Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Joint IEEE/ISA Meeting hosted by ISA at Delaware Technical College, Wilmington Campus

Program: The International Process Sector Safety Standard, IEC 61511 
Speakers: Vic Maggioli (Feltronics) and Richard Dunn (DuPont)

The IEC standard was issued for use about 5 years ago, and now is being maintained and updated. Some issues that could be changed were reviewed. 

Vic reviewed his activity with the standard and itís history. Salient parts of the standard were adopted in the US before issue by the standard committee due to reluctance by the US community to wait. This was by equipment vendors who needed to upgrade to the latest standard. This seemed to accelerate issue of the standard to the international community. 

Richard reviewed AIB (Approved Independent Backup) methology used by DuPont prior to the 61511 standard. The AIB method is now used as a pre-screening tool. The AIB method is not used for very high risks; uses only mechanical safety layers (such as a relief valve). Steps in the process of establishing the proper safety backups were discussed; these included finding the ground rules for evaluating hazards, and finding acceptable AIBs by the Process Hazards Evaluation team. It is proposed that the AIB methology be included in Part 3 of the 61511 standard, and this seems likely to happen.