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          Stay relevant in the job market - maintain your network and keep up to date in your technology field. Attend the excellent conferences, courses, and IEEE chapter events listed below. Between 65% and 85% of jobs are found through networking, not job postings!

Please see individual ads in the E-Grid for more information on Upcoming Conferences, Call for Papers, Professional Development Courses, Engineering Services, and Volunteer Opportunities


UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley
Advanced software courses for professional engineers. See ad for UCSC Silicon Valley Extension

Santa Clara University Graduate Engineering
Certificate in Renewable Energy or Frugal Innovation. See ad for Santa Clara University


May 8-10, IEEE Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering (ISPCE), San Jose

May 8-11, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose
IIOT, Intelligent Machines, and AI Cities Track. See ad for GPU Conference Track

May 22-23, IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference, San Jose
Confernce for women and men focused on entrepreneurship, disruptive technologies, innovation, and leadership. Understand why women need to be part of the equation. See ad for WIE ILC

June 8-10, TEMSCON, Silicon Valley (Santa Clara Valley)
Technical Management and Technical Business with industry and research speakers. See ad for TEMSCON

June 27-29, 2017, Sensors Expo & Conference, San Jose
Dedicated to sensors and sensor-integrated systems. See ad for Sensors Expo & Conference

June 11-13, Women in Technology Summit (WITI), San Jose
For both women and men who want to build their leadership skills and value in the workforce, start their own business, and understand the value of gender parity in the workplace. See ad for WITI

July 11, World of IoT: Understanding Risks & Opportunities in Transformative Technologies Session I: IoT Devices & Data and Session II: Applications at SEMICON West. FREE Registration for IEEE Members; Register by May 12 for World of IoT and receive a complimentary Expo Only pass with access to above two IEEE World of IoT sessions.

July 11-13, SEMICON West, San Francisco
SEMICON West connects the entire extended microelectronics supply chain. Meet the best in the business - from materials, equipment, design, manufacturing, system integration, flexible hybrid electronics, MEMS and sensors, and more. See ad for SEMICON West

October 29 - November 1, Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers, Monterey
Signals, systems, biomedical, imaging, and architechure.

October 19-22, Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC), San Jose
Innovation, deployment and adaptation of Technology for Humanitarian Goals and Sustainable Development.


Consultant's Network of Silicon Valley
Engineering consulting services. See ad for CNSV

High-precision product design, procedural development, and fabrication. See ad for InteliTek


Materials engineering position, doing research, process and failure analysis, characterization, seeking position in any location, M.S. in Materials Engineering, Jessica Winkler,,

Industrial R&D engineer and scientist with more than 55 patents. Solves difficult problems in emerging technologies and translates those solutions into commercial successes. Inventor of materials, fabrication processes, devices and test, Kurt Rubin

Physicist with high experience in atomistic simulation methods and nanomaterials modeling; seeking for a position in the field of materials science and engineering, Joelson Cott, PhD

Successful wafer fab mgr, fabless program mgr, technical & process engineering mgr, technical sales & customer relations, SBIR reviewer, start-up experience, seeking challenges in consulting, management, & engineering, Glenn Friedman

Experienced materials chemist with expertise in synthesis, characterization, and manipulation of carbon nanomaterials, polymers and nanocomposites; seeking chemist position, Pashupati Pokharel, PhD

Semiconductor process technology expert in areas of Thin films, strain engineering, CMOS device fabrication, Burn-in stress technology, 300mm Si fab and Sort factory development and Program management expertise looking for suitable position in fab or fabless companies, Ajay Sharma

Experienced materials scientist with expertise in unconventional thin film electronics, printed and flexible electronics, and TFT and RRAM device physics; seeking engineering position in the Bay Area, Jeremy Smith, PhD

Contract or part time market research, marketing, newsletter, writing, M.B.A., Santa Clara University, Sandra Winkler,


Support Girl Scout Bridging on Saturday, April 29, as the girls walk across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge as they bridge from Juniors to Cadettes. The bridging is followed by a party on Crissy Field with music, snacks, and fun activity booths. Volunteers are needed to work STEM booths. Please see Sponsored by SCV WIE. Please contact them for more information.

Meetup to create an open source design and hardware device to reverse climate change -

Partner with science teachers of K-8 students -

School Science Presenters Wanted for AVS Science in Action - or!

STEM Professionals Sought for Innovative Teaching Fellowship at EnCorps -

SCU Santa Clara University Graduate Engineering
            Engineering with a Mission

Open University is for those engineers who wish to update their skills or learn new technologies without pursuing a specific degree may enroll in the School of Engineering for this upcoming Spring 2017 quarter starting April 3, 2017 or you may consider applying to our most recent Certificate in Renewable Energy or Frugal Innovation. The intent is to help equip professionals in Silicon Valley with the knowledge that will help them advance in their present career. To obtain more information please contact Stacey Tinker at or call 408-554-4313.

UCSC ext logoEnhance your skill set with these UPCOMING CLASSES for Working Engineers

      Browse the full course listing at

Business Intelligence Solutions, Starts Tuesday, May 30
Cloud Computing, Introduction, Starts Saturday, June 10
Introduction to Website Hosting and Optimization, Starts Saturday, June 10
Computer Networking Essentials, Starts Thursday, June 15
TCP/IP Essentials, Starts Friday, June 16
C++ Programming, Comprehensive, Starts Friday, June 16
HTML Fundamentals, Starts Friday, June 16
C Programming, Advanced, Starts Friday, June 16

UCSC Silicon Valley Extension - Engineering Classes
We are located at 3175 Bowers Ave, Santa Clara, near the Great America Parkway / Bowers exit off Hwy 101.


Comics are courtesy of either the San Jose Mercury News or the Daily Journal.

For more detailed information on these chapter events, please view the Quick Reference Calendar


4/27 - SCV-CPMT, REL, PES | Ten Years of Robustness Validation Applied to Power Electronics Components - European car makers, physics of failure, "test to fail", end-of-life testing, thick wire bonds, planar interconnects ... (TI, Santa Clara, 11:45 am)

4/27 - SCV-CE-PELS | Extremely Power-Efficient Technologies for Wearables and IoT Devices - decrease the power consumption and increase the battery life of wearable devices, devices that designers need to consider when creating a low-power wearable system ... (NVIDIA, Santa Clara, 6:30 pm)

5/2 - SCV-MAG |Evolution of Disk Drive Head Positioning Systems and Servo Track Writers - historical perspective and time line, Evolution of major system components, Status and description of current servo track writers and disk drive production procedures ... (Western Digital, San Jose, 6:30 pm)

5/2 - SCV-PHOT|Photonic Quantum Computing - Opportunities and Challenges of a Fully Integrated Photonic Quantum Computer ... (Intel, Santa Clara, 5:30 pm)

5/4 - SCV-TEMS | Protecting Inventions When Patent Protection Can No Longer Be Relied Upon - trade secrets, patents, recent issues, protection, enforcement, cross-licensing ... (AMD Sunnyvale, 6:00 pm)

5/4 - SCV-REL | The relationship between Reliability Testing and Failure Analysis - variety of standard reliability test methods and the issues they stress, typical failures found and the methods used to find them ... (Qualcomm, Santa Clara, 6:00 pm)

5/8 - SCV-YP-TEMS | Work without Stress: Building a Resilient Mindset for Lasting Success - while pressure is inevitable, stress is something we create, how stress is created and how resilient people avoid it, results of your personal resilience profile ... (AMD, Sunnyvale, 7:00 pm)

5/9 - SCV-CNSV | Secure IoT: Concerns and Business Risks - greatest security challenges, challenges by focusing on the technological, operational and organizational considerations, adding encryption to every sensor ... (NVIDIA Corp., Santa Clara, 7:00 pm)

5/13 - SCV-YP-SFBA-NANO | Wine and Hike - fun and relaxing wine and hike afternoon at Picchetti Ranch in Cupertino, Please bring your own water bottle, hat, weather permitting ... (Picchetti Ranch, Cupertino, 4:00 pm)

5/15 - SCV-CAS | Energy Efficient Memory Design for the Compute Continuum and Beyond - circuit solutions for realizing energy efficient memory arrays, Supply voltage scaling is the primary driver to reduce energy consumption ... (Qualcomm Santa Clara, 6:30 pm)

5/16 - SFBA-NANO| Annual all-day symposium: Nanotechnology in the Environment, Advanced Batteries, Clean Energy - Nano Material Toxicity, Regulating Nano Toxicity, Hydrogen Storage, Mushroom Electrode Battery Technology, Carbon Nanotube Batteries for Solar Grid Storage & Electric Vehicles... (SEMI Global Headquarters, Milpitas, 8:30 am)

5/17 - OEB-SPS | The 21st Annual Signal & Image Sciences Workshop - Signal processing, Image & video processing, NDE & inverse problems, Radar & wireless communications, Radiation detection & isotope ID, Machine learning & pattern analysis, Control systems, Real-time/embedded systems, Applications ... (HPC Innovation Center, Livermore, 9:00 am)

5/17 - SF-PES| Advanced Control of Distributed Energy Resources - system integration and dynamic performance of modern DERs: solar, wind, storage, and others, contribution to the grid's reliability and efficiency, and their resilience toward grid faults and disturbances ... (California Public Utilities Commission, San Francisco, 11:45 am)

5/18 - OEB-IAS | Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) - A Building Block of Microgrid - interconnected loads and distributed energy resources (DER), can operate in parallel with the grid or in an intentional islanded mode, Solar, wind, fuel cell, and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)... (Eaton Hayward Facility, 5:30 pm)

5/20 - SFBA| IEEE 2017 Student Hiring Event - Graduting Bachelors, Masters and PhD students from IEEE chapters of 11 Bay Area Universities, short presentations, Following lunch each company will have a table ... (California State University, Hayward, 8:30 am)

5/24 - SCV-IT-MAG | Regenerating Codes For Distributed Storage - basic framework of regenerating codes, establishing theoretical limitations regenerating codes from an algebraic perspective ... (Hacker Dojo, Santa Clara, 6:00 pm)

5/30-31 - SCV SPS, ComSoc, IT, RAS, SSCS, CAS | IEEE Workshops on Machine Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks - Tues: Intuitive treatment of the important machine learning approaches; Wed:  In-depth treatment of Convolutional neural networks (CNN) ... (TI, Santa Clara, 4:30 pm)

5/31 - SCV-PSES | Safety Aspects of "Off-Road" EV Charging Through Central Asia and E. Europe -  Don describes his trip from Asia and Europe in a electric vehicle. Charging was often difficult to find and was often improvised. Enjoy Don's photos and stories of challenges and how he overcame obstacles... (Quanta Laboratories, Santa Clara, 6:30 pm)

6/6 - SCV-CNSV |Annual CNSV Dinner Meeting: The Deep Mythic Origins of Silicon Valley Innovation - The hidden myth behind Silicon Valley's success is far older than you would ever guess ... (Turmeric Restaurant, Sunnyvale, 6:00 pm)

6/22 - SCV-SPS |Computational Microscopy - joint design of imaging system hardware and software, optimizing across the entire pipeline from acquisition to reconstruction, new methods with coded illumination ... (AMD Sunnyvale, 6:30 pm)

6/28 - SCV-PSES | Electromagnetic Interference and its role in Inverter Reliability - problems and concerns on how Electromagnetic interference plays havoc with respect to reliability and safety, solar inverters, electronic and electrical equipment, possible company tour if interest ... (Quanta Laboratories, Santa Clara, 6:30 pm)


Need an outsider's viewpoint to solve a difficult problem? Have extra work but don't need additional employees? Consider hiring a consultant.

CNSV Looking for a consultant?
* Use our site's search box to find a consultant
* No broker fees
* Our membership consists of over 200 experienced consultants

Become a consultant?                                                   We are
* Explore if consulting is for you                                       hardware, software
* Meet other consultants                                                   and mechanical
* Learn the best practices                                                 engineers, and more!

Already a consultant?                                          
* Expand your networking opportunities
* Promote your skills on your own webpage
* Learn from the camaraderie of our network
Check out

Two free half-day seminars will be hosted by the IEEE Standard Association.
Values by Design: Why Ethics Is the New Green for the Algorithmic Enterprise

Values by Design seeks to reframe the innovative process by prioritizing ethical considerations in systems processes and product development. Attendees will learn

* Why every organization needs a "Chief Values Officer" to stay competitive in a personalized world
* How values-driven design provides a market advantage when aligning your products with end-user values
* Why user-controlled privacy will reinvent the internet economy to make personal data an asset versus a commodity
* How "ethics is the new green" and why modern sustainability is about people and purpose as well as the planet

Values by Design also features an interactive workshop built on Ethically Aligned Design-A Vision for Prioritizing Human Wellbeing in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems. To be held on Monday, April 24th, from 1 to 5 pm, at the Santa Clara Marriott.

A Landscape View of Applications and Considerations of Blockchain Across Industries

The disruptive nature of distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) such as blockchain are seen more and more every day across the globe. But what does this disruption mean for your vertical? How should you be thinking about it? Is blockchain something that is right for your organization, today, tomorrow, or ever? How are others applying blockchain to their business models so they can be disruptors versus being disrupted by the technology?

To be held on Tuesday, April 25th, from 1 to 7 pm, at The Computer History Museum in Mountain View.


Now in San Jose.

Now in its 7th year, Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC) is the flagship IEEE Conference focusing on innovation, deployment and adaptation of Technology for Humanitarian Goals and Sustainable Development.  Key focus areas that are particularly relevant include (but are not limited to):

* Poverty Alleviation                   * Clean Water & Sanitation
* Healthcare                               * Connectivity & Communication
* Agriculture & Food Security    * Humanitarian Challenges & Opportunities
* Quality Education                    * Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness, Response & Recovery
* Affordable & Clean Energy     * Other United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Please see our website at

Welcome to the International Conference of the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society , TEMSCON, which will be at the Santa Clara Convention Center on June 8-10.

TEMSCON is a conference on Technical Management and Technical Business with industry and research speakers.

TEMSCONfc * Entrepreneurship
* Management of Innovation
* People and Organization
* Moving from Idea to product

For IT, Internet, IoT, Biotech, healthcare, and social media.

Co-located with the conference is the Industry Forum where senior speakers from industry will discuss practical aspects of technology and technology management. This is registered separately, see the Industry Forum tab on the webpage. Note if you register for Industry Forum you are invited to attend any of the technical and keynote sessions of TEMSCON as well.
For more information on TEMSCON, see

The 2017 IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference (WIE ILC) will be held at the San Jose Convention Center on 22-23 May 2017, offering career skills for both women and men.

WIE.ILC Over 1,500 senior, science and technology leaders will come together to create communities that fuel innovation, facilitate knowledge sharing and provide support.
With a theme of Lead Beyond. Accelerating Innovative Women Who Change the World, the conference will focus on

* Entrepreneurship
* Disruptive Technology
* Innovation
* Leadership

Don't miss this opportunity to network with peers (over 90% attendees are professionals), connect with disruptive technology (electrical & computing engineering blending hardware and software) and grow professional leadership skills. Use this special 10% discount (ILC2017EGRID) to register today!

Women in Technology Summit (WITI)

where one can build confidence, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and the value of gender parity in the workplace. This conference is for both women and men.

200 speakers & coaches, Women in Technology Hall of Fame Awards Banquet, Coaching Circles, and Workshops , on June 11-13, at the Doubletree in San Jose

* Mastering the Science of Storytelling      * Engaging Men to Invest in Gender Equality
* Speak Like a Leader Bootcamp         * Personal Branding for Women in Tech
* Breaking Biased Habits         * Creating a Business Plan for Tech Startups
* Dealing with Difficult People         * Success Secrets of the Super Achievers
* Making Your Pitch Skills Worthy of Your Ideas    * Leading Outside Your Comfort Zone

SemiconWest2017 SEMICON West comes to San Francisco on July 11-13, offering all-new programming focused on the applications and technologies that are driving the microelectronics industry forward. Smart Automotive, Smart Manufacturing, MedTech, IoT and more. It's here that the industry gets a glimpse at what's next.

NEW IEEE programs organized by SEMI, IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section, and the IEEE Computer Society, include the World of IoT: Understanding Risks and Opportunities in Transformative Technologies (Session1: IoT Devices & Data and Session 2: Applications for Business Solutions). These sessions, free for IEEE members, will be held at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis on Tuesday, July 11.

IoT devices collect data from or send data to the physical world. Microcontrollers, MEMS and sensors, and actuators form the building blocks of IoT device architecture. To learn more about each session, visit:

Session I: IoT Devices & Data from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Session II: Applications for Business Solutions from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Register by May 12 for SEMICON West and receive a complimentary Expo Only pass with access to the IEEE World of IoT sessions listed above.

GPU2017 The IIOT, Intelligent Machines, and AI Cities Track of the GPU Technology Conference will focus on the power of the NVIDIA JetsonTM platform to drive the latest advances in industrial IoT, robots, drones and Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA). Learn from embedded movers, shakers, and makers that are changing the world.

* Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)    * AI Cities
* Intelligent Machines & Robotics       * Security
* Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA).

This event will showcase the most vital work in the computing industry today, including deep learning and AI, big data analytics, virtual reality, self-driving cars and much more. Held at the San Jose Convention Center from May 8 to May 11th.

Save Up To $240 Off Regular Rates Through April 5. For more information, see here

With over 100 industry experts, and an expanded program to include interactive content, applications, demos, and hands-on components, the Sensors Expo & Conference is driving tomorrow's solutions with topics including:

* Black boxes in planes, drones, and autos              * Adding voice commands
* Wearable, IoT and 5G, medical, biometric             * Indoor air quality
* Agtech and the food industry               * City-scale Sensor Networks
* Augmented and virtual reality             * AI and deep learning
* Printed, flexible, stretchable, functional, fabric sensors and systems
* Energy harvesting and energy-efficient power solutions

Attend the industry's only event dedicated to sensors and sensor-integrated systems, coming to the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley, on June 27-29: Sensors Expo & Conference,

Do you need unique, out-of-the box engineering solutions quickly? Quick-turn high-precision product design, procedural development, and fabrication of parts for testing, developing concepts, tools, and fixturing devices. InteliTek can design and manufacture parts involving very complex geometry, up to 40"L x 20"W x 45"H and can meet tolerances verified to ISO standards of up to .0005".

InteliTekInc Partners in:             Materials include:
* CAD design             * Aluminum
* Aeronautics             * Stainless Steel
* Automotive              *Titanium
* Infrared                   * Copper
* Medical                   * Brass
* Prototyping             * Multiple types of Plastics
Please see InteliTek, and contact Sandra Winkler at, tel 650-299-9365.


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Does your company have engineering positions open? Advertise these positions in the eGrid!
Contact Sandra Winkler at


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