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2003 Meetings
Delaware Bay Section

November 10, 2003
Electric Transmission Lines
Speaker: Ken Gates, Conectiv

October 13, 2003
Innovative Approaches to Information Technology Security
Speaker: John Davis, DuPont IT Group Security Officer

September 14, 2003
Tour: Rodel

We met at 6:00 pm for a tour of the Rodel manufacturing facility in Newark DE. Our hosts were Merlyn Wegter and Arden Keen. For more information about Rodel, visit their website at

June 9, 2003
Tour: New Castle County Electronic Courthouse

IEEE member Al DeLuca arranged for us to tour the new New Castle County Courthouse, where some electronic wizardry has been installed to assist courtroom business. Al was involved in the development of this system. We met at the Courthouse at 6:00 pm for sandwiches, etc, and then toured until about 8:30.

May 8, 2003 - Cancelled
UD Student Paper Competition

Wayne Westerman let us know that the students do not have the energy to support the Poster Contest we had planned.

March 10, 2003
On the Edge: Exploring Next-Generation Digital Disruptions
Speaker: Paul Gustafson
Location: Rollins Atrium, Goldey-Beacom College

We live in an unprecedented age of new technology. In less than 100 years, we have literally gone from the days of horse and buggy to space travel. While the advances in technology have been impressive on every front, it is the advances in computing that stand out as the most spectacular.

History also reveals that as technologies advance, some bring disruptions so profound that they completely change marketplaces, putting divisions, companies or even entire industries out of business. Today no business, large or small, is immune to the changes (or opportunities) offered by computing technologies; witness the rise and fall of Napster and its impact on the entire music recording industry. Technological innovations like Napster's "change the rules," forcing businesses to re-examine their visions, their competitors and their business strategies, or be left in the dust.

What are the coming disruptions? What are the next strategic information and communication technologies that will significantly impact our businesses? This session will explore six technology areas that have the potential to trigger major disruptions. (These six technology areas are the subject of a new report by CSC's Leading Edge Forum, available at Over the next few years, each of us will be faced with considering these technology areas in terms of our own businesses and laying the groundwork for their use. To help in this effort, CSC has identified 10 impacts these technology areas will have on us as individuals, the environment we operate in, and society at large.
Paul Gustafson is a senior partner with CSC Consulting Group. A technology strategist and visionary, he has deep experience helping organizations enable their business vision through information technology. His expertise includes applied technology research, IT strategy and planning, architecture and systems integration.

Paul currently serves as director of CSC's Leading Edge Forum, a global initiative that focuses on the strategic technology agenda for CSC. The LEF serves as the focal point for stimulating technology thought leadership, innovation and collaboration among CSC, clients and alliance partners. Paul oversees the planning and execution of the LEF's many programs, which include executive technology forums, technology grants, research reports and technical papers, client innovation projects and technology leadership development.

February 10, 2003 - Cancelled

January 13, 2003
Agilent Tour & Talk
Location: Agilent Plant