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Volunteer's Presentation Templates Menu


Volunteer's Presentation Templates

We have prepared several ready to use IEEE presentation templates.

Volunteers may download these presentation templates and customized to your specific requirement.

Notes written in the presentation templates are useful guides to locate updated information online for customization.


  1. Introduction to IEEE 
    - About IEEE, Mission & Vision, Membership & Demographics

  2. Benefits of IEEE Membership and Joining IEEE
    - Vallue of IEEE Membership, Member Benefits, Society Membership & Special Interests...
    You make a difference when you join IEEE!

  3. How to use SAMIEEE 
    SAMIEEE is a web enabled tool that allows ad-hoc querying, reporting and downloading of IEEE's membership data.

  4. Samples 
    - Examples prepared by other Sections / Chapters ...

  5. Membership Statistics and Graphs 
    - Updates Annual membership Statistics and Graphs ... 

Last Update: April 14, 2016

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