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Sent: Friday, October 20, 2006 2:13 PM
Subject: IEEE GOLD Online Challenge Invitation

Welcome, IEEE members!

How well do you know the IEEE?

Do you realize that you could soon be a recipient of great prizes like a MP3 player, USB Flash wristbands, or an IEEE T-shirt?  As part of the IEEE GOLD 10th Anniversary Celebration, the Puzzler from Piscataway (where the IEEE Operations Center is located) designed an entertaining game to test your knowledge of IEEE. The IEEE GOLD Online Challenge will provide some fun, show you how to get more value from your IEEE membership, and even offer chances to win great prizes.

Are you ready for the Challenge?  Follow the steps below,

·         Print out the attached Rules and Worksheet.  Use the worksheet to collect your responses.  Only the first submission will be counted.

·         Check back at the GOLD Challenge web site for hints and updates to clues and puzzles. 

·         Submit your responses by using the Challenge Submission Form (Reminder: Only your first submission will be counted).

·         Go to the IEEE GOLD Anniversary web site for additional information on the celebration.


The Puzzler from Piscataway and the GOLD 10th Anniversary Committee

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