Strategic Planning Committee Report

1.  A listing of all 21 Sections Congress issues, from which the top ten were chosen to pass to the IEEE Board of Directors, is found at

2.  Given the economic downturn we are facing, I recommend that we post a "how to" at the section web site for employers who may have jobs to post.  This can be a member service - no charge to employers for posting jobs.  I discussed this yesterday with Jorge Medina, regarding a new job where a PE electrical engineer is being sought who has 5 years or more experience with knowledge of DOT roadway lighting standards.

3.  At the FCIEEE meeting, November 1, we discussed posting of past meeting minutes, when approved, and of tips on speakers and programs than could be of interest to other sections on the FCIEEE website.  In addition, there could be a Best Practices page, with ideas on meeting topics, tutorials, workshops, job fairs, science fair promotions, etc., that could be used by other sections.  For the Orlando section, at least the approved minutes of past Excom meetings could be archived at our website for reference. These perhaps should be edited to delete section financial data.  A description of the Electron Devices symposia should be included, to aid officers who may want to do something similar with other societies.

4.  Society chapter officers are encouraged to contact their society Adcom counterparts to see if funds are available for chapter operations.  If so, identify the requirements for applying for such funds.  Funds may be available separately to help in putting on other projects such as workshops or tutorials.

5.  Some program topics may be of interest to more than one chapter as sponsor.  In those cases, consider collaborating on joint sponsorship - even if the chapters are not organized as joint chapters.  That way, all co-sponsors get credit for the meeting attendance and the section's total credit for rebate purposes is increased.  Here is one such opportunity:
Dr. J. Robert Ashley of Tampa has offered several program topics that could be scheduled by Florida sections, chapters, or life member affinity groups.  He was a founder of the FWC LM affinity group.  His background is microwaves, and he has a long-time interest in hi-fi and stereo, dating from the 1950s, when Frank McIntosh marketed the McIntosh vacuum tube amplifier, and when Paul Klipsch was pioneering large horn speakers (the Klipschorn, Electro-Voice Patrician and others).  Ashley has offered to give talks on the golden age of audio.  He also is a member of the MTPC and an expert on the effects on humans of radiation from CRTs, cell phones, and powerlines - so talks on those topics could be considered.
Bob Ashley has given this some thought and decided a lecture on Electromagnetic Safety could be prepared in about a month. The content would be interesting to MTT, AP, PES, EMB, and IM as well as to life members and cover the risks and phobias associated with everything from power lines to cell phones. He will debut the lecture in the Florida West Coast Section, and then is willing to travel to other sections for more presentations.

Unfortunately, I will miss tonight's Excom meeting, but wish you well.

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