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October 12 - 15, 2008

VENUE: InterContinental The Grand, New Delhi, India




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Schedule of Program for POWERCON2008


List of papers expected to be presented in POWERCON2008



True to the spirit of IEEE being a global professional body, PES in its endeavor opened up its wings to fly to Berlin, Germany and Singapore in the last decade to have one of its two annual Power Meetings, Summer and Winter as used to be called earlier. However, subsequently few years back while deciding to hold a single General Meeting annually, North America was made the obvious choice. At the same time due importance was given for the holding of Regional Conferences, like, POWERTECH in Europe, POWERCON in Asia Pacific, etc. besides Transmission & Distribution Conferences and Expositions also region-wise. Accordingly next international Conference on Power System Technology 2008 (POWERCON2008) is scheduled to be held during October 12-15, 2008 in New Delhi, India. This biennial conference started in 1998 in Beijing, China. The subsequent conference venues were Perth, Australia, in 2000, Kunming, China, in 2002, Singapore in 2004, and more recent one, in Chongqing, China in 2006. The POWERCON was co-initiated by CSEE (Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering) and IEEE PES (Power & Energy Society). The previous POWERCONs were either fully sponsored or co-sponsored by the IEEE PES, USA. In other words, POWERCON today is an important PES Conference in IEEE Region 10 (Asia Pacific). POWERCON2008 is being organized by the Joint Chapter of PES and IAS (Industrial Applications Society) of IEEE Delhi Section. On the other hand in 1990 a Conference entitled Power India was held under the patronage of PES and organized by the then PES India Chapter operating from Delhi. After a lapse of one and half decades, at the behest of PES Asia Pacific Region, joint Chapter of IEEE PES and IAS in Delhi and IEEE Delhi Section came forward to organize the second IEEE Power India Conference in April 2006. Keeping this too in mind for the first time both the Conferences, POWERCON2008 and 2008 IEEE Power India Conference are being jointly organized from October 12 to 15, 2008 in the hotel InterContinental The Grand, New Delhi with PES as the Sponsor and with the support of co-initiator CSEE.

Conference Theme and Objectives:

The theme of this conference is "Technological advancements for the development of power sector". High rate of growth in the Asia Pacific, particularly countries like, India, China, etc. has called for commensurate development of infrastructure facilities. Power Sector is one such area where attention is, therefore, being focused. With the massive investment required, unbundling of the sector into generation, transmission and distribution has given opportunity for the participation of various entrepreneurs, both in public sector and private sector allowing them to pay attention to respective disciplines and at the same time leading to competition for the optimum utilization of assets to reach beneficiaries economically. Side by side to old existing facilities, addition of new ones for augmenting the system under such environment gives opportunities for new innovations consequent to challenges being faced. As economy of scale may not necessarily be the determining factor always, stake holders in terms of owner, entrepreneur, trader of different sizes of assets really pose complex situation that is to be taken care of with the advent of technologies. Right from the planning stages, going through application of technologies and finally operating and maintaining the power system from generation source to ultimate delivery to consumers of various types in the most economic, efficient manner becomes the objective of entire effort. Also in the process it is to be borne in mind that the demand and consumption of electricity is a time dependent matter like any other commodity, but with the constraint of practically no or limited storage.

IEEE PES Conference POWERCON2008, the sixth in the series and 2008 IEEE Power India Conference, the third in the series will provide mainly an opportunity to the practicing Engineers, Academicians and Researchers to meet in a forum to discuss various issues in power system technology with a changed scenario under restructuring for the planning, application of technological advancements, control, operation and maintenance of power system with its components with the object of achieving utmost economy in delivering electricity of proper quality and adequately as needed towards fulfillment of aspirations of people of various countries in this part of the globe. Rich experience of some in harnessing the power potential of one kind or other, managing its transmission through large integrated network and distribution for optimum utilization at load centers can be a showcase for others in the years to follow. Experience gained when disseminated can provide insight to avoid costly mistakes in the future course of action. So not only success stories are important, but also knowledge of failure and possible reasons is essential to take appropriate preventive measures in time to avert reaching undesirable end-of-the-road in the progress. While indigenous development to suit the local need is definitely worth encouragement, adoption of new technologies innovated somewhere else to suit the need of the place of application is a task in itself. After all the spirit of competition and moving forward to progress being the motto, quicker it is better it is. The conference will also focus on new development trend such as distributed generation, renewable energy sources from the point of view of environmental impact and efficient use of electrical energy through improvement in design and performance of machines, drives and other devices deployed in industries.

State-of-the-art lectures by experts in the field and papers from practicing Engineers and Researchers will be presented in various sessions in the areas of Power System Analysis, Computing and Economics, Power System Models and Dynamic Performance, FACTS and HVDC, Challenges in Restructured Energy Systems, Power System Control and Operation, Power System Communication and SCADA, Power System Relaying and Protection, Energy Management System and Distribution Automation, Applications of Power Electronics and Power Quality, Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy Sources, Electrical Machines and Drives, and Utilization of Electrical Energy. First day of the Conference will be having four Tutorials concurrently on "Power System Restoration", "The Role of Technologies, Tools and Techniques for Planning and Automation of Future Distribution Systems", "New and Renewable Energy Sources", & "FACTS Controllers and their Modeling Techniques" with IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturers Mike M Adibi, S S (Mani) Venkata, Saifur Rahman, & Kalyan K Sen respectively delivering them.

An Open Invitation:

Keeping all these in mind for the development of power sector as a whole for the benefit of mankind, the Organizing Committee of the Conference invites papers for presentation and general participation as well as support, from academic and R & D organizations, power industry, consultancy firms, standards and regulatory bodies. Such support and involvement will benefit all the above groups.


Submission of abstract: September 30, 2007 (revised to: October 31, 2007)

Conveying acceptance: February 29, 2008 (revised to: June 30, 2008)

Submission of final paper: June 30, 2008 (revised to: July 31, 2008)

Registration of all Authors: August 31, 2008

Registration of all other Delegates: September 30, 2008



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