Enjoy the Spring!

Chair's Note
by Dan Martin, Section Chair

We are now well into 2003, with a new slate of officers in the Chapters and the Section.  Our Chapters have been active, particularly the combined Computer Society/Electron Device Society, which has hosted two technical meetings so far this year.  The charter and goals of the technical chapters are clear - they serve the technical interests of our members in Maine.  On the other hand, I think it is reasonable for someone to wonder: What is the charter and what are the goals of the Maine Section?

The Section is responsible for a certain amount of administrative oversight for the Chapters, but the technical chapters also report to and receive support from their associated technical society. A technical chapter has two views of the larger IEEE - that of the technical society to which it belongs, and the perspective of the regional chapter to which it belongs.

One of the most important duties of the Maine Section is to inform members of Chapter and Section activities such as the Section's annual meeting, the chapter meetings, and professional development activities.  This is an area we hope to improve on in the coming year by better utilization of electronic mail, coupled with continued service via traditional mail.

Another function of the Section is to support the Student Chapters - here in Maine we have two - the University of Maine student chapter and the University if Southern Maine student chapter.  Sections also support affinity groups for members with common (non-technical) interests. One of these is Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD).  Maine does not currently have an active affinity group, but if you are interested in participating in one, please drop me a line.

The section also supports the professional interests of members through the Professional Activities Committee for Engineers (PACE.)

Yet another pair of activities for the Section are community outreach and industry outreach.  We'd like your employer to be aware that IEEE members are professionals that are committed to developing and maintaining their skills, and that the IEEE supports you in this. We'd also like to let the larger community know about the rewards of a career in engineering.

For the past several years as a community outreach activity, the Section has supported the National Engineers Week celebration in Maine. Last year it was in Orono and this year it was held in Gorham. I've been personally involved in this, and I can attest that it is quite rewarding.   I hope to get more of our members involved in supporting this worthwhile activity. You can learn more about it under "E-Week" at:


As for the coming activities of the Section for this year, I have three goals in mind: First, as mentioned above, I'd like to improve communications with the membership, and begin using electronic mail as a tool to do this.  In order to help us with this, please take the time to get an IEEE Web account, and update your membership information with an email address for IEEE announcements.

Secondly, I'd like to see the Section organize professional development classes in conjunction with the Chapters.  I've been in touch with the Power Engineering/Industry Applications Society on this topic and hope to arrange at least one short course of interest to members.  Finally, I'd like to continue the effort that Dave Potts initiated last year to promote Senior Membership in the IEEE.

I'm looking forward to my association with the Section in the coming year - and I hope to see you all at the Annual Meeting!