Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society

The Queensland Chapter of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society (AESS) provides local activities for Queensland-based AESS members.

Since forming in 2008 AESS has provided a technical forum for members of the aerospace (civil & military), complex systems & systems engineering and their feeder technology industries in Queensland. Several seminars on topics such as EMI/EMC certification and Complex Systems integration have been held over the years.

If you are in the academic, research or industry sectors of (or have an interest in) the aforementioned areas you are encouraged to join the IEEE Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society.

Office Holders

Chair Vice-chair Secretary
rkennedy.jpg Robert Kennedy
Australian Aerospace Limited
ken.jpg Ken Morris
Engineering Operations Manager
john_davis.jpg John Davies

The chapter archive is located here.

Chapter News

Upcoming Events

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Last modified: 11 January, 2016