NPOESS Abstract


The National Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS) will replace the existing constellation of polar-orbiting meteorological satellites. NPOESS is a significant technology improvement over previous satellites. Environmental observing will be significantly improved in data quality, data quantity, and latency. This discussion will address the NPOESS system capability and its benefits relative to prior satellite capabilities.




Julius Sanks is a Northrop Grumman engineer and manager. He is a member of the NPOESS program, currently serving in the Northrop Grumman Space Technology East Coast office. An employee since 1992, he has performed program management, systems engineering, and systems integration activities. His earlier programs included the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System, the Global Positioning System, the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program, and the Theater High Altitude Area Defense system. He is a retired Air Force officer with experience in space systems and the Minuteman ICBM.