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SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

IEEE STAR PROGRAM SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 IEEE WIE Affinity Group of Kharagpur Section organized its Second STAR Program on September 30, 2015 with the students of Disha Seema Center School, Kharagpur. The target students this time are Class IX and X students.With the prospective answers to questions like What after Class X? Why should one opt for STEM subjects after class X? How would the decision made at this juncture affect the future shape of budding Engineers!, WIE Kharagpur expected those students to benefit from the sessions taken during the program!

About 280 children from villages around Kharagpur study at Disha Seema School. Most of them come from very economically weak families. They need a lot of our help to light up their career path and ambition. It was great to interact with the young and enthusiastic students there. We got positive responses from students regarding study of engineering during the program.


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