Tuesday, November 13, 2012 

Presentation: Building Automation using Zigbee Communications

Speaker: Jay Hendrix, Product Line Manager, Control Products and Systems, Siemens Industry Inc.
                Talk arranged by Rick Taylor

Zigbee Communications were developed by the military to provide communications within small mobile groups. The objective was small, simple, lightweight radio equipment, where the unit carried by the mobile elements is battery operated with long (several months) battery life. The radios would find an ad hoc routing and reorganize routing when needed. The radios would sacrifice bandwidth in favor of simplicity and ruggedness.

Applications for using Zigbee units in building controls are seen in retrofitting historical structures where wire runs would be difficult and might force holes in parts where they are not allowed. Also, bandwidth requirement for building controls is usually very low, and the ability of the communication unit to organize itself to find the best signal routing is sometimes crucial.

For details: Siemens_Wireless_IEEE_Delaware.pdf