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2008/10/16 Technical Meeting


Development of miniaturized microwave components using single and coupled artificial transmission lines







ROC Military Academy


Prof. Hong-Twu Chen


The ever increasing demands for miniaturized microwave components have imposed new challenges to circuit designers. Recently, we investigated a new circuit scheme for synthesizing artificial transmission line using quasi-lumped elements. The proposed artificial line is capable of significantly reducing the required physical length while preserving the electrical properties of a conventional transmission line. By utilizing the proposed artificial transmission lines in either microstrip form, stripline form, or coplanar waveguide form, various microwave components or sub-systems like quadrature hybrid, rat-race hybrid, Butler matrix, broadside coupler, Marchand balun, doubly balanced mixer, multiplexer, dual-mode bandpass filter, etc. have been successfully realized and miniaturized. The occupied sizes of these designs are merely 10~25% as compared to the conventional designs. The circuit configuration, design methodology, and performance will be discussed throughout the lecture.

2011/01/26 EM workshop ( YZU )
2010/10/30 Annual Meeting ( KUAS )
2010/10/29 Technical Meeting ( CSU )
2010/10/23 Short Course ( NSYSU )
2010/10/04 Short Course ( STUT )
2010 IAET/APSTNC Best Student Paper Award
2010 Student Travel Grant
2010/08/28 Short Course ( NSYSU )
2010/08/14 Short Course ( NSYSU )
2010 Technical Meeting ( AFA )
2010 International Symposium On Antennas and Propagation (ISAP 2010)
2010 EM Education Initiative Summer Program
2010/05/20 RFID Technical meeting ( NKMU )
AEM2C 2010
2010/03/19 Short Course ( KUAS )
2010/03/25 RFID Technical meeting ( NKMU )
2010/01/29 Annual meeting ( CSU )
2009/11/27 RFID Industry-University Cooperative Technical Meeting
2009/11/28 Short Course ( NSYSU )
Contest Announcement -First Ever IEEE Antenna Design Challenge
2009/10/17 Short Course ( NSYSU )
2009~2010 International Conference/Symposiums Concerning AP Society
1999-2007 IEEE TAP 台灣學術論文統計

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