October 13, 2003

Innovative Approaches to Information Technology Security
John Davis, DuPont IT Group Security Officer

Securing our home and work computers should be top priority, according to John Davis, because spyware and viruses can destroy a computer in seconds. He suggested we download the free version of Zone Alarm which is a personal firewall. He also suggested downloading the free version of Ad Aware which detects and removes spyware and other invasive Internet programs. Symantec's Norton Internet Security and Black Ice are other programs to consider.

John also mentioned that it is important that we secure our high-speed Internet connections. He gave an example of driving around in his car with his wireless laptop turned on. His laptop looked for and found many accessible networks. His point was that if your broadband connection is not secure, anyone with a wireless laptop can access Internet through your network. They may even be able to access your computer.

John was recommended by John Taylor of our section.