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Monday, January 14, 2012 

IEEE Delaware Bay Section/Joint ISA January 2013 Program

Presentation: Hybrid Cars
Program Organizers: Steve Steffel and Barbara Gonzales, Delmarva 
Speakers: Tom Gage, an industry expert on EVs from Caliornia, 
                 will give main presentation.
                 Dick Johnson will talk about E2V pilot project in our area.
Location: Delmarva Conference Center (Directions below)
Dinner: 6:30 pm       
Program: 7:15 pm

No charge for IEEE members and their guests for this event but let doug_tipton@ieee.org know if you can plan to attend. 

Delmarva Power currently uses hybrid vehicles including Ford Escape 
and other vendors, and has several years of experience with performance of the fleet. In addition, we plan to speak to the technical details of the power train. 

Expected to be included in the presentation:
Overview of power system -- electric system, engine/generator, regenerative braking, transmission system, etc. -- differences between power systems of different vehicles. Battery sizes and range on electric, how gasoline engine assists, battery life, performance -efficiency comparisons, temperature pre-conditioning while tied to electric, battery management systems, charging systems - capacity, time to charge, ability to be a flexible load for the utility, V2G, adoption rates, impact to the grid, upgrade considerations - line transformer, house wiring, load center, service to home, etc. 

Directions: Delmarva Conference Center; location as follows:
South on I-95 to the route 273 exit 3, then follow split on exit 3 (3B) south toward Dover, get in the far right lane to exit immediately onto Chapman road. Follow Chapman Road past exits left into University Plaza, past Lawrence Drive, and prepare to make a left onto North Wakefield Drive. Follow North Wakefield (through what looks like a country road) until the road appears to split right and left, and some commercial office buildings show up. Follow the right split. Almost immediately after, South Wakefield turns into Leatherman's Park, and the conference center is just beyond. There are some tennis courts on the right and the conference center is beyond them on the left. There is parking to the right and further up to the left.