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Industry Visit in 2016


Date: 13 Dec 2016
Title: Industry Visit to High Voltage Equipment Manufacturer Factory
Organized by: DEIS Kolkata Chapter
Venue: BMC Electroplast Pvt. Ltd. 130/22, B. S. Industrial Estate, Hanspukur, Bakhrahat Road, 
Kolkata – 700 104 India.
The students at the manufacturing unit of BMC Electroplast, where epoxy cast current transformer are being manufactured. The students and scholars with Mr. Siddhartha Mitra, Director, BMC Electroplast Pvt. Ltd.
This activity, organized by the DEIS Kolkata Chapter, was meant to give the research scholars and post graduate students an overview of the manufacturing process and technical challenges involved in high voltage equipment manufacturing industry. The students were taken to BMC Electroplast Pvt. Ltd., where they were shown how epoxy cast instrument transformers are manufactured. Mr. Siddhartha Mitra, Director of BMC Electroplast Pvt. Ltd., explained to the students how different technologies are employed in moulding the epoxy resin and the pros and cons of each technology. The students were also shown the Partial Discharge Testing Laboratory, where state-of-the-art testing methods are implemented. This program, which was carried out by IEEE DEIS Chapter in continuation of the workshop on solid insulating materials that was previously held on November 08, 2016, by Prof. Edward Cherney on ‘Tracking and Erosion Protection Mechanisms of Inorganic Fillers in Polymer Materials for Outdoor Insulation”, was meant to give the students a detailed overview on the technical processes involved in manufacturing high voltage equipment having solid insulation. There were in total 15 participants in this event, of which, 5 were IEEE members.
Educational Activities in 2014


Date: 31 Mar 2014
Speaker: Prof. Sivaji Chakravorti, Jadavpur University
Topic: Condition Monitoring of Oil-Paper Insulation of Transformers
Venue: Senate Hall, NIT Rourkela, Odisha
The speaker delivering his talk
There were 29 participants in this lecture meeting, out of which 5 were IEEE Members. Interested students participated in this lecture.
Educational Activities in 2012


Date: 18 Aug 2012
Speaker: Mr. Asoke Chakraborty, Sr. Manager, CESC Ltd
Topic: Testing of Insulation Integrity of High Voltage Equipment
Venue: Academy of Technology, Adisaptagram
The speaker delivering his talk A section of the audience
There were 113 participants in this lecture meeting, comprising large number of students.

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