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IEEE seminar series 2014

Technical writing is one the most important aspects of research communication. The IEEE Student Branch of IIT Kharagpur and WIE AG of Kharagpur Section have been organizing talks/seminars as a part of the Seminar/Webinar series.

"Art and Craft of Effective Scientific Writing" by Dr. Debdoot Sheet (On-going Seminar Series by IEEE SB of IIT Kharagpur and WIE AG)

Stay tuned to get latest updates on upcoming events of these seminar series.


If you have any query or suggestion regarding our events and activities,
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WIE KGP: Executive Committee  /
Chair: Tanwi Mallick  /
Vice Chair: Sabita Langkam  /
Secretary: Noor E Karishma Shaik  /
Treasurer: Sayani Mondal  /