IEEE Young Professionals Program History

The IEEE Queensland Young Professionals Program has been an active IEEE affinity group since 2008.

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Previous Events

Fear-Free Presentations

\\ {{:groups:gold:presentation_skills_web_thumb.jpeg?200|The seminar (click to enlarge)}}

On the 20th of October 2009 we were very lucky to have Mr Barry O'Sullivan give a condensed version of his Fear-Free presentation skills workshop. The following are some of the handouts and slides of the event that Barry has kindly allowed us to provide to attendees and others interested. (Note that some browsers have problems opening these inside a tab - if this happens, just right click the link, and select 'Save as' to save it directly on your computer before opening it.)

Script Preparation
Vocal Warmup
Barry's Slides

i.Lab Incubator

On November 26 we held an seminar on Queensland's i.Lab technology start-up incubator jointly with Engineers Australia Queensland ITEE (Information, Telecommunications and Electronics Engineers) hosted by EA. Mr Peter Allison, Business Development Manager at i.Lab, talked about the organisation and some of the stories of the successful (and some unsuccessful) i.Lab incubated start-ups.

Visit the i.Lab website for more about the organisation

Past GOLD Office Holders


Position Name
Chair Mr Roelof Swanepoel
Vice-Chair Mr Robert Ellen


Position Name
Chair Mr Robert Ellen
Vice-Chair Mr Roelof Swanepoel


Position Name
Chair Mr Robert Ellen

All past Events

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