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5G World Forum (5GWF'18), IEEE-5G submissions due by February 28, 2018
5G in automotive, health, media, IIoT, satellites, standards, regulations.


Consultants' Network of Silicon Valley CNSV
Engineering consulting services.

High-precision product design, procedural development, and fabrication.


February 23, 2018, Power System Basics, ARC Flash Mitigation, Renewables, and NEC Code Changes Seminar, Pleasanton ias

March 5-7, 2018, International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging, Fountain Hills, Arizona
imapsflag Interposers, 3D IC & packaging, fan-out WLP, flip chip, MEMS & sensors, and 3D printing.

March 13-14, 2018, ISQED 2018, Santa Clara
Security, IoT, Machine Learning, and Electronic Design conference. isqed

March 14, 2018, ASIC 2018, Santa Clara
Automotive Safety Innovation Conference ASIC2018-1

May 14-16, 2018, IEEE Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering (ISPCE), San Jose
All relevant topics for workers and innovators in the product safety area.

June 26-28, 2018, Sensors Expo & Conference 2018, San Jose
Sensors, connectivity, and systems

June 26-28, 2018, Autonomous Vehicle & Sensors Conference, San Jose
Explore Autonomous Vehicles through panel discussions Sensors_Automotive

June 26-28, 2018, Medical Sensors Design Experience, San Jose
Artificial Intelligence, Drug delivery, ECG & EEG, Medical grade wearables

July 9-11, 2018, 5G World Forum (5GWF'18), Santa Clara
5G in automotive, health, media, IIoT, satellites, standards, regulations IEEE-5G

September 23-27, 2018, Energy Conversation Congress and Exposition (ECCE) 2018, Portland, Oregon
Renewables, smart grid, energy harvesting, reliability, diagnostics, measurement techniquesECCE2018

October 3-6, 2018, Frontiers in Education, San Jose
Engineering education innovationsFIE


MEAD Education MEAD
Advanced engineering short courses in the design of integrated circuits and systems.

Northeastern University, Silicon Valley IoTSurvey
Master of science degrees in STEM fields.

Santa Clara University Graduate Engineering
SCU MS in Sustainable Energy, and certificates in Renewable Energy or Frugal Innovation.

Besser AssociatesBesser3 The Worldwide Leader in RF and Wireless Training.


Put your employment listings here.

Partner with science teachers of K-8 students - STEM logo

School Science Presenters Wanted for AVS Science in Action - or! SIA Logo

Have you ever thought about teaching? Learn more and Apply for the EnCorps Fellowship for STEM Professionals - EnCorpsSTEM

Science Fair judges needed for students from middle schools and high schools, at these three science fairs: San Mateo on Sunday, March, Santa Cruz on Saturday, March 10, and Santa Clara on Thursday, March 15. If you are interested in helping out at one of these fairs, or sponsoring a prize, please call Charlie Neuhauser at (408) 245-0085 (W) or E-mail him at

Project Open NanoCarbon - Monthly meetups/opensci journal club to research, build and deploy open hardware to rapidly solidify gigatonnes of carbon from atmospheric CO2.

Advise & mentor underrepresented young adult entrepreneurs. Flexible time commitment. Business and technology experienced professionals browse details, and apply to join at


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2/20 SFBA NANO | Nanostructured Optical Materials for Extreme Waveform Control, Plug and Play Tech Center, Sunnyvale, 11:30 am
new class of optical materials, termed metamaterials, that are the basis for ultra-compact optical devices, ranging from gratings to lenses

2/21 SCV EMBS | In Pursuit of Perfect Colonoscopy, Stanford Medical School Rm M-114, 7:30 pm
gold standard for colorectal cancer detection, average polyp miss rate of 21-24%, advanced optics, imaging, and software analysis

2/22 SFBA EPS | Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap Symposium, TI, Santa Clara, 8:30 am
end of CMOS scaling, difficult challenges, future vision, research, academia, labs, collaboration

2/22 SFBAC PELS MAG| Derivation and Real-World Use of DQ Current and Voltage Loop Control for Motor Drives, TI, Santa Clara, 6:30 pm
enhancing understanding of direct-quadrature (DQ) control of electric motors and associated power electronics

2/28 SCV MEMS | Bringing Advanced MEMS Technologies from Concept to Market, TI, Santa Clara, 6:30 pm
low cost, small size, low power consumption, overall system performance, build competitive products through connectivity, user experience and system integration activities, accelerating IoT's promise to improve our world.

2/28 SCV ITS | From Differential Privacy to Generative Adversarial Privacy, Stanford, EE Bld, Rm #202, 6:00 pm
connectivity and data collection, biggest threats to privacy, staircase mechanisms, novel context-aware notion of privacy called generative adversarial privacy (GAP)

3/1 SFBA TEMS YP| The Innovator's DNA - Sustaining Innovation in a Disruptive World, National Instruments, Santa Clara, 6:00 pm
types of innovation, the innovator's DNA and the economics of innovation and what makes innovation sustainable, challenges, future

3/6 SCV EMC | Antenna and EMC Measurement Test Challenges of Autonomous Vehicles: The Latest Test Methods and Standards Development Impacting the Future of the Automotive Industry, Siemic, Milpitas, 6:15 pm
standards that verify the performance and quality, antenna pattern and ADAS measurements, safety concerns, why a test is performed in a certain way, future of this market

3/6 SCV PHOT | Attosecond Light Sources: Science and Engineering, Intel SC12, Santa Clara, 5:30 pm
methods and opportunities, new VUV and X-ray light sources are reaching sub-femtosecond pulse durations, revealing the attosecond motion of electrons inside atoms and molecules

3/8 SCV CIS | Running Sparse and Low-Precision Neural Networks: An Interactive Play between Software and Hardware, TI, Santa Clara, 6:30 pm
hardware/software co-design for performance acceleration of deep neural networks is necessary, trends of machine learning study in academia and industry

3/13 SCV CNSV | Decoding Silicon Valley: The Insider's Guide, SEMI, Milpitas, 7:00 pm
Valley's entrepreneurs have refined the art of company-building into a science over the last 60 years, A certain mystique has developed about Silicon Valley, how does it actually work?

3/13 SCV EMC | Modern EMC Receiver Measurement Concepts,7layers, Sunnyvale, 5:30 pm
EMC emissions measurements, pre-selection, FFT based time domain scan, and real-time spectrum analysis

3/14 | SFBA Pi Day, Everywhere, all day
a mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, commonly approximated as 3.14159, cherry, apple, blueberry, Albert Einstein's birthday

3/14 | SCV COMSOC Building a New Wireless ISP, TI, Santa Clara, 6:30 pm
wireless network architecture which combines both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio technology, scales efficiently

3/15 | OEB IAS Application of Variable Frequency Drives 1 to 200 HP, Zio Fraedos, Pleasant Hill, 5:30 pm
HVAC VFD's (Pumps, Compressors and Fans), specify key features and performance for best integration, safety and longevity

3/20 SFBA NANO | Brian Yu, Stanford University: DNA sequencing and Microfluidics, TI, Santa Clara, 11:30 am

4/11 | SCV ComSoc Telecommunication Fiber-Optics Cables as Dense Seismic Arrays - a Tale of Dark Fiber , TI, Santa Clara, 6:30 pm
Despite being installed entirely for telecommunication purposes, these dark fibers are effective in recording both earthquake signals and traffic noise

5/9 SFBA EPS | Towards Energy Sustainability in Data Centers: Some Thoughts on Energy, Entropy, and Water, TI, Santa Clara, 11:30 am
powering the internet and cloud, cooling, energy use, data center design, non-traditional approaches


Senior member elevation meeting to take place on Monday, March 26th, 6 pm, at SVPTI,1762 Technology Drive #228, San jose, Calif.95110( This is new location than in the past). Please google it for direction. Bring three hard copes of your resume, and we will provide IEEE members to review your status and become your references for your senior upgrade. The meeting will take place between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Refreshments will be provided at this free event

Enjoy the perks of being a Senior in Santa Clara County! For more information, please see ieee-senior-member. Register with Kris Verma, who can be reached at


Materials engineering position, doing research, process and failure analysis, characterization, seeking position in any location, M.S. in Materials Engineering, Jessica Winkler,

Part time contract for marketing collateral, documentation, research, sales, MBA, Sandra Winkler

PhD in Engineering and Applied Science with extensive experience in thin film technology (deposition, lithography, etch), UHV instrumentation and troubleshooting, failure analysis and characterization seeking an opportunity as Process/Product/Application/Failure Analysis Engineer in semiconductor industry, Rahmatollah Eskandari

Data-driven, result-oriented Product Marketing Manager with expertise in technical marketing (sensors, scientific instrumentation), strong scientific background and customer-oriented service support is ready to re-enter the workforce, Nataliya Starostina

Biochemist with 2 years of postdoctoral experience with extensive background in Targeted Drug Delivery applied to Cancer Therapeutics and Vaccine formulations for Vector-Borne Infectious Disease treatment, looking for jobs at biotech and pharmaceutical companies, Zahra Heidari

Successful wafer fab mgr, fabless program mgr, technical & process engineering mgr, technical sales & customer relations, SBIR reviewer, start-up experience, seeking challenges in consulting, management, & engineering, Glenn Friedman

Materials scientist with 15+ years experience in the commercialization of nanomaterials; experience includes materials synthesis, characterization, formulation, and coating; Seeking opportunities in R&D, and/or management. Roland Lee, PhD

Experienced materials scientist with expertise in device processing, micro-fabrication techniques, materials characterization and device applications of nanomaterials; carbon based nanomaterials and their hybrid systems; seeking R&D and materials engineering position in any location, Vasuda Bhatia, PhD

Sr. Process Technician with over 15 years experience in Semiconductors Equipment Manufacture R&D lab: Wafer processing, characterization, data summary, purchasing, supplies, and inventory control; Seeking opportunities in R&D lab technician, or supply chain. Gana Rimple,

Director level engineering/architect or technical marketing responsibilities with expertise anchored on a variety of networking, cybersecurity and virtualization technologies along with smart utilization of AI/ML technologies. TK Lala


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