IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society

Washington DC / Northern VA Chapter

‐ Administrative Committee and task list ‐


W-NoVA Chapter AdCom 2016
Chair Bob Benoit rbenoit(at)
Vice-Chair Tejbir Singh Phool tejbir(at)
Treasurer Michael Nueslein m.nueslein(at)
Co-Treasurer Harvey Newman h.s.newman(at)
Secretary Kanika Saini kanika(at)
Publicity Roger Kaul r.kaul(at)
Local Arrangements (Virginia) TBD N/A
Local Arrangements (Maryland) Tony Ivanov tony.ivanov(at)
Webmaster Luciano Boglione l.boglione(at)
Book Review Harvey Newman h.s.newman(at)
Sponsors Roger Kaul r.kaul(at)
Emeritus -
2011 IMS (Baltimore) Chair
Jeff Pond jeff.pond(at)
W-NoVA Chapter Past Chairs

The W/Nva MTT-S Chapter was formed in 1957.
From 1957 until 1999 the Chair served from July to June.
Starting in 1999 IEEE required the term of office to coincide with the calendar year.

Past Chair 2016 Kiki Ikossi ikossi(at)
Past Chair 2015 Luciano Boglione l.boglione(at)
Past Chair 2014 Luciano Boglione l.boglione(at)
Past Chair 2013 Tony Ivanov tony.ivanov(at)
Past Chair 2012 Tony Ivanov tony.ivanov(at)
Past Chair 2011 Mike Nueslein m.nueslein(at)
Past Chair 2010 Mike Nueslein m.nueslein(at)
Past Chair 2009 Bruce Levine bruce.levine(at)
Past Chair 2008 Bruce Levine bruce.levine(at)
Past Chair 2007 Bruce Levine bruce.levine(at)
Past Chair 2006 Joe Qiu joe.qiu(at)
Past Chair 2005 Joe Qiu joe.qiu(at)
Past Chair 2004 Eric Adler eadler756(at)
Past Chair 2003 Richard Sutton richard.w.sutton(at)
Past Chair 2002 Denis Webb d.webb(at)
Past Chair 2001 Mike Nueslein m.nueslein(at)
Past Chair 2000 Harvey Newman h.s.newman(at)
Past Chair 1998-99 Roger Kaul r.kaul(at)
Past Chair 1997-98 Eric Funk e.funk(at)
Past Chair 1998-99 Roger Kaul r.kaul(at)
Past Chair 1997-98 Eric Funk Not Available
Past Chair 1996-97 Shyam Bajpai Not Available
Past Chair 1995-96 Saurabh Dalal Not Available
Past Chair 1994-95 John Upshur Not Available
Past Chair 1993-94 ??? from ARL Not Available
Past Chair 1992-93 Ray Meixner Not Available
Past Chair 1991-92 Greg Tait Not Available
Past Chair 1990-91 Dave Hinzel Not Available
Past Chair 1989-90 Gus Bontzos Not Available
Past Chair 1988-89 Ramesh Gupta Not Available
Past Chair 1987-88 Jaime Cordero Not Available
Past Chair 1986-87 Mary Heimer Not Available
Past Chair 1985-86 Pradeep Wahi Not Available
Past Chair 1984-85 Mel Zisserson Not Available
Past Chair 1983-84 Zygmond Turski Not Available
Past Chair 1982-83 Jim Douglas Not Available
Past Chair 1981-82 John Jacobi Not Available
Past Chair 1980-81 Al Friend Not Available
Past Chair 1979-80 Roger Kaul Not Available
Past Chair 1978-79 Jim Shiue Not Available
Past Chair 1977-78 Gideon Kantor Not Available
Past Chair 1976-77 Boris Sheleg Not Available
Past Chair 1975-76 Art Sindoris Not Available
Past Chair 1974-75 Doug Maki Not Available
Past Chair 1973-74 Barry Spielman Not Available
Past Chair 1972-73 Will Workman Not Available
Past Chair 1971-72 Harvey Edward Not Available
Past Chair 1970-71 Dick VanWagoner Not Available
Past Chair 1969-70 Larry Whicker Not Available
Past Chair 1968-69 Bill Gabriel Not Available
Past Chair 1967-68 Gunther Sorger Not Available
Past Chair 1966-67 Al Godfrey Not Available
Past Chair 1965-66 Bob Garver Not Available
Past Chair 1964-65 Warren Cooper Not Available
Past Chair 1963-64 Lauren Tuttle Not Available
Past Chair 1962-63 Jay Kaiser Not Available
Past Chair 1961-62 Frank Reggia Not Available
Past Chair 1960-61 Ben Bernstein Not Available
Past Chair 1959-60 Bob Stone Not Available
Past Chair 1958-59 Ed Wolff Not Available
Past Chair 1957-58 Gus Shapiro Not Available



This is what we do:
  • Recruits committee personnel
  • Chairs the business meeting, sets agenda, arranges restaurant, invites committee
  • Budgets expenditures, sets meeting registration fee if any
  • Creates technical program with program committee
  • Sets lecture dates
  • Reserves lecture site (see Local Arrangements Coordinator)
  • Solicits speakers and writes letters of invitation
  • Hosts visiting speakers and guests, arrange local travel for speaker
  • Gives introductory talk at lecture, acknowledges sponsors
  • Registers Chair and Vice Chair with IEEE and MTT
  • Locate lecture site if needed and sign contracts
  • Writes request for financial support to
    • Washington Section
    • Virginia Section
    • MTT
  • Monthly briefing at Washington Section meetings
  • Monthly briefing at Virginia Section meetings
  • Attend Chapter Chair meeting at IMS
  • Attend NCAC orientation meeting
  • Attend NCAC Awards dinner in April
Vice Chair
  • Follows chair in any task as needed. The chair should hand off or share special tasks with vice chair.
  • Maintains checking account
  • Maintains P.O. box if needed
  • Reports financial status at each business meeting to committee
  • Receives registration fees and maintains registration records for courses
  • Issues receipts to paid registrants
  • Purchases books, CDs, other big-ticket items
  • Reimburses committee for out-of-pocket expenses
  • Reimburses speaker expenses
  • Maintain cash flow audit records
  • Reports financial status to IEEE Washington Section and to MTT as needed
  • Creates minutes of business meetings
  • Saves meeting sign-in lists and records meeting attendance
  • Files 3 email meeting report forms after each meeting to
    1. Washington section
    2. Virginia section
    3. MTT Society
    Usually re-files same email reports to same recipients at end of the year at their requests
  • Maintains exec committee contact list
  • Writes acknowledgement letter to speakers
  • Obtains updated MTT local email database from Washington Section
  • Sends meeting announcements by email
    • beginning of season
    • two weeks before each lecture
    • Monday morning reminder
Coordinators and other Executive Committee Posts 
  • Writes scanner announcements (two month lead time)
  • Maintains server login account, web page and email
  • Posts bios and abstracts of speakers
  • Links to MTT, Sections, and Sponsors
  • Receives dinner reservations from attendees
  • Coordinates with caterer, collects cash for meals
  • Brings non-catered beverages
  • Attends to room arrangement and AV equipment issues
  • Contacts old and new sponsors each year
  • SponsorshipDonationOffering
    Price list reviewed last on N/A
  • Write solicitations, invoices sponsor, follows up to make sure we are paid.
Book Review
  • Contacts publishers to ask for books to give out during lectures.
Student Chapter
  • Contacts IEEE chapters at GWU, UMD, GM, Georgetown, Howard, CU
  • Networks in support of the Chapter
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