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Dr. Rush Holt
U.S. Representative
12th District of New Jersey


Dr. Ravi Sethi
Avaya Labs Research

Strategic Renewal - Adapting From Engineering Foundation to Entrepreneurial Success

Govi Rao
Partner, Sustainable Century Merchant Bank
Former Chairman and CEO of Lighting Science Group
Lighting Science Group Corporation

The Alternative to Corporate America - Entrepreneurship in Today's Environment

Professor john Buzza
Director - Center for Entrepreneurship
Monmouth University

The major focus of this lecture will center on helping students and young adults that have either just graduated or have been downsized out of a job, to consider the alternative - starting a new business of their own.

This lecture will examine various approaches on how to use your knowledge and maximize its application in transitioning from the corporate world to the world of entrepreneurship. We will discuss the "age variable" and how age translates into experience which bodes quite well for an entrepreneur later on in life. We will also look at in detail the various ways one can become an entrepreneur, either through franchising or starting a grass-roots business from scratch.

We will reference some case studies that reflect the success stories of entrepreneurs that have made the transition from being downsized and also look at the probability of success of recent college graduates.

Most significantly we will talk about work ethic and how it can determine your success or your failure and some of the pre conceived notions of time and its application to the job/industry. We will end with a question and answer session open to all thoughts and ideas from the attendees

How Can the Federal Government Help?

James Kocsi
District Director
U.S. Small Business Administration
New Jersey District Office

Mr. Kocsi will cover the business assistance programs offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration that are tailored to help entrepreneurs in expanding an existing business or in opening a new business. Programs include assistance in securing business financing, opportunities in federal contracts and subcontracts and a wide array of business counseling and training programs. The SBA has helped the nation's small businesses to grow and prosper for over 55 years and our success stories include Staples, Federal Express, Costco Wholesale, Callaway Golf and many others. Hopefully, you can be our next small business success story.

How Can State Government Help?

Jackeline Mejias-Fuertes
Assistant Directori
New Jersey Small Business Development Center
Brookdale Community College Branch

The talk will cover:

  • How the New Jersey Small Business Centers meet the needs of small businesses and promote economic development in local communities by helping to create and retain jobs.
  • The resources and assistance available through the NJSBDC (network)for start-up , existing businesses and entrepreneurs

Your Partner for Your Entrepreneurial Career Advancement

Dr. Gordon Day

What Engineer Inventors Do Not Know About Patents May Hurt Them

Stephen Harbulak

Generally inventors tell their patent attorneys as much as they can about their invention. And usually they do so in great detail. But what inventors do not know about Patent Office disclosure requirements under Rule 56 can render any patents obtained useless. Inventors also sign declarations under oath when they file their patent applications. But how often do inventors tell their patent attorneys that there are terms in the declarations that they do not understand. Again what the inventors do not know can render their patents invalid. Some examples will be given of the pitfalls of not knowing enough about patents. One such example includes a company's losing out on over about $40,000,000 because the company did not comply with Rule 56 to tell all to the Patent Office.

Monetizing Value of Existing Distribution Assets -Utility Owned Pole Attached PV

Joe LeLuca
VP - Development and Product Management
Petra Solar

Petra Solar is a clean energy technology company that provides solar and smart grid solutions for Electric Utilities who are in the process of deploying smart grid solutions and meeting Renewable Portfolio Standards goals.

Petra Solar's core technology is the SunWaveTM UP Series, an integrated utility grade solar, smart grid, and power management solution primarily designed for deployment on utility distribution and streetlight poles. Petra Solar's SunWaveTM UP Series systems mount quickly and safely to utility distribution and streetlight poles and deliver power directly to the grid. The systems consist of a high efficiency PV module and integral line voltage inverter with comprehensive communications capability and the ability to improve power quality and grid reliability through the injection of VARs and non linear power. Remote monitoring and control is achieved through an integrated communications network that creates an IP-based Smart Grid backbone when deployed in large scale.

Renewable Energy Opportunities and Challenges for Entrepreneurs

Dr. Charles Brumlik
Managing Member
Nanobiz LLC

Nanobiz LLC is an international firm that assists companies, investment firms, and governments to commercialize technology. Typical large scale markets include alternative energy, cleantech and electronic materials.

Alternative energy and related cleantech are the current darling of newspapers and investment funds. However, most current startups and projects in this area will fail or languish. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a prospective employee, or an investor, how can you be different and pick the winners?

We will use real world examples and deals to explore underlying issues such as:

  • Opportunities
  • Typical exaggerations
  • Risks and market hurdles
  • Timelines
  • Partners - good and bad
  • What it takes to commercialize applications of advanced materials
  • What is different about the alternative energy market
  • How can you make money while helping society

Panel - Biotechnolog/Helthcare and Intellectual Property

Hay Yeung Cheung Myers Wolin, LLC
David L. Hecht Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP
Kent Roberts Hodgson Russ Attorneys
Charles A. Weiss Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

Topics include:

  • Overview of the patent process.
  • Written description requirement
  • Ownership and inventorship.
  • Patentable subject matter. (Myriad, Bilski, and other decisions).
  • Infringement - what is it, and how to avoid it.
  • Patent mistakes.
  • Overview of the health care and biotech area. Example applications - CT/MRI scanners, methods of remotely diagnosing/viewing medical records. How individual inventors can monetize their IP, and what IP strategies might work against major players in this industry.
  • Protecting IP with design patents, trademarks and copyrights.