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Cc: Tom Wandeloski; Slavica Malobabic; Xun Gong; Donghui Wu; Kalpathy Sundaram
Subject: IEEE Orlando Section Report
Issues requiring action by the Region 3 Committee or EXCOM
- None
Opportunities for Engaging the Member, Volunteer, and Non-Member:
- The Section has established annual student scholarships to benefit multiple undergraduate and graduate students from the two Student Branches in the Section.  The first awards will be made this Fall.
- a Women in Engineering affinity group has been formed, has had more than three meetings. and has invited two distinguished speakers to address the group.  Our GOLD affinity group remains active.
- The Section has sponsored more than 15 students fom the University of Central Florida Student Branch to attend IEEE Southeastcon.
- Planning to send the Vice Chair to Sections Congress.  Chair will also attend although not as the section delegate.
Notable Section Activities:
- EXCOM meetings have been held monthly.  Chapter technical meetings have been held as follows since the last report: October (4), November (2), January (1), February (2).  One Antennas & Propagation/Microwave Theory & Techniques Joint Chapter meeting had 140 attendees!
- The annual Section Awards Ceremony was held on 16 October.  Honorees included  Mr. DanZhou Liu & Mr. Zhiwei Liu - Graduate Student Award, Dr. Kalpathy B. Sundaram  - Outstanding Engineer Award,  Dr. Ronald DeMara - Outstanding Engineering Educator Award.  Three section nominees were recognized with IEEE Florida Council Awardin November:  Dr. Kalpathy B. Sundaram  - Outstanding Engineer,  Dr. Ronald DeMara - Outstanding Engineering Educator,  and Mr. Thomas Wandeloski - Outstanding Service Award.  Drs. Sundaram  and DeMara will also be recognized with the respective Region 3 awards.  We are very proud of our Section members who have been recognized with Florida Council, FES, and Region 3 awards!
- Past Region 3 Director and IEEE Fellow George McClure was recognized with the Florida Engineering Society Lifetime Achievement Award during the FES awards during E-week in Feb 08.  This will be presented to Mr. McClure at Southeastcon in Apr 08.
- The Section held its annual holiday party on 4 December.  More than 50 members and guests attended. 
- The Section co-sponsored the 2008 IEEE Electron Devices Colloquium along with the IEEE Electron Devices Society,University of Central Florida IEEE Student Branch, the UCF Student Chapter of the American Vacuum Society, the UCF Student Government Association, and the UCF School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Nine internationally recognized lecturers gave talks on topics including electron device evolution, new memory technologies, electrostatic discharge protection, nano-particles in semiconductor processes, high frequency field-effect transistors, advanced germanium technologies, and optical modulators for analog fiber links.
- Our AESS Chapter is once again active and holding meetings.
- The annual Section Picnic is planned for Sunday, April 13.
- A joint Section and Student Branch Professional Awareness Conference is being planned for September.
2008 Section Officers are:
Chair - Steve Karlovic
Vice Chair - Donghui Wu
Treasurer - Kalpathy Sundaram
Secretary - Xun Gong
Chapters Chair - Slavica Malobabic
Respectfully submitted,

Steve Karlovic, Section Chair, Senior Member, IEEE