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You are all cordially invited to attend the IEEE Technical Meeting entitled "Simulation and Virtual Reality for Education and Medical Applications" on November 15, 2006. The meeting will be held at 1910, Oracle Way, Reston, VA . The presentation will be by Jim X. Chen, Ph.D., Department of Computer Science, George Mason University

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6:30PM- 7 PM     Dinner
7 PM - 8 PM    Technical Talk


"Simulation and Virtual Reality for Education and Medical Applications" Abstract

I present an overview of several projects in the Graphics Lab at George Mason University: Simulation of Fluids (funded by US Army STRICOM), Eductainment – Learning through Playing (funded by NSF and Department of Education), Knee Surgery Assistance System (Funded by Edward MacMahon, M.D.), Virtual Ear Surgery (collaboration with Fudan University’s Eye and ENT Hospital), Virtual Human Anatomy (collaboration with Sichuan Continuing Education College of Medical Sciences), and Designing a New Graphics Pipeline. Some descriptions and images are at

1. Simulation of Fluids

We introduce our methods and results in achieving both realistic and real-time water and dust behaviors. The methods include using simplified computational fluid dynamics, physics-based modeling, particle systems, and lens effects. The results are useful in training, education, and entertainment.

2. Edutainment: Learning through Playing

We have implemented several projects for learning abstract scientific concepts. Project Computational Steering is for visualizing Navier-Stokes equations. Project Science Space is for learning Maxwell’s equations and Newton’s Laws in virtual environment with multiple sensory inputs. Project DEVISE (Designing Environments for Virtual Immersive Science Education) is building a learning environment that can be used to help high school students with learning disabilities more effectively understand abstract scientific concepts. Project MUVEs (Multi-User Virtual Environments for Teaching and Learning Science) is creating and evaluating multi-user virtual environments (MUVEs) that use digitized museum resources to enhance middle school students' motivation and learning.

3. Knee Surgery Assistance, Virtual Ear Surgery, and Virtual Human Anatomy

We have implemented several virtual reality systems for medical applications. A knee surgery assistance system includes generating patient-specific 3D knee models from patient’s magnetic resonant images (MRIs), simulating knee motion on the patient-specific knee model, and visualizing biomechanical information on the model. A virtual ear surgery system includes temporal bone construction, visualization, and virtual surgery. A virtual human anatomy system includes natural color human body with separated organs and labels. Virtual anatomy is achieved through a phantom device.


4. Designing a New Graphics Pipeline for Atomic Primitives

We present our line drawing and anti-aliasing methods that are more than 10 times faster than existing algorithms under certain conditions. Also we discovered that most graphics primitives are atomic – small in size. To address this property, we design a new graphics pipeline that is faster for atomic primitives.


Speaker Bio

Jim X. Chen is an associate professor in Computer Science at George Mason University (GMU). He is currently the director of the Graphics Lab at GMU, associate editor-in-chief of Computing in Science &Engineering (CiSE), associate editor-in-chief of International Journal of Virtual Reality (IJVR), and general co-chair of IEEE-VR2006. He served as a guest editor for IEEE Computational Science & Engineering, CiSE, and PRESENCE. Jim's research interests include computer graphics, virtual reality, visualization, networking, and simulation. He has authored two books (Guide to Graphics Software Tools published by Springer in 2002 and Foundations of 3D Graphics Programming: Using JOGL and Java3D published by Springer in 2006) and several book chapters, published over 70 research papers, and acquired two patents. Jim has directed 10 Ph.D. students. Five of his Ph.D. graduates are currently professors in US universities. He has honorary professorship appointments at Fudan University, Beijing Jiaotong University, and Southwest Jiaotong University in China.



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