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IEEE day and Foundation of WIE, Kharagpur Section
October 07, 2010

The Kharagpur Section and Student Branch, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur celebrated the IEEE Day 2010 on October 7, 2010. This event showcased inspirational talks from eminent personalities - Radha Basu, a widely recognized leading woman entrepreneur in technology companies and a pioneer in the Indian software business, and Dipak Basu, a well-known figure in the software world who has dedicated his life employing technology in humanitarian missions worldwide.

Radha Basu is the founder and CEO of the California-based and is also the executive director of Anudip Foundation - a non-profit group which works in IT training for the rural poor. Dipak Basu is the founder and CEO of INFORMATICA, a network consulting company, founder of INDONET, India's first computer network, and is also the creator of NETHOPE, a technology alliance of the world's largest NGOs.

This event also marked the establishment of the new Women in Engineering board.


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