Meeting Schedules for the Rest of the year

There was no objection to the First Thursday of the month so we can safely plan to meet on the First Mondays of each month starting from September. Our Meeting Schedule for the rest of the year would then be:

September- 09/04/2003

October - 10/02/2003

November -11/06/2003

December -12/04/2003

Venue will remain the Historical Electronic Museum and the Time will be 6.00pm We would be planning related social events and other events of interest at the meetings and your participation and presence will be highly welcome.

GOLD In Other Places

The IEEE GOLD Nothern Virginia Affinity group held a networking event on Thursday, July 9th, from 7:30 to 9 PM at Ruby Tuesday's restaurant in Sterling, VA. The well attended and highly successfull event will be followed by another on August 7 at the Same venue. The NOVA (Nothern Virginia) GOLD will like to hold joint events with the Baltimore GOLD in the Comming months at a location to be decided. There are currently several active GOLD Chapters in the United States and elsewhere, giving the Young IEEE members a unique opportunity for peer networking and

Some Resources for Engineers The IEEE Financial Advantage is one of the Many Services available to IEEE members who enjoy group rates and special discount on various servivces including, Mortgage, Auto Insurance, Home Owners Insurance, Health and Life Insurance, IEEE Credit Card as well as many other services that may be of benefit to IEEE members in general and all these services are available to IEEE GOLD members IEE Financial Advantage

Making the Best Use of your Membership.
Membership of IEEE Societies usualy cost some extra dollars yearly but comes with tremendous advantages. Each Society publishes excelent Technical Journals and other publications filled with cutting edge peer review articles that will help you stay at the cutting edge of technology. The IEEE Computer Society even have a free learning portal for Engineers who may like to hone their skill in such Technology subjects as .Net Technology, Java, C++, Project Management, Networking, Linux and many more. Taking advantage of these resources will not only save you a lot of money but also keep you relevant and updated.

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Request for Content: All members are encouraged to contribute to this newsletter, sharing information and resources that may be of use to others and recommending links, articles and even books. I look forward to your participation and a thriving community.

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