Postgraduate Electrical Engineering and Computing Symposium

Postgraduate Electrical Engineering and Computing Symposium

November 9, 2012 Division of Science and Engineering, Curtin

PEECS 2012


Postgraduate students are encouraged to submit extended abstract(s) (up to 2 pages) or full paper(s) (up to 6 pages). Submissions should include. All first authors of the submitted papers should be enrolled postgraduate students. Students will be required to give an oral or poster presentation for papers accepted.


Papers should include adequate technical and academic content. Research applications relevant to industry are strongly encouraged. The presenters should attempt to make their presentation attractive to a wide range of background audience. Awards will be given to the best paper, best oral presentation and best poster presentation.


 Paper Format


The paper style for is the IEEE standard. Instructions and more information can be obtained from the link: IEEE Transactions LaTeX and Microsoft Word Style Files web-page. For the author's convenience, a local copy of the Word template and the Latex template (and bibliography style file) for PC can be downloaded by clicking on the related links. Strict adherence to the style guide is necessary to ensure that your paper could be printed with minimum editorial difficulties. Please make sure that you do not insert page number for your paper. Please note that the local copies (Word and Latex templates) have already been modified to remove the "Running Head" and the page number.


Paper Submission for Review

Three copies of your camera-ready paper must be submitted to your university representative. You may also submit electronically to your university representative.


Final Paper Submission for Review

A copy of the camera-ready paper is to be submitted to your university representative for printing. At this point the postgraduate student must also fill in a registration form (located in the Registration section) and give it to the university representative. There is no registration fee associated with postgraduate students from the participating universities. For catering purposes, you must indicate whether you will be attending the symposium and the dinner (also no charge). This is required for catering purposes.


Oral Presentations

The oral presentation consists of 15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes for questions (Total duration: 20 minutes). Facilities provided for the oral presentation are a laptop, video projector and overhead projector. If any presenter requires any specialised equipment, he/she will need to provide it and should inform the organiser.



The size and orientation of the poster should be A1 portrait. If Power Point is used in preparing the poster then set the paper size to A1 (594mm X 841 mm) and then design the poster. Alternatively, the poster can be prepared in the format of a collage. All posters must be laminated.

The poster must clearly show the title and highlight the issue(s) with the study, some information about the background of the research, the chosen direction and important conclusions. References and acknowledgements should be clearly stated.

Students presenting posters are require to put up their posters on the display boards at the beginning of the symposium (between 8.30 - 9.00am).

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