Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Joint IEEE/ISA Meeting sponsored by IEEE

Program: "Ethernet IP and Wireless PLC Control"
Speaker: Debasish Mukhopadhyay, Senior Systems Application Engineer, Rockwell Automation, Cleveland, OH

Thanks to the efforts of George Bradley, Rumsey Electric Account Manager, and Alexis Kasacavage, Rockwell Solution Architect, Philadelphia Office, Debasish Mukhopadhyay of the Rockwell Cleveland office was able to present the program “Ethernet IP and Wireless PLC Control”. 

Debasish presented a review of the last 20 years of industrial control communications standards to introduce the latest technology, which is wireless. He presented several examples of large industrial wireless applications and how they approached the problems inherent in wireless equipment. He brought a demonstration of a Rockwell PLC controller with wireless ability. 

Debasish supplied us with his presentation in PowerPoint format. Alexis turned this into a smaller PDF file:  DM_Wireless_App.pdf (1.5 Mb)   (Note: Use scroll button to move from page to page.)

Debasish Mukhopadhyay