IEEE Delaware Bay Section Announces a New Program Series for 2008-2009: 
Our Future Power = Energy Over Time
Emerging Technologies in the Electrical Power Sector


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Program: V2G (VEHICLE TO GRID)- Second in the Series
Speaker: Dr. Victor Udo
(Manager Business Planning and Research Strategic Planning and Risk 
               Management, Pepco Holding Inc)

The University of Delaware and Delmarva Power are exploring the feasibility of using battery power and hybrid cars which can be attached to the power grid to help stabilize the grid. This is called Vehicle To Grid or V2G.

Victor Udo and Nat Pearre made presentations of the Delmarva Power sponsored Vehicle to Grid project, which is being hosted at University of Delaware. Scott Baker presented the test vehicle after the presentations. 

The case is built around the following facts:

  • Renewable energy sources are going to need a massive ability to store energy; they are not reliable constant energy suppliers.
  • There may be a lot of electric and hybrid cars in the future, which have electric systems that allow storage of energy; with a proper interface, they can take power from the grid, as well as return it to the grid. 
  • Most cars are parked at least 20 hours per day; they could be storing energy. 
  • If all cars in the US were of the “Plug In” electric type, able to deliver 10 Kilowatts, at 210 million cars useful at about 80%, this would be 1.5 million megawatts of “parked power” available; this is 50% more power than is presently generated in the US.
  • Several new “Plug-In” hybrids are using the electronic inverter interface made by AC Propulsion, including a soon to announce BMW MiniCooper. 
Some problems seen and addressed are:
  • Low Range-- Use a “Plug-In Hybrid” type car; if you are travelling to Alaska, then a traditional car may be best. 
  • High Cost – National or State Cash Back plans or a V2G plan.
  • Pollution from Battery Disposal – the Lithium Ion technology is almost 100% recylable. And tests are showing that the batteries last much longer than original warranty period, which is 5 to 8 years. Most Prius cabs are showing over 100,000 miles with no battery problems. 
  • We use “dirty energy” to supply the grid-- First, the overwhelming contribution to pollution is from oil fired automobiles. Second, the energy of the future is (hopefully) leaning toward renewable, low polluting sources. 
A problem to be dealt with is how to aggregate enough cars so that energy can be handled in 1 Megawatt blocks. Delmarva does not want to handle individual 10 kilowatt blocks. This will require an enterprise who figures out how to aggregate and deliver power in a way that is acceptable to individuals and the power company.