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Chapter Activities - 2006

On October 30, 2006, Dr. Melody Moore Jackson, Director, Georgia Tech BrainLab Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology spoke about Direct Brain Interfaces: Communicating with Brain Signals. A Direct Brain-Computer Interface (DBI) is a system that detects minute electrophysiological changes in brain signals, and uses them to provide a channel to control computers and other devices. For people with severe physical disabilities, such as locked-in syndrome and the aftermath of strokes, DBIs can offer a channel of communication that does not depend on muscle movement. The BrainLab is devoted to exploring the possibilities of real-world applications for DBI and other biometric interfaces, both for assistive technology and mainstream applications. Dr. Jackson outlined several approaches to both invasive (surgically implanted) and non-invasive (non-surgical) DBIs, and presented the assistive technology systems that the BrainLab is currently researching.

The IEEE EMB Society is grateful to Dr. Jackson for giving this presentation.


On Aug 1, 2006 at the Chamblee Branch of Dekalb Public Library, the inaugural meeting of the IEEE EMB Society Atlanta chapter was held. Michael Fonseca, Director, MEMS Operations, CardioMEMS spoke about the technology and products behind CardioMEMS.

CardioMEMS is an Atlanta-based medical device company that makes wireless pressure sensors. This past year they received FDA marketing approval for their first product.

More info is at

The IEEE EMB Society is grateful to Michael for giving this presentation.

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