Young Professionals Program

The Young Professionals Program was developed to help young professionals transition from being a student to entering the professional world.

If you are an IEEE Member who has received your first professional degree within the last ten years, you are automatically part of IEEE Young Professionals Program!

The IEEE Queensland Section Young Professionals Program is the local Young Professionals organisation. Since 2008 we have been organising technical and education events relevant to the broad spectrum of IEEE members, focused on students and recent graduates. Our previous events include a seminar on financial success in the current context (held during the darkest days of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008), a presentation skills workshop, a seminar on an example of the successful commercialization of a university research project and a seminar on start-up incubation. Reports of some of these events can be viewed here.

If you are interested in joining the chapter please contact the chapter chair.

Office Holders

Chair Vice-chair Secretary
mo.jpg Mohammad Amanzadeh
reuben.jpg Reuben Peterkin
Sohrab (Rob) Makaremi

The chapter archive is located here.

Upcoming Events

Link to the 2014 ANZ Students and Young Professionals Conference

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Young Professionals Program History

Check out our Young Professionals Program history, which lists past events and office holders.

Social media links

  • The Queensland Young Professionals Program affinity group has an open group on the social networking site Please join!
  • The Queensland Young Professionals Program affinity group has an open group on the professional networking site Please join!


Last modified: 11 August, 2015