International Conference on Environmental Challenges for the New Millenium (ECNM'99)

Region-10 Meeting in Bali, Indonesia

Annual Budget for the Year-1999












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Dear Members,

During the Annual General Meeting of Delhi section held on January 17, 1999, Dr. J. K. Pal took over as Chairman. However Dr. Pal suddenly passed away on January 28, 1999 due to a massive heart attack. We in Delhi section pray that soul of Dr. Pal may rest in peace. Due to sudden and un-timely death of Dr. Pal, I took over as Chairman on February 3, 1999. The composition of Section executive Committee is given elsewhere in this newsletter.

Shri H. L. Bajaj of Delhi section was IEEE Director of Region 10 for the years 1997 & 1998. His term has ended on 31/12/1998. During his Directorship he ensured that members in Region 10 get IEEE Magazine "Spectrum" in a reasonable time and got reduction in IEEE Student membership fee from $20.00 to $14.00. Delhi Section is proud to have Regional Director from the section and for his achievements.

During the year so far section has organized 20 activities. List of the same is appearing elsewhere in the newsletter. In addition, subsequent to last issue of Beacon, prestigious Region 10 conference "Tencon'98" was held at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi on December 17-19, 1998. Theme of this International conference was "Global connectivity in Energy, Computer, Communication & control".

This year Region 10 committee meeting was held at Bali, Indonesia on April 23-24, 1999. Dr. R. Balasubramanian, Vice-Chairman, represented Delhi section. His report is given elsewhere in the newsletter.

Membership Development Committee has done a good job. Due to efforts of sub-committee Chairman and its members, overall active membership has gone up from 876 as on 31/12/98 to 1040 as on 31/10/99 which means an increase of 18.72%. In this, corresponding figures for student members are 193 & 343 (an increase of 77.72%). Further overall active membership has gone up to 1068 as on 28/02/99 and 1188 as on 31/03/99. For the first time in the history of the section, membership has crossed 1000 mark in January 1999. An excellent job done by the Membership Development Committee and they deserve appreciation for the same.

During the year (March 1999) an IEEE student branch is formed at Seth Jai Prakash Mukund Lal Institute of Engineering & Technology, Radaur - 135 133, Dist. Yamuna Nagar (Haryana). This happens to be 9th Student branch of the section.

It is heartening to inform you that Electronic communication is picking up in our section.

Our Electronic Communication Coordinator is making more and more efforts to communicate with section members on e-mail. An important milestone in this direction is that our chapter's home pages have been created and details are as under:

Circuits and Systems - Control Systems :

Computer :

Communications :

Power Engineering - Industry applications :

Engineering Management

In order to cut down on postal delays & ensure faster reaching of communications from the section to members & vice versa, I take liberty to suggest members to make use of more and more electronic communications. Details of section activities can also be obtained from section's web site at

Section execom in its meeting held on 14/4/99 approved budget of Rs. 2,16,500.00. A perusal of the same will give you an idea of various activities taking place in the section in physical as well as financial terms.

With the achievement of the section-growing year by year, I along with the other office bearers have a greater responsibility to perform. For achieving the same I look forward to the support of all the members. For any suggestions, please get in touch with concerned office bearer or the undersigned.

Wishing you all the best


June 30, 1999 (R. K. Asthana)

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International Conference on Environmental Challenges

for the New Millenium (ecnm'99)


The Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi in collaboration with Indian Society of Environmental Management is organising an International Conference on

"Environmental Challenges in the New Millenium" (ecnm 99)

on 25th-27th Nov. 1999

Venue : India International Centre, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi, India

The Conference would address subjects on Environmental protection and sustainable development which is major issue all over the world. The topics to be discussed in Conference shall include Environmental concern in 21st Century, Air and Water Pollution Management, Solid hazards, waste management, noise pollution, traffic management, land pollution, control & remediation, Environmental risks assessment and management, integrated energy systems - management of conventional and non-conventional source, instruemntation for environment Engineering and Environment education.

The conference will be a common platform for industry, researchers, academicians as well as planners and administrators to exchange ideas and evolve a common strategy for sustainable development for developing countries.

For papers participation and sponsorship, further details may be had from Dr. Mini S. Thomas, Organising Secretary (ecnm'99) Dean's Office, Faculty of Engg. & Tech. Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-110025 (india).

Tel. : 6835831, 6311268, 6312651 (Off.)

6840118, 6476480 (Resi.)

Fax : 6311261 (Off.)

e-mail :

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Region-10 Meeting in Bali, Indonesia


The IEEE Region-10 meeting for the year 1999 was held during April 23-24, 1999 in Bali, Indonesia. The meeting was attended by Prof. R. Balasubramanian, Vice Chairman representing the IEEE Delhi Section. Prof. Laker, IEEE President, Mr. D. R. Benigni, rab Vice President, Dr. Ray Findlay - Past Vice President and Dr. J. Snyder - Past Vice President attended the meeting from the Headquarters. Prof. T. Sugano, Director, IEEE Region-10 presided over the meeting.

The highlights of the morning session on the first day were the address by the IEEE President and presentations by the rab Vice President, Dr. Ray Findlay and Dr. J. Synder. In his address, the President described the various measures being taken by the IEEE in recent times to increase globalization of the organization through the Electronic Web-based Systems and Electronic Delivery Systems of the various IEEE Products and Services.

The afternoon session on the first day devoted to presentation of report describing the activities organized in 1998 and Goals and Plans for 1999 by the various Regional Committees viz. Membership Development Committee, Educational Activities Committee, Students Activities Committee, Chapter Coordination Committee, Section - Chapter Coordination Committee, Newsletter Committee, Conference Coordination Committee, Recognized Education Programs Committee, Awards Committee, Electronic Comunication Coordination Committee and Strategic Planning Committee. Following the Regional Committee Reports, the petition filed by the various IEEE sections of Japan proposing the establishemnt of the Japan council in Region-10 was taken up and approved. Then there were information items announcng the Section Congress'99 scheduled to be held at Minneapolis, Minnesota during 8-11 October, 1999, in which all the section Chairpersons can participate and the tencon-2000 (Region-10 Conference in year 2000) scheduled to be held in Malaysia.

The morning session of the Second Day was devoted to 3 Parallel Breakout Sessions.

In the first breakout session, the total 46 sections and councils of Region-10 broke into 4 parallel sessions in which each section / council reported the activities organized by them and the budget of 1998 and goals and plans for the year 1999. The Delhi Section report was presented by Prof. R. Balasubramanian. The highlights of the Delhi Section report were the membership growth of 36% from 787 in February, 1998 to 1068 in February, 1999, the 59 events (35 Technical Lectures + Executive Committee Meetings) organized by the section in 1998, the activities of the 5 chapters of Delhi Section viz. Power Engineering and Industrial Application Societies Joint Chapter, Computer Society Chapter, Communciation Society Chapter, Control System-Circuits and Systems Joint Chapter and Engineering Management Society Chapter. Details of the tencon'98 (Region-10 Conference) organized by Delhi Section during 17-19 December, 1998 were also presented.

In the second breakout session, the four parallel groups formed had a meeting to identify 3 to 5 main issues of concerns and problems faced by the Sections / Councils. After the parallel Sessions, the group leaders presented their group decisions to the total assembly. The major issues identified were : (1) Student Member and General Member Retention; (2) Newsletter and Information Sharing; (3) Cooperation among Sections in the Region; (4) Relationship between Student Branches and Sections.

In the third breakout session each of the four parallel groups formed was chaired by one of the major Regional Committee Coordinators to chalk out an action plan for the eyear 1999. The group in which the Delhi Section participated was chaired by Prof. H. P. Kincha, the Coordinator of the Regional Educational Activities Committee. The suggestions made in this session were to coordinate the use for the Distinguished Lecture Programs of the IEEE Head Quarters and Region-10 and the use of the Video Educational Material etc. produced by IEEE between the sections better through the good offices of the Regional Committee and Councils and to Institute some projects to prepare a computerized data-base on the various educational activities available.

The afternoon session of the second day was devoted to discussing some Strategic Planning aspects of Region-10 and for passing the Regional Budget for the year 1999. It was decided to continue with the present practice of holding the Regional Meetings every year and all the Sections participating in it. However, it was decided to put to better use currently available Electronic Communication facilities to exchange all information between the Region and the Sections well before the meetings so that the regional meetings would be more effective.

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Annual Budget for the Year-1999


With the Section getting a rebate of about US$5,400 from IEEE HQ., following is the schedule of expenditure under different heads of account:

Category Accounting Head Budget (Rs.) Remarks




Membership Development


Includes in general meeting expenses


Fellowship and Awards


Includes 'Outstanding Engineer Award' and Grant for 'Distinguished Speaker'


Student and Educational Activities


Support to Student Branches


Publicity and Publication


For newsletter BEACON


Inter-Society Relations


Meeting expenses




Subsidy for Section History publication




Meeting expenses


Technical and Professional Activities


Includes expenditure on technical lectures




Meeting expenses


Electronics Communications Coordination


Maintenance and updating of web sites of Section and Chapters using Internet


CHAPTERS   Section support














Engineering Management








OFFICE EXPENDITURE   Includes travel and other office expenses of secretariat














AGM in January, 2000



Total :



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(from January to June, 1999)


Jan. 12 Talk on 'The World of Analog Electronics' by Dr. Robert A. Pease, National Semi-conductors, USA at Video recording Room, IIT, New Delhi Feb. 17 Talk on ‘Industrial Research and Development : Two Facets’ by Dr. Pradeep Dubey, IBM Solutions Research Center, New Delhi at LT/1, Block III, IIT, New Delhi (by CAS-CS Chapter)
Jan. 17 Talk on ‘Information Technology in Public Life’ by Dr. N.Seshagiri, Director General, National Informatics Centre, New Delhi at India International Centre, New Delhi Mar. 3 Talk on ‘Algorithms for Dynamic Routing in All-Optical Networks’ by Prof. Subir Bandyopadhyay, Dept. of Computer Science, Univ. of Windsor, Ontario, Canada at EE Dept. Committee Room, IIT, New Delhi (by CAS-CS Chapter)
Jan. 18 Talk on ‘Distributed Object Architecture’ by Dr. Thomas J. Mowbray, Blueprint Technologies Inc., USA at Indian Social Institute, New Delhi (by Computer Society Chapter) Mar. 15 Talk on ‘Process-Based Professional Practices for Product and People Development in Complex Hardware Design Projects’ by Dr. Rubin A. Parekhji, DSP Design Center, Texas Instruments (India), Bangalore at LT/2, Block III, IIT, New Delhi (along with CAS-CS Chapter)
Feb. 3 Two-day (February 3 & 4, 1999) National Seminar on 'Low Level Electromagnetic Field Phenomena in Biological Systems (BIOSYS-'99)' coordinated by Prof. Jitendra Behari at the School of Environmental Sciences, JNU, New Delhi Mar. 15 Talk on ‘Design Techniques for Testing Embedded Cores’ by Dr. Rubin A. Parekhji, DSP Design Center, Texas Instruments (India), Bangalore at LT/2, Block III, IIT, New Delhi (along with CAS-CS Chapter)
Feb. 10 Talk on ‘Design Automation : Facilitating Electronic Design’ by Mr. Saugat Sen, Cadence Design Systems (India), New Delhi at EE Dept., IIT, New Delhi (by CAS-CS Chapter) Mar. 19 Talk on ‘Information Technology - Action Towards Human Resources Development’ by Prof. J.R. Isaac, NIIT, New Delhi at EE Dept. Committee Room, IIT, New Delhi (along with Computer Society Chapter, IEE, IETE)
Mar. 22 Talk on ‘Experiences in Implementing 0.18mm VLSI Technology’ by Dr. Sudhir K. Madan, Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas, USA at LT/2, Block III, IIT, New Delhi (by CAS-CS Chapter) Apr. 19 Talk on ‘How to Read a Research Paper' by Prof. S.C. Dutta Roy, IIT Delhi at EE Dept. Committee Room, IIT, New Delhi (along with CAS-CS Chapter)
Mar. 24 Talk on ‘Work Environments for Electrical Engineers’ by Mr. Sumit Gupta, Dept. of Information Sciences, UC Irvine at EE Dept. Committee Room, IIT, New Delhi (by CAS-CS Chapter) Apr. 23 Talk on ‘Hybrid Electric Vehicles' by Prof. R. Arockiasamy of IIT Delhi at India International Centre, New Delhi (along with EMS & PES-IAS Chapters)
Apr. 5 Talk on ‘Better Business Practices’ by Dr.Thomas Major, Semiconductor Division, Philips, Bangalore at LT/2, Block III, IIT, New Delhi (along with CAS-CS Chapter) May 17 31st World Telecom Day at Delton Hall of IETE (with IE(I) joining IETE)
Apr. 12 Talk on ‘Instrumentation in Nuclear Establishments’ by Dr. Ranjan Bhaumik, Nuclear Sciences Division, New Delhi at EE Dept. Committee Room, IIT, New Delhi (along with CAS-CS Chapter) June 14 Talk on ‘Education on Demand: Technology - a Mentor' by Prof. K. Subramanian, NIC, Delhi at EE Dept., IIT, New Delhi (along with Computer Society Chapter, IEE, IETE)
Apr. 16 Talk on ‘Technical Education for the Next Century with Special Reference to Electrical Engineering’ by Prof. C.S. Jha, Hon. Visiting Professor, IIT Delhi at Delhi (along EE Dept. Committee Room, IIT, New with CAS-CS Chapter, IEE, IETE) June 24 Talk on ‘Solar Photo-Voltaic Technology in India' by Dr.E.V.R. Sastry, Advisor, MNES, Delhi at Delton hall, IETE, New Delhi (along with PES-IAS Chapter, IEE, IETE)

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July 1999

Date &Time Venue Speaker Topic

6-15 P.M.

Committee Room

EE Dept.

IIT Delhi

Dr. V.K.Sethi

New Delhi

Power Generation Technologies

for Better Environment



6-15 P.M.

Conference Room No. 4

India International Centre (ANNEXE)

Lodhi Road, New Delhi

Dr. V.K.Sibbal


New Delhi

Scenario of Urban Transport in India with Special Reference to Delhi

& beyond



6-15 P.M.

Committee Room

EE Dept.

IIT Delhi

Prof. Bimal K. Bose

(IEEE IES Distinguished Lecturer)

University of Tennessee

Knoxville, USA

Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Power Electronics and Drives


6-15 P.M.

Committee Room

EE Dept.

IIT Delhi

Prof. Naresh R. Shanbhag

(IEEE CAS Society Distinguished Lecturer)

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA

Multimedia VLSI Communication Systems : Current and Future Trends

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September 19 & 20, 1999


Prof. B. P. Singh

Prof. Bhim Singh

In association with

IEEE Distinguished Lecturer

Prof. Bimal K. Bose

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, usa

Organized by

IEEE PES-IAS Delhi Chapter,

IEEE Delhi Section and

Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi


Committee Room, EE Dept.

IIT, New Delhi-110016

Web site



The tutorial is being organized by the Delhi Chapter of Power Engineering and Industry applications Societies of IEEE, IEEE Delhi Section and Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi. The main resource person for the tutorial will be Prof. Bimal K. Bose, who is a Fellow of IEEE and a Distinguished Lecturer of Industrial Electronics Society of IEEE. He had won several awards including prestigious IEEE Lamme Medal. He is an eminent specialist and has made significant contribution to the advancement of power electronics and electrical machine drives. In the tutorial, remaining lectures will be covered by the faculty drawn from the Electrical Engineering Department of IIT Delhi.


Power electronics and variable frequency drives technology have gone through intense evolution during the last two to three decades and it is now finding widespread applications in industrial, commercial, residential, military, utility and aerospace environments. The applications include DC and AC power supplies, lighting and welding control, electro-chemical processes, active filtering and static var compensation, hvdc system, photo-voltaic and fuel-cell power conversion, vscf system, induction heating, wind generation system, pump and fan drives, electric vehicle and subway transporation, etc. Besides general industrial applications, there is realization of another important role of power electronics since the eighties, i.e., energy conservation and environmental pollution control. In the global industrial automation, its impact in the 21st century is inevitable. The dynamic evolution of power electronics and variable frequency drives has been possible by many innovations in power semi-conductor devices, power conversion circuits, microprocessors and asic's, personal computers, advanced simulation and cad tools, and advancement of control and estimation techniques. Very recently, artifical intelligence techniques, such as expert system, fuzzy logic, neural network and genetic algorithm are further extending the frontier of the technology. The complexity and interdisciplinary nature of the subject and fast evolution of the component disciplines are creating challenge to power electronic engineers.

The presentations will attempt to give a brief but comprehensive review of the recent technology that will include power devices, converters, drives and high performance control and estimation techniques. Wherever it is possible, the future trend of the technology will be discussed. In the power devices, igbt and recently introduced igct and MCT devices will be covered. The converter technology with particular emphasis to emerging soft-switching technology will be reviewed. Different types of drives and advanced drive controls, such as vector control, dtc control, sensor-less control, etc. will be covered. Several examples of recent advanced installations in Europe, Japan and USA will be given. Finally, attempt will be made to give a perspective of the technology in the 21st century.


This course is open to Engineers from Industries, Govt. Depts. and Public Sector Undertakings, Utilities and Teachers / Research Scholars from Academic / Research institutions.


Rs. 2500 (for participants from Industry and Govt. Dept. / psu)

Rs. 1500 (for participants from Academic / Research Institute)

Rs. 500 (for Student / Research Scholar)

A rebate of 20% will be given to IEEE Members in all categories.

The fee has to be paid in the form of Demand Draft / Banker's Cheque (for locals) drawn in favour of 'IEEE Delhi Section' at New Delhi / Delhi. The fee includes course materials, working lunch and tea. The participants are required to make their own arrangement for stay.

Last Date of Registration: September 10,1999



IEEE Tutorial on

'Recent Advances and Trends in Power

Electronics and Drives'

(September 19 & 20, 1999)






4. (a) Whether IEEE Member: Yes/No

(b) If yes, Grade & Membership No.: ...................

5. Mode of payment:

- Demand Draft on Delhi / New Delhi

- Delhi Local Cheque

(no ..................................... dt. ...............


6. Amount paid.................................................



(Signature of applicant)

countersigned by :



(on behalf of the sponsoring

organisation, if any)

To be mailed to:

Prof. Bhim Singh

Dept. of Electrical Engineering

IIT Delhi - 110 016

Tel. : 6861977/Ext. 2133 (O), 6516223 (R) 6591045 (O)

Fax. : +91 (011) 6966606, 6966264, 6862037 (O)

e-mail :

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April 14 & 15, 2000, New Delhi









as Technical Cosponsor



The Industry Application Society (IAS), the Technical Cosponsors of the Workshop, is one of the 36 Societies of IEEE. This Society through its Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee (pcic) organizes workshops on Electrical Safety from time to time since 1992. For the first time outside North America ias lent its support to hold such workshop in Madras, India in September, 1998. Based on the response of the participants and the experience of the organizers at Madras, IEEE pes-ias Chapter along with Section in Delhi is hosting the current workshop on April 14 & 15, 2000 in New Delhi, India.

The workshop is intended to

- Provide a forum for Electrical Engineers to meet and exchange information, experience and skill for preventing electrical accidents in industry.

- Use this understanding and knowledge for influencing the codes, standards, technology and their practical application for increasing electrical safety.


Experts from industry, standard bodies, Government Department, Universities and Institutes from India, USA, Italy, etc. have already expressed their desire to make presentations and facilitate discussion / interaction with participants.

Invitation is extended also to knowledgeable persons for further proposal on key presentations.


- Workshop is limited to 80 registrants.


India Habitat Centre

(Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003)

April 14 & 15, 2000 (09-00 to 17-00 hours)


- Safety Regulations, Standards and Inspection Requirement.

- Electrical Safety Program, Practices and Implementation.


The registration for the workshop may be made by payment of appropriate fee through Demand Draft (payable in Delhi / New Delhi) / Delhi Local Cheque in favour of 'IEEE Workshop on Electrical Safety' alognwith the registration form.

Upto February 15,2000 fee for participants from :

Non-Members : Rs. 3,000 (US$ 150)

IEEE Members : Rs. 2,500 (US$ 125) Rs.2,000 (US$ 100)

Students/Research Scholars /

Faculty from Academic Institutes : Rs. 1,000

20% extra for registration after February 15,2000



2000 IEEE IAS Workshop on

Electrical Safety in Industry

1. Name: .......................................................

2. Designation : ...............................................

3. Address :..................................................



4. (a) Whether IEEE Member : Yes/No

(b) If yes, Grade & Membership No. : ...................

5. Mode of payment :

- Demand Draft on Delhi / New Delhi

- Delhi Local Cheque

(no ..................................... dt. ............... on .........................................................)

6. Amount paid .................................................



(Signature of applicant)

countersigned by :



(on behalf of the sponsoring

organisation, if any)


To be mailed to:

Dr. S. Mukhopadhyay

(Secretary General, IEEE Workshop)

DII-62 Pandara Road

New Delhi-110 003


General Chairman

Prof. B. P. Singh (IIT)

Tel. : 6861977/Ext. : 2209 (O), 6868245 (O)

Fax : +91 (011) 6966606 (O)

e-mail :

Secretary General

Dr. S. Mukhopadhyay (CEA)

Tel. : 3381502 (R), 6170541 (R)

Fax : +91 (011) 6197267 (O)

e-mail :


Prof. Bhim Singh (IIT)

Tel. : 6861977 / Ext. : 2133 (O), 6516223 (R) 6591045(O)

Fax : +91 (011) 6966606 (O)

e-mail :

Program Committee Chair

Mr. C. Satish (IEEE IAS R10 West Area Chair)

Program Committee Co-Chair

Mr. Shahid Jamil (Exxon Chemicals, USA)

PCIC / IAS Liaison

Ms. Kim Eastwood (Thermon Manufacturing, USA)

Mr. P. Y. S. Babiarz (Crouse Hinds, Usa)

Other Members of the Organisation Committee

Prof. R. Balasubramanian (IIT)

Prof. Ajay K. Tandon (DCE)

Mr. Dinesh P. Gupta (BHEL)

Mr. A. Velayutham (CEA)


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You may recall, about a year ago, on June 13, 1998 we set up our Section Website ( Not only our esteemed members, but also others interested as well are taking advantage of its existence. Recently it has been revamped to be more user friendly and more utilities which the user will find beneficial have been added to it, courtesy our Webmaster. One of the major changes is the inclusion of webpage(s) dedicated to each Society Chapter, viz.

- CAS-CS Societies Chapter at

- Communication Society Chapter at

- Computer Society Chapter at

- Engineering Management Society Chapter at

- PES-IAS Chapter at


Some of these pages have also been linked from IEEE entities at HQ. level. These pages contain in detail, about the chapter, its history, members of its executive committee along with the details of proposed and past activities, viz. workshops, lectures, tutorials, etc. The required registration forms can also be found at the respective Society pages and can be downloaded for submission. Please visit the website and be in touch with the events organized by "your" Section.

On the aspect of electronic mailing to members, earlier too I have approached you for a specific purpose. With Section membership crossing 1,000 (now in fact it's over 1,200) physical handling of circulars to members has become quite difficult by the Section volunteers. Gradually, we may have to depend on your internet access, more specifically to the Section Website. However due to limited access by members (as evident from the number of visitors to the earlier Section Website even after one year of its inception), this idea is still in its infancy. But as a starting point sometime back we started using a facility based on the member's e-mail addresses (as available on the IEEE Membership Database) as a method to communicate with each other electronically. But unfortunately due to ignorance of some members this facility was improperly used. So we had no other alternative but to stop using this facility.

As of now the list is very much trimmed down; but we urge you to join the list voluntarily as soon as possible. This will not only save a lot of our postal expenses (which then can be diverted for the Section activities), but also wil safeguard against any postal delays. Members are requested to avail this facility by sending an e-mail (requesting for addition to the list) at Only those who do not have e-mail access will be qualified to receive the paper-postage in the days to come.


(Dr. S. Mukhopadhyay)

Electronic Communications Coordinator

IEEE Delhi Section

June 27, 1999

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The members are aware that the IEEE Delhi Section and its various chapters in association with other local Institutes IEE (UK), IE (India), IETE, IIT etc. organise evening lectures, seminars, workshops for dissemination of knowledge, exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge amongst technical professionals in the broader fields of Electrical/Electronic Engineering. Under the above activities during 1998, 27 lectures & 8 seminars/workshops had been arranged. Action is on to maintain the same tempo this year too. In general the standard/content of these programmes was of high quality. However it is noticed that the response of members to participate in these programmes is very poor, though all members are intimated well in time about the programme. The attendance is very thin particularly in evening lecture programmes. It appears that the local members are not able to prioritize their evening time to attend the lectures. In the case of outstation members, it may be attributed to their inability because of distance. In this information technology age all members are requested to make use of these golden opportunities arranged for their benefit.

A Velayutham

Secretary, IEEE Delhi Section

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Dear Fellow Member

The July 1999 issue of your newsletter beacon is in your hands and I hope, you will find it informative, keeping you abreast with the activities of our Section.

The year started on a very sad note. Within a few days of taking over as Chairman, Delhi Section, Dr. J. K. Pal left this world leaving a big void in the IEEE, Delhi Section. Dr. Pal was one of our most dedicated volunteers and was keenly involved in most of the technical and professional activities of the section. All of us are already feeling his absence from amidst us.

Shri R. K. Asthana has taken over as Chairman for the year 1999. Shri Asthana has been an old hand in the IEEE, having already held responsible positions in Delhi Section, India council and Region 10 committee. With his vast experience, we hope he will make significant contribution to further enhance the image of Delhi Section.

The prestigeous International Conference tencon'98. held in December 1998 had been quite a successful event, even though there was general recession and industrial slowdown in the country. The foreign participation was also in good number enhancing the technical content of the conference. Dr. Charles Alexander, former President IEEE was the guest of honour and made an interesting presentation.

The membership growth in the section has suspassed all the previous records. As against about 750 members in 1998, the number has crossed 1200 in 1999. This is really commendable and the membership development sub committee deserves all the congratulations.

On the technical activities front also, the section has continued to be very active and organised over 20 lectures / talks from eminent experts, details of which you will find in this issue elsewhere.

With best wishes


Editor & Chairman

Dated : 30th June 1999                                    Publicity & Publication

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Position Name and Organization e-mail
Chairman Mr. R.K. Asthana (BHEL)
Vice Chairman Dr. R. Balasubramanian (IIT)
Secretary Mr. A. Velayutham (CEA)
Treasurer Mr. R.K. Aggarwal (BECHTEL) -
Joint Secretary Mr. Harjiwan Vyas (DVB) -
Past Chairman Dr. S. Mukhopadhyay (CEA)
Member Dr. A.K. Tandon (DCE)
Member Dr. V.R. Singh (NPL) -
Member Dr. Sheel Aditya (IIT)
Member Mr. R.K. Vir (EX-RLYS.) -
Member Mr. P.V. Ekande (NTPC) -
Member Mr. M.M.S. Puri (DESEIN)
Member Mr. P.K. Srivastava (BHEL)
Member Mr. V.K. Dutt (RAILWAYS) -
Member Dr. Abhinav Aggarwal (CMC)
Coopted Dr. S.S. Murthy (IIT)
Coopted Dr.(Mrs.) Mini S.Thomas (JMI)
Coopted Dr. B.P. Singh (IIT) -

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Name of Chapter Chairman e-mail
Circuits and Systems - Controls Dr. S.S. Jamuar
Communications Mr. M.P. Singh
Computer Mr. Prabir Purkayastha
Engineering Management Mr. R.K. Vir -
Power Engineering - Industry Applications Dr. S. Mukhopadhyay
AES-COM-LEOS/ India Council Dr. R.G. Gupta
ED-MTT/ India Council Dr. K.S. Chari

* ex-officio members of the Section Executive Committee

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Name of Sub-committee Chairperson e-mail
Membership Development Mr. R.K.Vir -
Fellowship and Awards Dr. V.R.Singh -
Student and Educational Activities Dr. (Mrs.) Mini S. Thomas
Publicity and Publication Mr. P.K.Srivastava
Intersociety Relations Mr. R.K.Asthana
Section History Mr. M.M.S.Puri
History of Electrical Engineering Dr. R.Balasubramanian
Finance Mr. R.K.Aggarwal -
Technical and Professional Activities Dr. S.Mukhopadhyay
Nomination Dr. S.Mukhopadhyay
Electronic Communications Coordinator Dr. S.Mukhopadhyay
Audit Mr. V.K.Dutt -

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For private circululation only