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Chairmen of Subsection / Chapters / Affinity Groups of IEEE Delhi Section : 2008

Chandigarh Subsection

Prof. Chepuri S. Rao

Circuits and Systems - Control Systems

Prof. Jayadeva


Mr. Daman D Sood

Power Engineering - Industry Applications

Prof. Bhim Singh


Dr. Ram Gopal Gupta

Technology Management

Prof. K Subramanian

Instrumentation & Measurements - Engineering in Medicine & Biology

Dr. V. R. Singh

Power Electronics - Industrial Electronics

Prof. Bhim Singh

Electron Devices

Prof. Radhey S Gupta

Microwave Theory & Techniques

Prof. Shiban K Koul

WIE Ms. Rajeshwari Pandey
GOLD Mr. Iqbal Ali
Consultants Network Prof. Subrata Mukhopadhyay


Other MembersStanding Committees