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Mother’s Day 2006
Sunday 14th May


Ideas for Mother’s Day


Stumped for something to do for Mum for Mother’s Day?  Here are some suggestions from the WIE committee:


Seeing Your Mum


Ø      Lunch and Shopping. Sunday shopping in Perth City, Fremantle, Harbourtown or the Subiaco Markets.  All with convenient food outlets nearby

Ø      Perth Zoo.  Free entry for Mums on Mother’s Day -

Ø      Flowers and plants. A lovely bunch of flowers, or find a nice plant – there’s an amazing range of roses available at nurseries.  Azaleas and camellias are also good.  Make sure to check if they need shade or full sun.

Ø      Music and media.  Find some live music around town, or CDs and DVDs.  Some good CDs for Mums are Crowded House, Wendy Matthews, Dido, James Blunt or Jack Johnson, DVDs: anything from the ABC shop – Michael Palin “Himalaya” is a good bet.

Ø      Brunch/lunch/dinner - at a nice restaurant.  Try South Perth, Fremantle, Northbridge, Subiaco, Hillarys…


Away from Mum


Ø      Flowers.  Always a favourite, but you need to get the order in soon. 

Ø      Communicate!  Give her a call, send her an email with a bunch of photos, set up a Flickr site ( ) – make sure to take some time about it and let her know what you’re up to.

Ø      Personal Favours.  Ask a friend/family member living near Mum to help deliver a gift for you if you’re out of time – or offer your services to friends and family who are out of town.  (See above “Seeing you Mum” suggestions)


Missing Your Mum


Ø      Create.  Write about some of your favourite memories of your mother.  Find and scan related photos.  Share these stories with your children and/or loved ones.

Ø      Communicate.  Talk to family members who will also be missing Mum at this time.  Spend time with your Dad.

Ø      Cook.  Think of your favourite recipes Mum made and try them out.  Explain the significance of the food to those you share it with.

Ø      Flowers and plants.  Find some of your Mum’s favourites and set up a “Mum inspired” part of your garden.


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