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Chairman's Column

IEEE South Australia Section 2001 Annual Report


As reported in the April newsletter, the SA Section began the year with a strategic planning meeting to consider the direction of local IEEE activities and establish some goals for 2001. As the year ends, it is timely to examine those goals to see how we fared.

(1)     Establish a Student Branch at Flinders University: Although a Branch has not yet been established, steps have been taken to boost the level of student memberships at Flinders in preparation. A meeting will be called early next year, which should lead to a Branch being established.

(2)     Update the Section web page at least monthly: The Web page has been rehosted to the IEEE entity web site (http://ewh.ieee.org/r10/s_australia/) and is updated regularly as information about events becomes available.

(3)     Hold at least 4 joint events with Defence/DSTO:  Four Chapter events have been held either at DSTO or with DSTO involvement. The speakers were: Rod Bryant (CAES), Ljubo Vlacic (CAES), Paul Coddington (Computer), Yupo Chan (C&SP)

(4)     Do something to retain new graduates (e.g. establish a GOLD program): Elsewhere in the newsletter you will find a notice inviting eligible members to express their interest in establishing a GOLD Affinity Group. As with the Student Branch, it is now unlikely it will be set up this year but background work has been done which should result in a Group being established next year.

(5)     Develop synergies with IEE/IEAust: Consideration was given to expanding the role of the Joint Technical Program Committee but this does not now seem likely to occur due to lack of support from the current committee. Links with other organisations have been forged or strengthened, most notably with the AIAA and the RAeroSoc by the CAES Chapter.

(6)     Invite at least four IEEE Distinguished Lecturers to SA: Dr Salah Aidarous (ComSoc) has given a lecture and talks by Fazal Ali (AP/MTT) and David Fogel (ANN) are planned. In addition CAES supported the AIAA DL Dava Newman and underwrote (with RAeroSoc assistance) the Bill Schofield lecture.

Other Happenings: The SA Section has agreed to be the host for the Australian Information Theory Chapter. Details of this and reports of other Chapter and Student Branch Activities are given elsewhere in the newsletter. On the conference scene, preparations for Information, Decision and Control conference (IDC 2002) are well advanced while the books of APMC 2000 have been finalised with a surplus of around $16k being returned to SA. Special thanks go to Michael Evans for his efforts in support of both of these events. The SA Section Bylaws have been updated and discussions over changed IEEE banking requirements have led to a satisfactory outcome.

Membership: Overall membership has showed a slight decline although much of this has been in student member numbers and this does not include recent recruitment of students at Flinders University. Encouraging students to retain their membership after graduation is still a major issue for the IEEE and this is part of the reason for establishing a GOLD program. We have “lost” three regular members through their elevation to Senior Member status – may this trend continue!

As this is my last year as Section Chair, I would especially like to thank all the members of the Section Committee for their support and commitment to the IEEE in South Australia over the past three years. I wish the Section (including its constituent Chapters and Branches) every success for the future.


Dr Bevan D. Bates

Chair, IEEE SA Section

October, 2001


Annual General Meeting of IEEE

South Australia Section and Chapters

Will be held on Monday 3rd December 2001

At Motorola Australia Software Centre, Second Avenue, Mawson Lakes.

Light tea at 5:30 for 6:15 meeting start.


It is important that anyone intending to be there let us know in advance so that we can arrange the appropriate security clearances and catering level.


Please contact IEEE SA Section on

E-mail:  Michael.Liebelt@ieee.org

or Mr. Michael Liebelt,

Tel: 08 8303 5114  Fax: 08 8303 4360




2000 IEEE-SA Student Award Presentation


The 2000 IEEE Student Awards were presented during the Student Paper Night on, Tuesday 23 October 2001, by Chairman, Dr Bevan Bates.

The IEEE Student Awards were established in 1992 to recognise and encourage excellence in the study of electrical and electronic engineering, and are awarded annually on the basis of academic performance during the second year of study at each of the universities in South Australia.  In addition to the certificate and cheque for $300, the IEEE student award carries with it student membership of IEEE. 

In selecting the recipient of the IEEE Student Award it is interesting to note that each of the three universities has chosen a different approach, but in each case the practical and professional side of electrical/electronic engineering is emphasised.

The 2000 IEEE Student Award recipients were:

1.                    Darren Freeman, School of Informative and Engineering, The Flinders University, for outstanding performance in the overall experimental engineering components of second year topics 'Electrical Networks’, ‘Signals and Linear Systems’, ‘Analogue Signal Processing’, ‘Electronic Circuits', and 'Digital Circuits and Microprocessors'

2.             Ms Preethi Chandrasekar, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, shared The University of Adelaide award, for distinction in the degree course 'Experimental Electrical Engineering II'

3.             Edward Stokes, The University of South Australia, based on overall examinations in 2000.

It was an excellent and well attended evening, of student papers and student awards.


Zia Ahmed

Convenor, IEEE Student Awards IEEE South Australia Section


Edward Stokes of the University of South Australia (right) being congratulated on his award by Chair of IEEE SA Section Dr Bevan Bates



 Nomination for Section Committee for 2002

The following members have been nominated to the South Australia Section Committee for year 2002:

Chair:                                      Dr. Michael Evans

Vice chair:                              Dr. Miro Kraetzl

Secretary:                              Dr Timothy Ferris

Treasurer:                              Dr. Andrew Piotrowski

ANN RIG chair:                   

AP/MTT chapter chair:      

CAES chapter chair:           

C&SP chair:          

Computer chapter chair:     

Returning Officer

Dr Bevan Bates at Bevan.Bates@ieee.org

For all positions in section and chapters except for AP/MTT chapter positions for which

Mr Mike Liebelt (Michael.Liebelt@ieee.org) is the returning officer




Get involved and participate in the new IEEE GOLD Program.  It is for you.

What is the GOLD Program?

GOLD was designed to meet the professional needs of members with 0 - 10 year experience as an Engineer. It encourages this affinity group to form an IEEE Group to foster networking between members with similar interests and concerns.

The GOLD program is geared toward professional development, while emphasising current issues.

We can help you to find fellow engineers who can share their experience. We organise professional and social meetings on the following topics:

·         Talks and help on career planning, developing leadership skills, interviewing workshops, Balancing personal and professional life, job hunting, purchasing your first home and financial planning.

·         Tours local industries, DSTO, Motorola, universities.  

·         Social events

Please come and see us at the annual general meeting of IEEE South Australian Section on

Monday 3rd December 2001

at Motorola Australia Software Centre,

Second Avenue, Mawson Lakes.

or contact andrew.piotrowski@ieee.org or Andrew Piotrowski on 8259 6635.

See you there.


It is your chance to get involved.