrepreneurship - Nanotech company founders explain how and why they started their enterprises. Photos from last year: Here ... (TI, Santa Clara, 5:30 pm)

9/20 - SCV-PES-IAS | Community Choice Energy and What Does That Mean to You? - Community Choice Energy (CCE) is taking the state by a storm. By the end of this year, there will be over two million customers in California ... (On Semiconductor, Santa Clara, 6:00 pm)

9/20 - SCV-MEMS | Next Generation MEMS Manufacturing - next generation of MEMS sensors emerging for IoT, will need CMOS-unfriendly materials such as piezoelectric thin films and glass, high volume 200mm fabs ... (TI, Santa Clara, 6:30 pm)

9/20 - SCV-EMBS | kV X-ray Digital Tomosynthesis Image Tracking of Respiratory Motion During The Delivery of MV Radiotherapy Treatment of Cancer - treatment of lung cancer, respiratory motion, radiation damage to healthy surrounding tissues, x-ray tomosynthesis tracking technology has the potential to significantly reduce the magnitude of such collateral damage ... (Room M-114, Stanford University Medical School, 7:30 pm)

9/21 - SCV-WIE-CS-WIL | 2017 IEEE Women in Computing Summit - latest trends in computing technology, Cloud Data & Management, Big Data analytics, Data and Information Security, Emerging Technologies: AR/VR, IoT, Autonomous Vehicles, Innovation in large companies ... (Ericsson, Santa Clara, 8:30 am)

9/26 - SF-IAS | Power Quality in the Renewable Energy Era - root cause of the power quality issues caused by the renewable energy systems, and to discuss the mitigation method ... (Thirsty Bear Brewing Company, SF, 5:30 pm)

10/24 - SF-IAS | Devising Your Emergency Power Strategy - Reliable and scalable emergency power is of crucial importance in any healthcare facility, opportunities and challenges associated with providing E-Power systems ... (Thirsty Bear Brewing Company, SF, 5:30 pm)


The 19th International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED 2018) is the premier interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary Electronic Design conference; bridging the gap among Electronic/Semiconductor ecosystem members providing electronic design tools, integrated circuit technologies, semiconductor technology,packaging, assembly & test to achieve total design quality.
ISQED 2018 will have a theme of Security, IoT, Machine Learning and Electronic Design. Papers are requested in the following areas:

ISQED2018 * Electronic Design
* Design Automation and IP
* Hardware and System Security
* Cognitive Computing in Hardware
* Manufacturing, Semiconductor Processes and Devices

Papers due September 10, 2017. ISQED 2018 is coming March 2018 in Santa Clara. For more information, see


Interconnects are moving beyond 56GBps per single physical channel. Are you prepared to control EMI/EMC issues for tomorrow's data rate?
Attend the IEEE SCV-EMC 2017 Mini Symposium - Technical Exchange, and you will learn:

Common PCB Layout Errors that Cause Products to Fail to Meet EMC Requirements
Learn to recognize potential problem areas and maintain control of unwanted coupling paths

Signal Integrity Designs for 56Gb/s and Beyond
* Challenges and design difficulties for higher data rate
* PCB material characterization and measurement techniques for high-speed channel
* Via modeling methodologies and applications in PCB and package
* PAM4 channel analysis
* Evaluations of possible solutions for new challenges

This mini-symposium will be held on October 12 at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara. For more information, see


Need an outsider's viewpoint to solve a difficult problem? Have extra work but don't need additional employees? Consider hiring a consultant.

CNSV Looking for a consultant?
* Use our site's search box to find a consultant
* No broker fees
* Our membership consists of over 200 experienced consultants

Become a consultant?                                               We are
* Explore if consulting is for you                                    hardware, software
* Meet other consultants                                              and mechanical
* Learn the best practices                                            engineers, and more!

Already a consultant?                                    
* Expand your networking opportunities
* Promote your skills on your own webpage          Free USPTO Events:
USPTO2 * Learn from the camaraderie of our network
Check out


Comic is courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle.


Berkeley2017 The Berkeley Symposium on Energy Efficient Electronic Systems & Steep Transistors Workshop will focus on the radical reduction of power consumption in information processing systems - from devices to systems. This event will feature a mixture of oral and poster presentations. The Workshop will focus on:

* The Systems Benefits of Lower Operating Voltage
* Steep Tunneling Transistors
* Steep Negative-Capacitance Gate Transistors
* Nano-Mechanical Switching
* Magnetic Switching, Magneto-Resistive Drive Current
* 3D-Integration to Save Energy
* Low-Energy Short-Distance Optical Communication
* Electrochemical Switching
* Cryogenic and Superconducting Computing
* New Analog Machines to Solve Digital Problems

The Workshop will be October 19 - 20. For more information, go to

01011100    COMPUTING AND SEMICONDUCTORS    10100101

The Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers is a yearly Conference held on the beautiful Asilomar Grounds in Pacific Grove. It provides a forum for presenting recent and novel work in various areas of theoretical and applied signal processing. General areas of interest to the forum include:

Asilomar * Architecture and Implementation
* Array Signal Processing
* Biomedical Signal & Image Processing
* Communication Systems
* MIMO Communications & Signal Processing
* Networks
* Signal Processing & Adaptive Systems
* Speech, Image & Video Processing

The Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers will be held on October 29th - November 1st. The IEEE Signal Processing Society is a technical co-sponsor. For more information, see

SDClogo SDC is the destination for technical discussions and education on the latest storage technologies and standards. Spend four days with your peers, and take advantage of this opportunity to learn from the experts all in one place.

Topics covered at the conference include:

* Persistent Memory           * Storage Architecture    * Cloud Storage
* Software and Hardware   * File Systems                  * SMB
* Object Drives                    * Storage Security           * Storage Management

Storage Developer Conference (SDC) 2017 will take place at the Santa Clara Hyatt, Santa Clara, CA on September 11-14, 2017. eGrid subscribers will receive the SNIA Member rate ($200 off of the regular rate) on registration by registering here and using code SDC17IEEEspecial. In addition, register before August 11th and save another $300 with the Early Bird Discount.

RockStarsMDLearning Within the field of data analytics, machine learning is a method used to devise complex models and algorithms that lend themselves to prediction. The science of Deep Learning develops efficient algorithms for unsupervised or semi-supervised feature learning and hierarchical feature extraction from large-scale unlabeled data.

Innovation in Machine Learning is Staggering - Can you Keep Up?
Rock Stars of Machine Learning and Deep Learning comes to Mountain View on September 12, 2017.

After participating in this event, you will have
* Actionable technology insights
* Critical strategies you can apply to your specific business

For more information, please see



Now in San Jose.

Now in its 7th year, Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC) is the flagship IEEE Conference focusing on innovation, deployment and adaptation of Technology for Humanitarian Goals and Sustainable Development.

Registration for the IEEE GHTC 2017 Conference is now open. You are invited to join us at the Double Tree by Hilton in San Jose from October 19-22, 2017. View registration rates and all options on the symposium website: GHTC is also offering two exciting tutorials on October 19th that you won't want to miss! Find out more information here:


Do you need unique, out-of-the box engineering solutions quickly? Quick-turn high-precision product design, procedural development, and fabrication of parts for testing, developing concepts, tools, and fixturing devices. InteliTek can design and manufacture parts involving very complex geometry, up to 40"L x 20"W x 45"H and can meet tolerances verified to ISO standards of up to .0005".

InteliTekInc Partners in:             Materials include:
* CAD design             * Aluminum
* Aeronautics             * Stainless Steel
* Automotive              *Titanium
* Infrared                   * Copper
* Medical                   * Brass
* Prototyping             * Multiple types of Plastics
Please see InteliTek, and contact Sandra Winkler at, tel 650-299-9365.


2017 ASHRAE Undergraduate Engineering Scholarships are available for the undergraduate engineering and pre-engineering students who are enrolled full time in post-secondary education institution and pursuing a Bachelor of Science or Engineering degree in a course of study.

The ASHRAE is awarding scholarships of the different amount like $25000, $35000 and $3000 to the winners. The application deadline is December 1st, 2017. Applicants can get more information through the given link: ASHRAE Undergraduate Engineering Scholarships


Would you like a boost in SF Bay Area publicity (especially here in Silicon Valley), for higher awareness and attendance of your conference or courses? We have 32,500+ technical subscribers in the SF Bay Area. Please see eGrid Ad Opportunies.pdf

Does your company have engineering positions open? Advertise these positions in the eGrid!
Contact Sandra Winkler at

Thinking of becoming a member of IEEE? Benefits include a free subscription to the IEEE Spectrum, discounts on insurance, access to a library of information, and an opportunity to be part of s society which is changing the world. Please use Sandra Winkler as a referral, member #85012626


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