Sections Congress 2005
Tampa Florida
October 14-18, 2005

"Promoting a World Class Volunteer Community"

The whole scoop can be seen by going to You can also navigate from this site to see what happened in previous Sections Congresses.

How do members influence the way IEEE operates? One way is through the Technical Societies. Another way is through an event held every three years, called "Sections Congress." Delaware Bay Section has sent representatives to Sections Congress 2002 and 1996. No rep was sent to the 1999 Congress. Doug Tipton attended the SC2005 event in Tampa, Florida. 

The next event is SC2008 at the Montreal Convention Center in Montreal, Canada. Attendees will stay at the attached Montreal Hilton. 

Typically, IEEE pays the costs for one representative from each section to attend. This is a 2 day event over a weekend. In 2008, the event is scheduled for September 19-22. 2008 is also the 400 year celebration for Quebec City.

The IEEE icon is a picture of Maxwell's right hand rule, on a background of Franklin's kite.

  • 240 Sections attended SC2005.
  • 900 members from around the world attended.
  • Tipton has been chair of Delaware Bay Section for about 10 years. Does this merit special recognition? No, it turns out that there have been Section chairs for a much longer period of time. 


  • Starting 2006, Concentration Banking Information does not need included on the L50 report.
  • There is a credit card available, starting January 2006.
  • There is Discussion on a way to take money in via credit card.
New stuff that is coming, per input from previous Sections Congress:
  • Improved search ability on the IEEE website.
  • Being looked at: Each member gets a certain number of free articles from the digital library, plus a free membership to one (some) of the societies on the digital library. The listing of abstracts is already available and free to members.
  • Enhanced Email: Looking at an IEEE mail server.
  • Streaming Video/Conferencing.
  • MyIEEE on the website; connects you to relevant information automatically. You will need to set up an IEEE account if you have not already done so.
  • Virtual Communities.
  • Mentoring affinity group trial was tested in Philadelphia and is starting in Region 2.

Sections Congress Recommendation Selection
The recommendations which are considered at the Section Congress are gathered as follows:
Each Section is encouraged to submit as many recommendations as desired. The Sections then meet as a Region to consider these recommendations and select three. At the Sections Congress Event, all the Region recommendations are considered by the SC attendees and voted on for priority. The top ten are selected and viewed as mandates for IEEE. 

A report as to how the recommendations from the previous congress (SC2002) fared showed that 90% of the recommendations were implemented and the last one was still being worked on.

SC2005 Recommendations Accepted:
These are the 10 recommendations out of a total of 20 presented for a vote.

1. Increase membership value
Include as part of the basic membership free limited access to online publications, products and services or one free society membership with increased benefits according to membership grade, volunteer contributions, and years of membership. To be implemented by 2007 membership year.

2. Develop Web based seminars
Downloadable and on-line electronic presentations on technical subjects including an exam which, when completed, will provide CEU/PDH credit for participants. Available to members at minimal cost; students, unemployed, life members, and presentations at sections and chapters at no cost. 50 CEU awardable tutorials- 3Q2006.

3. Incentives to companies
Provide incentives to companies encouraging employee involvement in the IEEE. Reach out to companies showing the value of IEEE membership (Provides better understanding of current trends in the industry, networking, professional development, and continuing education).

4. Provide New Tools
IEEE should provide to organizational units and members new tools that demonstrate the value of IEEE membership, both in terms of the advantages to employers and the benefits received by members; for implementation by 4Q2006.

5. Update Job site
Update, expand, and improve the IEEE Job Site to:
a) Expand marketing world-wide, visible to both large and small employers.
b) Develop materials to create more effective job searches.
c) Provide on-line guidance/training for unemployed and underemployed members.
d) Make it easier for employers using the Job Site.

6. Increase value
The IEEE Board of Directors shall direct the Regional Activities Board to find means to increase awareness of the value and expertise that IEEE members add to society, and particularly to their employers.

7. Training for volunteers
Further develop interactive training toward specific volunteer functions. There shall be quick-start, basic, and advanced training that is easily up-datable. Feedback shall be collected on the training effectiveness. Entity leaders upon assumption of office will be notified via an e-mail of training availability. Pilot-4Q06, Training - 4Q07.

8. History records retention
Often, we lose the expertise of past leaders while new leaders end up re-inventing the wheel. Record retention requirements are ill defined. IEEE shall institute guidelines, mechanisms, and resources for capturing, archiving, searching, and delivering collective records, knowledge, and wisdom of past and current volunteer leaders. Guidelines and pilot - 4Q06.

9. Automatic recognition
To recruit and retain members, IEEE should automatically provide recognition for years of membership in the form of a progressive series of benefits; for implementation by 4Q2006.

10. IEEE video library
Create IEEE Digital Video Library in 2007 - Provide web-based continuing education that captures presentations in conferences, societies, sections, and chapters and provides virtual speakers for other sections and society meetings. Presentations would provide valuable training courses to all IEEE members.

The Delaware Bay section presented a recommendation that did not make the cut. The result of the word-smithed version at the Region level is shown below, with items in red representing the way Tipton thinks it should have been worded:

To better retain our young members, IEEE should develop a transitional program of better relevance to (which excites) our members with less industrial experience (students and GOLD), including an advertising campaign and incentives; for implementation by 2Q2006.

Fiesta Dinner: Food Stations

Fiesta Dinner: 10-15-05

Region 2: Social Hour

Region 2: Social Hour

Region 2: Dinner

Region 2: Dinner