April 14, 2004

Consultant's Network (CONET)
Sponsor: IEEE Philadelphia
Chair: Tom LoCasale

The IEEE Philadelphia Section invited Delaware Bay Section to this CONET meeting to see if any members were interested in forming a Delaware Bay Consultant's Network or in joining Philadelphia's CONET.

The IEEE Philadelphia Section has sponsored a Consultantís Network since about 1995. The concept is that consultants learn about the expertise base in their local area so that they can refer clients to others. This has been very successful for the Philadelphia Section. In fact, the activity was so successful in the early years that members were too busy to come to meetings and group activity stopped. With the business slump following 9/11, members became interested in revitalizing the Network.

The Network meets as a group about four to six times per year, usually at Drexel University. Speakers at dinner meetings have traditionally taught business methods and how to handle clients. The Network presently maintains a website listing and also issues an annual consultant booklet. Membership costs $100/year. 

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Contact Tom LoCasale at locasale@ieee.org

If you are interested in being part of a Delaware Bay Consultant's Network, contact doug_tipton@ieee.org.