Section Membership Status Report - Dec. 2008

There was no MDC webcast in November; the next such webcast is scheduled for December 6th.

With regards to membership development for Senior Members, I have submitted Senior Member Reference forms to the IEEE on behalf of 8 current members in the Orlando Section and completed and/or reviewed their Senior Member Application forms for them to submit to the IEEE. 

With regards to membership development for Student Members, a MD drive aimed at students was held at UCF on Monday, November 3rd.  While 40+ students attended, the attached a New Members report for the past 31 days from SAMIEEE shows that 5 new Student Members and 3 new Graduate Student Members have joined the Orlando Section, or approximately, a 20% yield.  I have not seen any new Members or Student Members from DeVry (1 Member, 1 Student) or VCC (0, 0) since October's report.

Due to member in-migration to the Orlando Section in the last 31 days (see second attachment), the Orlando Section now has 1470 members.  I have highlighted those incoming Members who may qualify for elevation to Senior Member.

Most troubling is the list (from SAMIEEE) indicating members' current society affiliations.  (See third attachment).  The list for the Orlando Section shows that a majority of current members, including many Senior Members, are not affiliated with any technical society. 

In order to establish new local chapters for currently unrepresented technical societies, we need a concerted campaign to urge current members in the Orlando Section to join at least one technical society.

Dr. William (Bill) Hortos*
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