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IEEE Region 3 Leadership Development Committee Resources for Trainers and Mentors

Workshop Formats

We provide training in any format that best serves your volunteers.   A few suggestions are offered for possible workshops:

THE BASIC BASICS:  A 3-hour workshop with mostly lecture and Q/A.  Topics cover the basics of Section / Chapter operation, how the Region and its entities are structured, and where to get information.  Includes the starred modules listed below.

THE SATURDAY SPECIAL: A six to eight hour workshop that covers all the basics, plus the interactive personality and conflict workshops as well as Communications, Mentoring, Learning modes, Time Management, Presentation Skills (short workshop), and Projects.

THE WEEKENDER: A full weekend retreat (Friday eve through Sunday lunch) that includes all of the above, plus the full presentation skills (including practice), strategic planning, networking exercises, and some social time.   Can also include your choice of other modules such as Conference Basics.  These have been whole-family events and have been held in such fun places as Myrtle Beach and the Biltmore House in Asheville.

Handouts, CD with all materials, a lot of fun!


We are constantly updating and creating new modules to meet the needs of our many volunteers.  Here are some of the modules that make up Region 3’s Leadership Training:

*Intro to IEEE Region 3 Leadership—where do we fit in the “big picture” and why are we here?
30 minutes

*IEEE Leadership 2004— the “nuts and bolts” of how a section operates, who to call for what and where the resources are.
2 hours

*Communications Basics for Sections— how we use all the communication “tools” available to us to communicate and work with one another and how we communicate—both ways—with our members.
30 minutes

Time Management—we can’t give you an extra hour each day but we can help you find it.
15 to 30 minutes

Learning Styles—How to teach someone if they are aural, visual, or kinetic– and how to tell
15 to 20 minutes

Presentation Skills—Yes, it scares all of us.  But come and learn in a fun, safe environment.  In the long version, you get to practice!  Requires some advance pre-work.
Short version 30 minutes to 1 hour
Long version add 5-10 minutes per attendee

Personality Types—Uses Jungian (Myers-Briggs) type and teaches not only what you are and how you interact with people but how to deal with the other types.  Requires pre-work (a fun, easy test to determine your personality type).  Long version includes a group activity to discuss a case study to practice “typing” and determining best course of action.
Short version one hour
Long version two hours

Mentoring—A critical part of developing our leaders is learning to mentor—and be mentored
1 hour

Conflict Styles—Teaches Thomas-Kearney Conflict Styles and what your native style is and how you have to adapt to different situations. Requires pre-work (a fun, easy test to determine your natural conflict style). Long version includes a group activity to discuss a case study to practice resolving conflict and determining others’ styles.
Short version one hour
Long version two hours

Projects—A quick look at a little-known fun activity and on-the-job training for management: Projects!  Ideas for section / area / council / region level projects, including examples of past projects and sources for funding.
15-30 minutes

Conference Basics—One of the best projects a section, area, or council can carry out is a seminar, workshop, or conference.  Whether you want to host an existing conference or “roll your own”, we give you the basics of how to plan and carry out a successful conference, including a look at the rules as well as the many resources available throughout the IEEE.
Short version 1 hour
Long version (includes SoutheastCon details) 2-3 hours
Long version recommended for sections planning a SoutheastCon bid

Project Management—How to plan, manage, and carry out successful projects.
Short version (based on a video by Skillpath) - 3 hours
Long Version, produced by the Engineering Management Society—8 hours

Vision, Mission, and Strategic Planning—Does your section have a vision of where it wants to be?  Do you have a plan? Goals?  Have you ever done strategic planning?  Come learn how!
1 hour 

For more information, please contact the Region 3 Leadership Development Chair, Charles Lord, at
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