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Lima, Ohio

Revision A - May 20, 1999


In all instances, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Bylaws, Constitution, Regional Activities Board (RAB) Bylaws, RAB Operations Manual and IEEE Policy and Procedures will prevail when there is a conflict between these documents and Section Bylaws.

ARTICLE 1 - Name and Territory

Section 1

This organization shall be known as the Lima Section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

The objective of this Section is to further the aims and ideals of the Institute and to promote the welfare of Its own Members through the holding of meetings and field trips for the study of subjects of an engineering or scientific nature, or of interest and value to Institute members.

Section 2

The territory of the Lima Section, as approved by the Regional Activities Board, includes the following Counties In Ohio: Allen, Auglaize, Hancock, Hardin, Mercer and Putnam. The ZIP Codes for this area are the following:

43326, 43340, 43345 to 43346, 44804,
45310, 45801 to 45820, 45822 to 45831,
45833 to 45837, 45839 to 45844, 45846 to 45848,
45850, 45853 to 45854, 45856 to 45860, 45862,
45864 to 45871, 45875 to 45878, 45881 to 45885,
45887 to 45890, 45893, and 45895 to 45897.

Fellows, Senior Members, Members, and Associates residing In the Section territory shall be entitled to vote in Section affairs. Members above Associate grade shall be entitled to hold Section Office.

Affiliates of IEEE Groups and Societies residing in the Section territory shall receive meeting notices of the Chapters with which they are affiliated.

The Section may serve nonmembers wishing to receive meeting announcements in accordance with established policies of the IEEE.

Student Members of the Institute attending school or residing within the territory of the Section shall be entitled to the privileges of receiving notices of and attending meetings; but they shall not have the right to vote or to hold office.

ARTICLE II - Officers

Section 1

The elected officers of the Section shall be:

Vice Chair
Three(3) Directors.

Section 2

The terms of office of the elected officers except the Directors shall be for one year. The three Directors shall hold office for two years, two Directors shall be elected in even years, and one Director shall be elected in odd years.

Section 3

Terms of office will begin on January 1, but in any case the outgoing officers will continue until their successors are duly elected and take office. All officers must be Fellows, Senior Members, or Members of the Institute. The Chair shall not be eligible for immediate re-election to the same office.

Section 4

Any vacancy occurring during the year shall be filled by a majority vote of the Section Executive Committee (ref. Article IV, Section 1) for the unexpired term.

Section 5

The duties of the elected officers shall be as described in the IEEE Regional Activities Board’s(RAB) Resource Officer Orientation and Training(ROOT), the RAB Operations Manual, the IEEE Bylaws, and/or as indicated below.

The Chair shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Section under the Section Executive Committee. The Chair shall preside at meetings and shall perform such other duties and have such other powers as may be provided for in these Bylaws, or as may be delegated to the office by a vote of the Section. The Vice-Chair shall preside during the absence of the Chair. In the event of the absence of both, any other member of the Section Executive Committee may function. The Vice-Chair shall also be responsible for the Section's program.

The Section Secretary and the Section Treasurer shall perform the duties usually associated with the offices of Secretary and Treasurer of an organization. In addition, the Secretary shall submit to IEEE Headquarters an annual report of the Section meetings by the prescribed date. The Treasurer shall submit to IEEE Headquarters a Financial Statement of the Section at the end of each calendar year.

ARTICLE III - Standing Committees

Section 1

The Standing Committees shall be as follows:

Professional Activities
Membership Development
Educational Activities.

The Section Chair shall appoint other standing or special committees as may be considered desirable, subject to the approval of the Section Executive committee.

Section 2

The Chairs of the Standing Committees will be appointed by the Section Chair with the approval of the Section Executive Committee, and their terms will expire with that of the Section Chair.

Section 3

Each Standing Committee Chair will appoint his/her committee members with the approval of the Section Executive Committee, and their terms will expire with the term of the Section Chair.

Section 4

Duties of the Standing Committees will be generally as described in the IEEE Regional Activities Board’s(RAB) Resource Officer Orientation and Training(ROOT), the RAB Operations Manual, and/or the IEEE Bylaws.

Section 5

A majority shall constitute a quorum at all standing or special committee meetings.

ARTICLE IV - Management

Section 1

The management of the Section shall be by the Section Executive Committee which shall consist of the elected Section officers, any elected national officers of the Institute who are members of the Lima Section, the Immediate Past-Chair, each standing committee chair, and a Counselor of any Student Branch located within the section. The Chair, the Secretary, and the Treasurer of the Section shall also function as Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Section Executive Committee.

The number of voting members elected must be at least one greater than those appointed.

Section 2

A majority of the Section Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum, provided that delegates elected by the Section membership are at least one greater in number than delegates appointed to the Committee.

Section 3

A majority of the Section Executive Committee present shall be necessary in the conduct of its business.

Section 4

Meetings of the Section Executive Committee will be held quarterly or when needed and will be called by the Section Chair or by a request of any three members of the Section Executive Committee. The Section Executive Committee shall meet in July or before to discuss programs for future Section meetings.

Section 5

The fiscal year of the Section shall be the calendar year of January 1 through December 31.

Section 6

The Section Executive Committee Is empowered to remove any officer for cause provided a motion to that effect has been made at an earlier meeting of the Section Executive Committee. - A statement of charges must have been delivered to the officer In question at least 30 days prior to formal action by the Section Executive Committee. Such officer shall have the right of defense.

A petition for removal of any officer with a, statement of charges from any 10 members- must be investigated by the Section Executive Committee. If charges appear to be valid the Section Executive Committee shall proceed as outlined above. Petitioners shall be advised of whatever action it taken. Removal of any officer requires an affirmative vote of a majority of the entire Section Executive Committee.

Section 7

In order to provide for the proper handling of the Section's routine work and the management of its affairs, the Section Executive Committee may adopt in connection with these Bylaws such rules and regulations as may be found necessary but no rule or regulation shall be adopted which will conflict with these Bylaws or with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Institute.

ARTICLE V - Nomination and Election of Officers

Section 1

A Nominating Committee consisting of three(3) members, not then officers of the section, or more shall be appointed by the Section Chair with the approval of the Section Executive Committee or by the membership present at the Section meeting.

Section 2

The nominations of the Nominating Committee will be announced to the Section membership and, following this, a minimum of 28 days allowed for additional nominations by petition.

To be valid, the petition must be signed by ten (10) or more voting members or 2% of the Section membership, whichever is fewer.

All petitions must be presented to the Chairman of the nominating committee by the October general meeting. The candidate(s) must be contacted and indicate a willingness to serve.

Section 3

If only one nomination is made for each office, the election may be made at the Annual Meeting or by ballot. If additional nominations are made, election will be by ballot, mailed to the membership with the vote counted by a Tellers Committee appointed by the Section Chair.

If done by ballot, the following procedures shall be used:

Ballots shall be printed bearing the names of candidates for the various offices and mailed by the Secretary to each member entitled to vote within 15 days and not less than five days after the October general meeting.

The names of candidates shall be grouped under the following headings:

a. Chair
b. Vice-Chair
c. Secretary
d. Treasurer
e. Director(s)

Each ballot shall be enclosed in an outer envelope addressed to the Secretary and bearing the signature of the voting member. The words "Enclosing a Ballot Only" or their equivalent shall be printed or written upon the inner envelope.

An election of officers shall be considered void if less than 20% of eligible members return ballots. If this occurs, an open election for officers shall be conducted at the Annual Meeting.

These ballot envelopes shall be delivered at the Annual Meeting unopened to a committee of Tellers, none of which shall have been members of the nominating committee. established for the current election. This committee shall canvass and count the ballots and report the results in writing to the Chair of the Section. The results of the election shall be announced at such Annual Meeting.

Section 4

The timetable for this procedure is as follows:

 Appointment of Nominating Committee-

August 1

 Publish Report of Nominating Committee-

Newsletter or September Meeting

 Close Nominations by Petition-

October Meeting

 Hold Election (Not by ballot)-

November Meeting (Annual Meeting)

 If done by ballot, it shall be mailed 18 days prior to-

November Meeting

 If done by ballot, ballot shall be opened and tallied at-

November Meeting

Section 5

A plurality of the votes cast shall be necessary for election.

ARTICLE VI - Business Meetings

Section 1

In order to transact business at a Section meeting, at least 10% of the members must be present to constitute a quorum. A quorum may be waived, however, at meetings where the proceedings do not require a vote to be taken.

Section 2

Unless otherwise ordered by the Section Executive Committee, Section meetings shall preferably be held monthly from September to May, with a minimum of five (5) technical or Professional meetings per year. Prior to the meeting a newsletter/meeting notice shall be sent to all of the Section membership.

Special meetings may be called at any time by the Section Executive Committee upon written notice thereof being sent In advance of the meeting.

The Annual Meeting shall be held in November. At this meeting, the election of officers shall be held or the results of the election by ballot shall be announced.

Section 3

A majority shall constitute a quorum at all standing or special committee meetings.

ARTICLE VII - Finances

Section 1

All expenditures of Section must be approved by the Section Treasurer and the Section Chair, or by the Section Executive Committee.

Section 2

Without prior authorization of the IEEE Executive Committee, Section funds can be used only for normal operations of the Section.

Section 3

Section Treasurer or Section Chair shall be authorized to draw funds as approved by the Section Executive Committee.

Section 4

The Section shall maintain a checking or other banking type account(s). The Section Treasurer or the Section Chair shall be designated to sign. In addition, the signature of the IEEE Staff Director Financial Services, or his/her designee, shall be designated as an alternative. This will provide assurance to the IEEE entity and to IEEE of the availability of one additional alternative signature.

Section 5

The Section Chair shall appoint an auditor to audit the financial records of the Section annually

Section 6

The RAB Operations Manual shall be used as a guide for financial procedures.

ARTICLE VIII - Amendments

Section 1

Proposals for amendments to these Bylaws may originate in the Section Executive Committee or by a petition signed by 10% of the voting membership of the Section..

A petition shall be prepared by the individual or group of individuals that are Interested in changes. The petition shall describe the proposed changes.

Section 2

Amendments to or revocation of these Bylaws shall be in accordance with the IEEE Bylaws, RAB Bylaws, and RAB Operations Manual.


(These Revised Lima Bylaws includes changes requested by IEEE Region 2 in Region 2 Meeting 3-6/7-1999 and Region 2 review of Lima IEEE Bylaws, dated 4-10-1995

These Revised Bylaws of the IEEE, Lima Section, were submitted to the Lima Section Membership to a vote by a mailed ballot in May 1999. As a result of the approval, this revision was adopted by the Lima Section Membership on May 20, 1999.

Approval Witness Signatures:

Lima Section Secretary: __________________________________, Date: _____________

Roger E. Crowe, IEEE M # xxxxxxxx May 20, 1999

Lima Section Chairman: __________________________________, Date: _____________

Ralph E. Stelzer, IEEE SM # xxxxxxxx May 20, 1999


Region 2 Director’s Signature: _________________________________________, Date ______________

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