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IEEE Region 3 Leadership Development Committee Goals and Objectives 2003


  1. Provide "ABCs" training in IEEE administration to:
    1. Section officers and committee chairs
    2. Council officers and committee chairs
    3. Excom (including vice chairs)
  2. Develop and provide leadership and professional development training at all levels
    1. Leadership skills
    2. Professional development (dealing with personalities, etc)
    3. Strategic / tactical planning and operations
    4. Project planning and management
  3. Develop and provide specialized training as needed (in conjunction with other committees as needed)
    1. How to plan, bid and hold a successful SoutheastCon
    2. Electronic communications
    3. Others as requested by other committees


To carry out these goals, we plan to

  1. Build a Leadership Development Committee with representation from all Area/Councils
  2. Recruit a Vice Chair for the Leadership Development Committee
  3. Recruit trainers in most (if not all) Areas/Councils
  4. Develop and hold a train-the-trainer workshop for the trainers
  5. Work with RAB and other resources to develop and post resources to the R3 web
  6. Plan and carry out at least two leadership development workshops / retreats in R3 Councils
  7. Work with the other R3 committees to develop and carry out specialized training as needed.

These are ambitious goals, but Region 3 must be dedicated to the development of knowledgeable and effective leaders on all levels. Part of that dedication will need to be in the funding for this committee. The other part will need to be the support of time and resources, particularly at the Area / Council level, to help establish an effective training network. Together, we can grow the leaders of tomorrow's IEEE.

For more information, please contact the Region 3 Leadership Development Chair, Charles Lord, at