Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Program: Cloud Computing II
Speaker:  Rob Curl, Pepco Holdings 

Some highlights from Rob’s presentation: 

  • Why is the cloud opportunity happening now?
    * Hardware prices are attractive
    * Networking and software are improved
    * SOA (service oriented architecture) mentality
  • Good Cloud 
    * Save on hardware
    * Easy to scale up
    * No system admin needed for servers
    * Reduced costs
  • Bad Cloud
    * Security
    * Question about availability
    * Need to watch cost structure carefully
    * Who owns the data? Gray area.
  • Examples of cloud based businesses
    * Facebook
    * Amazon
    * Zynga
    * Big Belly Solar – solar driven, small local trash compactors
    * Drop Cam – plug and play webcam system; use as home security
    * Netflix – now going into movie streaming.
    * Pandora – Internet radio—personalized for you
    * Farmville/Cityville
    * Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) –idea is to provide quick access to
      biometric data on suspected terrorists to people working in remote field areas.
  • The Future
    Possible – every item has its own IP or unique address. 
    This will require an overhaul of the IP system, and larger bandwidth.

More Information:

Capturing the Cloud (pdf, 939 KB)

Capturing the Cloud (ppt, 2697 KB)